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Wow- a dessert that's good for you? ... and makes your skin more youthful, builds your muscles with protein,gives you lots of
energy, helps you sleep better, fights depression and makes you feel great in more ways than one! Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present to you the almighty durian- a prehistoric fruit containing power from the age of dinosaurs. No wonder this scary looking thing has such a protective shell- because once you get inside, you are in heaven. This stuff is addictive. Look out Creme Brulee. This is the dessert of the new world. See the video.

CINNAMON Household wonder food.

Aside from introducing you to new exotic foods, I want to also re-introduce you to the powers of things you have in your home right now, and probably didn't even know it. Lets start with cinnamon. It's not just a dessert spice. Any time you have anything sweet, always consider putting cinnamon on it, because it helps stabilize the sugar levels in the blood. Remember- almost everybody has candida, even raw foodists who overdo sweet foods (hey, I'm talking to you- yes you!) Well, it just so happens that cinnamon is a strong fungicide and bacteria-killer that helps knock out yeasts and molds (which just happen to feed on sugar). It helps kill dangerous aflatoxins found in all breads and peanuts. These aflatoxins have been connected with liver cancer. That’s right, eating breads and flour foods on a daily basis can lead to liver cancer. Aside from killing molds, fungus and bacteria, cinnamon also stimulates circulation.  Inhaling oil of cinnamon can help with chest infections, colds. (then follow up with thyme). For uterine and menstrual problems, take cinnamon with blue cohosh. It helps relieve cramps, colic, stress, anxiety, gas, diarrhea, nosebleeds, heavy menstrual bleeding and general body pains. Cinnamon is also considered by many cultures to have aphrodisiac properties. Cool huh? Did any of this raise an eyebrow? I'll clue you in more on other household things you have sitting around in the next newsletter. Now go have some cinnamon and Durian!

More Beautiful Testimonials...

I purchased the (Free Food and Medicine) DVD sets, and the Garry Tibbo (Free Living 101) set.  They are phenomenal and very well presented.  So down to earth and personal.  I want to order every item that Markus sells!   I am a master herbalist and naturopathic Dr. I studied with many of the greats around the world, but have come back to LaPorte Indiana (middle of the midwest!) years ago,  where I had to teach nutrition 101!  I have spent 30 years in teaching people in the area about natural health, and the only root to it RAW FOOD.  I was healed of insulin dependant diabetes, heart disease and kidney issues.  I am so impressed how Markus is "IN your face" with his teachings!! YOU GO!  I had to tiptoe around the AMA so I wouldn't lose my license, as I taught many medical employees, and have MDs as patients. I quit that 8 years ago and let my license go.  I have the knowledge and am living the lifestyle, so I sure don't need the degrees! I have no worries now about what I teach and say. Again, thank you for your personal message and keeping this renaissance healing going.  Blessings and health, 
Karen Edwards ND, MHHolistic Alternatives, LaPorte, Indiana

Just letting you know I did 21 days of juice and now on to green smoothies... rereading Heal Yourself 101. I am in heaven with my first peach bok choy barley grass smoothie... it tastes like milk! haha. Thanks again brother!
xoxo Dodee Schmitt

Hi Markus. I just reread your "Heal Your Face" book. It's just like reading the Bible, every time you read it, you learn something new that you didn't know last time.
Gwen Koller

Hello Markus,I just felt obligated to write you to thank you for inspiring my husband and I to get healthier.  My husband has a spinal cord injury and has been paralyzed from the chest down for two years, so I am always browsing the internet for possible ways to make life better/easier/healthier. He is a natural born skeptic about most things, so when I started talking to him about the benefits of eating raw foods, he had a lot of questions and concerns. I showed him many of your youtube videos, ordered your book and we also just received the liver cleanse today.  He has admitted that eating raw would definitely be a good thing (although we both admit it will be hard,especially converting our two children). I received a Vitamix for Christmas so that has helped a lot.  My (picky eating) husband evenfinds he looks forward to the green smoothies now.  Of course I am hoping that somehow a miracle will happen and that by cutting out the junk and giving his body more of the good stuff, it will somehow be able to focus its energies on healing his spinal cord.  But even if we don't get that miracle, I know that he is still doing a great thing for his body. We are transitioning gradually but I have already felt the physical and mental benefits of eating healthy, raw foods. You area wealth of knowledge and inspiration.Thank you!
Jodi Clausing

YOU'RE AWSOMELY INSPIRING AND I THANK YOU!!!!   Last week, I purchased almost all of your books and dvd's.  Today, I purchased 4 more of your Heal Yourself 101 (which I got in the last order and COULD NOT put down until I finished it !) books which I am going to give as gifts.
Gene Escandon

I was a little skeptical on this first test product, but I've totally changed my mind about it. Taking the Markus Rothkranz liver cleanse and loving it. Skin glowing, brain clarity ever increasing and so much more. Amazing!
Dove Ireland

Just returned with some weeds from the garden for a green smoothie, don't know the name of it , but it tastes yummy :-)You HAVE inspired me to eat and drink the weirdest stuff ... I'm having regular thistle salads and just bladey green grass from anywhere seems to contribute to my daily greens-intake like nothing else. I'm now also collecting weeds-seeds :-) I'm 64 and getting younger by the day :-) Just reading your HEAL YOUR FACE, and it makes much sense. I'm spreading the Markus-fever all-around-everywhere.Love and smiles,
Helga Piatscheck, Australia


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