World's Easiest Applesauce

In my quest to make life as easy as possible for you, I bring you another amazingly simple insta-food for all ages- do-it-yourself applesauce! It's not just for babies anymore. I can go on forever with ways to use the Vitamix. Watch this fun video and learn why apples are so good for you. By the way, I've been working night and day for the last half year on the full color Edible Plants field guice and it will take a bit longer- this thing will probably be around 500 pages! I don't do things in a small way. Hopefully July or early August. It's so touching getting ll the life-changing testimonials.

The Testimonials are rolling in...

My life has literally changed to a much higher level than I ever dreamed just by following Markus's book Heal Yourself 101. I have lost over 100 lbs. so far and my cholesterol went from 366 to 112 all in just 9 months! I still want to lose more because I love to go backpacking in the high Sierras and the less fat on my body the better. I also produce wholesome nudist documentaries for my company and having to be totally naked  in front of thousands of people give me incentive to be more fit! I am starting a new website about my health at Thank you Markus!
Corky Stanton

What Marcus talks about in this book is a total 180 from what Napoleon Hill teaches in T&GR. Hill stated that you must have a burning desire and focus on your definite chief goal (could be money, job, etc). Marcus is saying that you don't desire these things, shed things, and the money will come to you because you have the energy and room for it. People are energy and money is energy. I love Napoleon Hill but this is a different philosophy than Hill's.

this is exactly opposite thinking of "The Secret" theory and I like better Markus's idea...brilliant!

I have a lump in my throat! I've watched alot of your videos this morning (first time) and something deep inside has just opened its eyes. Not for the first time, has this thing tried to emerge from me, but each time it has tried, it has been suppressed by my anger, my doubt, and my beliefs that it is impossible for this thing to truly come alive. Now that it has awakened again, thanks to you, I'm going to let it come out, and see what it will evolve into. Thank you.

I bought the
ebook yesterday at 4am and read it all! And YESTERDAY I made arrangements to move out of my house to a practically free place to live! And I also aquired a renter for my house! Everything just fell into place after reading your book! I am so pumped! Universe had already given me a download of my dream job before reading your book. I'm going create it!

I just called my boss to tell him going back to MEXICO tomorrow for good Hasta la vista baby!!!!

"The less you work, the more you make"damn...this made my day... a good phrase.

Yup, it s all about accepting yourself first and not depend on others to accept you..if u accept yourself, you ll have a different kind of appearance to others, something that makes you irresistible in a positive way... it s really ironic how bad things or flaws can make us attractive to others if u know how to use them by self-acceptance :)

iI have been studying Karma and many similarities with this message. Seeking is a no no.

Thanks Markus, your book is great! Has helped me alot with organising my life through these turbulent times! :)

And the best thing is, you dont even buy anything from these people that just spoke in this video. You have just gained some of the most valuable information you will ever recieve, non-spiritual, in YOUR LIFE! So go make something out of it. Now! And dont do it for the money, do it for YOURSELF. Money comes automatically. This is no fancy line, IT IS HOW IT IS. You must be satisfied in order to satisfy other people.

"Privet" from Bulgaria,Your wisdom is sooooooo liberating........I now feel refreshed, clean and free, IS beautiful, Markus.!.!.!xxx

I only have
the book so far and it's amazing!! I need to re-read it again though. Amazing!!! Can't wait to order the DVD's - Thanks Markus

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