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"To the Ends of Time" is a major achievement by Hollywood standards. It's budget was two million- the price of a TV commercial, but was a full 35mm theatrical motion picture that got world-wide release which had over 400 visual effects shots, a philharmonic orchestra soundtrack with 100 man choir, major epic battle scenes with dangerous pyrotechnics and stunts, 30,000 sq feet of indoor sets and a full sized galleon ship set outdoors. Markus Rothkranz wrote and directed this period fantasy which featured over 300 extras, all of which needed custom elaborate medeival costumes. Markus also personally built over 200 miniature models for the film and helped pound nails on many of the sets, including the one above, which of course he also designed. All the sets were built by mainly four people. It was quite a big screen accomplishment, proving you don't need huge crews and a hundred million dollars to make an elaborate film. Just spirit, desire and resourcefulness.