Hi everyone, this is serious stuff from someone who cares. There is lots of scary talk going around and I thought I'd help you see things from a more safe neutral perspective. It doesn't matter one bit if the next big "super virus" is man-made or not. Killer stuff has been around forever. In nature it's always been survival of the fittest (healthiest). The weak die, the strong live, it's THAT SIMPLE. If you eat bread,pasta, cheese, cereal and cooked, processed food, your body is acidic and YOU ARE ON THE LIST. Bacteria, viruses, mold, yeast, fungus and parasites have been around since the beginning of time eating up and cleaning away the weak and unhealthy. Which side will you be on? Is warm comfort food worth your life? Get your warmth and comfort from the arms of a loved one. It lasts longer anyway. People- the time has come for us to make some serious decisions in our value system and lifestyles.

Upcoming plague or not, it doesn't matter.
You NEED TO BE HEALTHY AND CLEAN and ready for anything. Start with serious house, relationship and body cleaning. Everyone has parasites- in their life (relationships) and body (real life worms and amoebas)- EVERYBODY. No ex ceptions. Even the healthiest raw foodist has them. They are part of life on this planet. The difference is who's in control- you or them. If you don't think you have parasites- check out these real life creepy nauseating YouTube videos (warning- not for the faint of heart).
VIDEO 1 ..VIDEO 2 ..VIDEO 3 ..VIDEO 4 ..VID 5 .. VID 6

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