Hi everyone! I'm tired of paying a lot for natural food, and I'm sure you are too, especially in this economy. This is becoming a fun subject for me because I love finding ways to beat "the system". Here's a tip from
my book on where to get cheap raw food- Asian Markets ! or really, any ethnic market (Mexican etc) A Phillipino/Thai market named SeaFood City just opened around the corner from me and wow- the prices are like a QUARTER of that from the normal supermarket right across the street, and in my opinion, the produce is even better. Get this- an entire box of NINE young Thai coconuts for $5.99 ! Yes that's right- five dollars and ninety nine cents. That's 66 cents a coconut ! And they have all kinds of strange and exotic way cool fruit like durian, jackfruit, mangostene, lychee nuts etc etc etc. Check out some of my purchases below...

Many of you ask what I eat... well of course it's outlined in my book, but here's an example of what I literally had this morning...

I got up at 6 am and had water with squeezed lime and lemon

Then at 11:30 I had this perfect breakfast smoothie-(in Vitamix)
-one peeled papaya (pictured) no seeds (you can use seeds but they taste like pepper, and are good for killing parasites)
- juice and meat of one young thai coconut
- 1 bunch of
- couple of
dates (no pits)

The parasite formula is back in stock this week- so ORDER NOW, this is first-come first-serve. It costs a lot to make because the ingredients are organic wildcrafted and in vegiecaps...and supplies are limited. Lots of people want this stuff, it's powerful- read about it or buy it here. If you want to know more about parasites, go here and be prepared to be freaked out !


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