As I travel the world, I see one thing- we all want the truth. This is the only way we will ultimately feel peace. Imagine the relief when we finally realize what we have been fearing and avoiding is just an illusion. If you want true freedom, happiness, health and success, the only way is to LET GO of what you have been holding on to so hard and letting the truth come in and work it's wonders in your life. The truth will set you free. Stop resisting and start living !

Germany and Switzerland were the first to witness the new direction of my life passion...being fully alive, and the centerpiece of this revolutionary new way of living is LETTING GO. Time is accelerating. No more time to waste... we need to get on with what really matters.The truth transcends all language barriers. See the heartwarming video

Jennifer and I were hiking down a mountain in Switzerland with
Germany Goes Raw friends Heike and Britta. After about 5 miles of hiking, Britta pulls this amazing soft sweet homemade raw bread out of her backpack. I was instantly hooked. She pulled out a glass jar of melted raw chocolate and put it on top, wow wow wow. It was a feast !
This is a great snack and travel food.
Click here for the recipe.

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