Meet Bodan Mulholland. He changed his life and drove all the way across the continent to meet me and tell you guys this. He's a good looking young ball of energy who had no idea what was going on inside him. I love him for having the courage to share this with you and enjoying the adventure of life. Don't let things freak you out, just get on with it and do it ! We all need this guy's positive fun attitude.

Bodan started touring in 2005 in a band called The Envy. He toured and opened for huge bands like KISS, Lifehouse, Daughtry, Hinder, Mika, Skillet,Papa Roach, Bush-X, Eminem. (wow huh?) playing bass, guitar and drums. In other words, he's super talented. Even though he toured with those bands, somethig inside him just wasn't happy, so he pursued and more fulfilling path of truth.

He started his new life after reading "
Heal Yourself 101". I will let him tell you his account in his onw words-

"PARASITE-FREE was one of the most eye opening parts of the process and in my life!!! As a result of taking the steps to see true health as outlined in Heal Yourself 101 and following my dreams, I sold most of the stuff I was hanging onto for no good reason that I didn't need and I drove from Canada to LA, well first to Phoenix to meet Markus(that's you) at the Raw Spirit Fest for new years. I'm now working on music with my cousin Lara in LA and everything I want in life is coming to me faster than I could imagine because I'm following my dreams and going with the flow of the universe with little or no resistance and fear.

I realized that a BIG part of my health issues, including emotional were due to the fact that
I had HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of visible Parasites come out of me, and they still are!! I'm on month 2 of the Parasite cleanse.

For the first week of parasite cleansing, about an hour or so after I'd take the capsules, I could actually feel the parasites DIE, I felt nauseous and like crap. I didn't know that's what It was at first, until I did an enema later that day and hundreds of visible parasite bodies came out of me... if that won't open your eyes, I DON'T know what will. From there on, every day for the week hundreds and hundreds or parasites kept coming out! the parasite pills were like the cops coming to crash a crazy party at your mom's place while they're on vacation.

I'm still going through different phases of getting these suckers out, but I'm seeing levels of health and energy that I've haven't seen since I was a kid. You can see the health in my face and in my eyes. Again, I'm only 27 and people would have considered me healthy before I did all this, which is why I got some flack from people who care about me, saying I was crazy to do this stuff because I was "healthy".

Only YOU know your body, if you're unhealthy, you know it. Even if you don't look it. It was a perfect way to start 2012 and I'm going to continue to achieve higher health as go on this journey! I'm also excited to make more music for my new friend Markus!! Let's make this all mainstream and common knowledge.It's so simple!


At the end of the testimonial is a little song Bodan whipped up inspired by his experience. Let him be an inspiration to fearlessly do what it takes and do the right thing. It's time to clear the parasites out of your life, and I don't just mean worms inside you- I mean anything or anyone that sucks your energy and lifeforce. This is your year people- the year we take back the power of our lives !

Bodan can create you your very own personalized song !
Check him out at


The truth will set you free.

I am here to empower you. Let me spark the fires of your imagination, because that's where EVERYTHING starts. I'm here to inspire you to a healthier happier life of true freedom. Be sure to pass this on to your friends and sign up for more cool newsletters with videos and tips if you haven't already at I will also notify you when the new book comes out. There are some big exciting things on the way here at MarkusWorld, and out there in the world. Stay tuned to my newsletter to be the first to find out the new things that are about to change your life !

Let go of whatever's holding you down, because time is speeding up. We move faster when we travel light. The world needs us. Roll up your sleeves and let's go!


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