The official website of MARKUS ROTHKRANZ. Chase your Dreams, make a difference and live to inspire. Filmmaker artist Markus Rothkranz strives to educate, enlighten and entertain the masses with inspitational works that have message and meaning.
Markus Rothkranz is an artist who still believes in light, hope, understanding, caring, love and working together as one. It's time for entertainment arts to make a difference. Raw Food Living Food spiritual light worker
circle of hope, circle of life,one people,native understanding, oneness,hope,help,love,search for meaning in art,film,movies and books.This is one world. Let this not be the final chapter of a great dream of hope. Let there be light.
passion, hope and understanding are the hallmark of life. Artist film director Marcus Rothkranz lives to make a difference and inspire us to a new level of understanding, with color and hopeChildren of the Sun the Army of Love is gathering
The passionate art and films of Markus Rothkranz, powerful and emotional from the soul. We are not alone. Never give up. Make life worth living. beautify life and trust your dreams. beautifylifeMarkus Rothkranz, sometimes mispelled as Marcus Rothkranz, or Marcus Rothkarnz is an artist and film director, writer Marcus Rothcranc, Marcus Rothkrans, Markus Rothkrans, Markus Rothkarntz, Markus Rochkranc,Marquis Rothkrantz
2012 The New World economy Army of Light Dr Schulze
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Celebrate Life and Beauty . . . Feiere Leben und Schönheit . . . à la vie, à l'amour
Zindagi aur Khoobsoorat Banaiye . . . Celebrad la vida y la belleza

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