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Yes- All Natural Pest Control!

Halleluyah- no more toxic chemical poisons!
Now you have some good choices for how to deal with bugs in and around your home. This helpful video will mention how you can make your own or where to buy ready-to-go stuff or even have someone do it for you. Notice also the analogy how your house is like your body and what attracts parasites to each. Enjoy the Video


Swim Naked if you can

This is as natural as it gets. We don't wear clothes in a bathtub, so if no one is around, lose the clothes. If you haven't swam naked before, you really should experience this simple joy. It's freeing and quite healing in ways that cannot be described. You just have to experience it. It's well worth going out of your way to find a place where no other people are around- just you and nature.


Night Rebuild Working Wonders

The testimonials keep flooding in for the Night Rebuild Formula- both men and women or all ages. For anyone with stress in the modern world, or those with hot flashes, night sweats, sleeping problems, hormone issues, or even bodybuilders who need to rebuild their hormone, this formula is working magic. Read some of the testimonials below.

Markus, I was having such terrible PMS yesterday and was feeling so emotional and felt like crap basically.  I ordered this but had not been taking it.  I took it last night before I went to bed and woke up this morning feeling great.  Screw you PMS, I have a weapon for you.  
Tammy Bates

The night formula is great stuff!!! You get great sleep, even when you don't get 8hrs sleep :)
Dean Middleton

I have used this product (Night Formula) and it is excellent! It does make you feel balanced and refreshed in the morning. I wasn't expecting that to happen. This is a high quality product.
Kathleen Righetti

This stuff works. I don't have any known hormone issues, but the first night I took this I woke up the most refreshed and energized in months. I was surprised it worked so fast.
Javi A Cal

It really does work in just one night! Amazing formula! I love it!
Debbie VanDevelde

Cara's video testimonial-

Note: The Night Rebuild Formula is doing wonders for many people, but keep in mind- you must also make an effort to change the things that caused the problems in the first place! Like- you MUST get rid of what's causing the stress, and you need to go to sleep at a decent hour like 10 or 11because healing hormones are produced and released between 10 pm and 2 am, and you should stop eating 3-4 hours before bed or else you won't get good sleep because the energy from that food will keep you awake, cause heavy dreams and make you anxious. Oh yeah- and eat right! Lose the bread, sugar, pasta, cereal and anything made with flour, wheat, sugar or milk.

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