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An exciting new world is unfolding around us.Little by litte, people are learning to let go of their fears and replacing it with power and freedom. The more in control you are of your physical, emotional and mental health, the more control you have of your entire life- including birth control. It's not something you take. The answer is not "out there". It's inside you. The same thing that frees you from radiation poisoning (see last newsletter)- is the same thing that frees you from so many other things we fear. Women- claim your power. You deserve it.

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If you've been paying attention over the years, you should be seeing a pattern slowly unfolding in my messages. I started you with the basic foundations (raw food), explained the importance of cleansing and letting go, and trusting the "cosmic GPS". If you want an amazing new life of freedom and success, you must have the courage to let go of the old life that's been holding you back. Life is speeding by faster than we can comprehend. It's time to stop complaining and start living.

People keep asking "what do I take for this or that", and I keep saying over and over, STOP looking for a bandaid and get rid of the problem. Stop feeding the very things holding you down. If you haven't read my book "Instructions for a New Life" yet, you better do it right now, because people around you ar stepping into an entire new way of living- one of freedom and unlimited peace, power and happiness. A big part of my life is dedicated to helping empower women because they have the nurturing power to heal the world if we started treating them right and giving them the power to thrive.

Let's start with NO MORE PERIODS, no more PMS, no more CRAMPS, no more FIBROIDS, no more pain; low energy or depression, and how about FULL NATURAL BIRTH CONTROL with no pills, condoms, IUDs, hormones, chemicals, drugs or day counting! How about that! This is just the beginning. This is not a fantasy. More and more women are discovering how magical life can truly be.

Stick around. I am walking you through the door to a whole new universe.

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Markus, I just want to tell you how much your DVDs and YouTube videos are helping give me the knowledge and inspiration to change my life.You are such a blessing to me. Thank you for allowing God to live through you everyday by serving yourself and humanity.
I love you.
Kristine Johnson

Brilliant article and video on radiation!  Get Gary to coach you to get your pilot's license....The door is wide open to consult with the aviation industry and the Department of Energy - Nuclear Weapons complex....I worked for years around plutonium at the Savannah River plant....going raw is the key to detoxify! As a pilot, I have to say Gary is spot on with  the debilitating condition pilots suffer...companies like Flight Safety International or Embry Riddle University would adore your wisdom as the Harvards of aviation - training pilots for the future!
Many thanks!
Jerry Scott

Hi Markus! Just wanted to thank you very much for all your insight and knowledge about helping people to heal themselves and their face. I emailed you a few weeks ago if you remember. My name is Jake, and I am beginning to see subtle changes in the smile lines that have been bothering me and I just wanted to share what has worked for me so I would like to share with you. I make 3 smoothies everyday. I put organic celery, organic cucumbers, organic green apples and aloe vera that get from home depot. I have found that the home depot aloe vera works better than the one I got from whole foods market. I believe the reason being is that it is still attached to the plant rather than just getting a leaf. On top of that, mix the above with clean pure spring water that I get myself from an artisan well. I also use that water to do an enema every other day, not just half gallon but I put 5 gallons of water in the colon. This really works! Anyway I just thought id share in case any one else is having same problems as I was. with Love and Respect.

Thank you Markus, For ALL YOU ARE AND DO! because of your great love and tender heartedness I am on my road to COMPLETE RECOVERY!  you name it I HAD IT! I was 49 last yr and will be 20 this yr! thank you for this recipe I will in enjoy it with my family tonight! thank you again!

For any of you who doubt that this product works, I'm here to tell you it's not a joke and is definitely not funny or a scam.  This stuff is very powerful stuff and it works.  I believe it has saved my life. It has definitely renewed my hope to live a longer life.  I can't thank you enough Markus. 
David Henry



If there's only ONE product to take, this is it!
You can feel the power the moment you take it. It's an amazing source of energy and healing power for just about anything.
Only plants can take minerals out of the ground and chelate them so our body can use them. These minerals can also chelate radiation, poisons and toxins out of the body. My
WIld Force Green formula is maybe the most powerful mineral-rich formula anywhere because it's made from wild plants that grow roots hundreds of feet deep, pulling up minerals that other plants can't.Try it and feel the difference. I take this stuff every day. I designed it for myself originally. Read the ingredients and what it does!


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You can't build your future on the past you're trying to get rid of



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