The Power of MUSIC & DANCE

This video is powerful, and for a reason.
It's more important than you may think.
Don't be fooled by what you see.
(an important lesson in life)
Really listen to what I have to say.
I am here to change your life.
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This is important. If you want your life to change, you must read this. I am here to set you free.

This video can change your life. It is designed to be an inspirational trigger for some, and a test for others. How you react while seeing this is crucial to your freedom and happiness. Some people will see this video and jump for joy, while others will immediately jump to conclusions followed by judgmental negative thoughts. Those are the people that are "stuck" in life. I guarantee those people who immediately get bitter feelings are not doing well financially, not truly deeply happy with their relationships and place in life. They do not feel free. They feel trapped. It's those people I am here to help.

I am here to push you to the next level.

The subject of lightening up should not be taken lightly.

First, things are not always what they seem. Never ever judge. Never be fooled by what you see. There is a deep valuable life-saving message in this video and I hope it infuses into your soul because it determines the length and quality of your life.

Never resent others because you think they are better off than you. Everybody on planet earth has challenges. The difference is perspective and attitude. If you are bitter, you will see and taste only bitter things in life. You choose the filter which determines your life experience. You may look at the people in this video and get jealous. You may immediately assume certain things about them, despite the fact you know nothing about them. You simply assume, which creates a negative energy in your life. Let your reaction be a guide. Did your energy rise or fall? Compare your positive or negative reaction to this video to your health, finances and relationships (positive or negative). Do you see a correlation? Be deeply honest. If you are happy for everyone in this video, then you are probably doing well in life. If you feel resentment, you probably have challenges in your personal life. Do you want to be free or not? All it takes is a shift in perspective and willingness to let go of stiff old ways of thinking and living.

I am not here to promote a 100% all-natural extremist lifestyle where you have to live like cavemen in the woods. We are blessed with miracles like internet and cell phones where we can communicate with anyone in the world at any time. We can fly through the air to anywhere in air conditioned comfort and experience things that blow our mind. So what if we color our hair and wear sexy clothes? Almost all aboriginal primitive cultures in the world who are close to nature paint their bodies and hair and dance around practically naked. Does that make them "fake"? Geez people, if you claim to follow a natural lifestyle, then don't drive a car, use a computer or wear clothes because they aren't natural. If we were meant to have clothes, we'd be born with them. If you're going to wear something, might as well make it fun and worth wearing. Something that celebrates the beautiful being you are. If someone dresses sexy, it doesn't mean they want sex or have self worth issues. Stop assuming. Start celebrating. Healthy bodies are beautiful works of art that inspire us. The more we hide them, the more twisted and perverted our thoughts. The more we see them, the more natural and relaxed we become with what native cultures have known for millennium. Greek statues don't hide anything, they celebrate. As for hair color, I will have an article on all natural herbal hair colors in an upcoming newsletter.

Are you going to sit there in the corner and mope in self pity and bitterness, or do you want to join the party? I don't drink, smoke or do drugs. I don't have to. Music and dance is my drug. This video is to welcome you into a force that's sweeping the world. Women have known this forever- music and dance is one of the most healing, energizing forces on the planet. It sets us free and shakes out all the crud. It stirs our energies and helps us move forward in life. I'm holding out my hand to you. There's another seat on the helicopter. Life flows a lot better and faster when you look at things from a higher perspective.

This video was taken at the Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) here in Las Vegas last week. It is one of the unforgettable experiences of a lifetime. Half a million people dancing to the best dance music in the world, presented by 200 of the world's top DJs on 8 stages over three nights. Everybody dresses fun and sexy, with lots of daisies in their hair and clothes. Many people think it's nothing but a huge drug-fest. Those people weren't there. Actually at this event it was all about the music, not alcohol or getting wasted. Yes you could smell some herbs in the air, but I didn't see one drunk person, not one fight, not one annoying disturbance of any kind. In fact, I've never met a more loving, magical group of people in my life. Everyone was exchanging cameras and cell phones to complete strangers to take pictures. There was magic in the air. It was mesmerizing. We were quite a hit there. Film crews and photographers followed us around. Look for me and the girls I took in the upcoming EDC IMAX movie, that will definitely be a movie worth seeing!

If you want freedom, it starts inside you.

No matter how much pain you have in your life, turn up the music as loud as you can.

Start dancing my friends, so you can live long and prosper.



Music is so important to health, happiness and well being, it is a big part of the direction in which I am headed. And I don't do things in a small way. Music is a thousand times more important to me than what goes in my mouth. Our real food is energy. Positive or negative is your choice. One enlivens and one slowly kills. I am gearing up to give the world an entertainment experience it will never forget, starting with producing music albums with composers from all over the world. The first one, a trance-chill album is already in production, great for work and inspiration. After that will come a dance series. That is just the beginning. Let's just say "you ain't seen nothing yet" :-)


Forget radio stations playing the same stupid songs you don't like. Get PANDORA, ( an online music service that plays ONLY songs you pick and finds you other songs like that. Here's how it works- enter the name of a song you like, and it starts playing other songs like it. You click "thumbs up" if you like it, or thumbs down if you don't. After a very short time, Pandora learns exactly what you like- the style, tempo, mood, etc and starts playing songs you didn't even know exist. If you want to buy a copy of the song, there is a button to download it right from iTunes or Amazon. You can create as many "radio stations" as you want each with different moods like "dance", "music to work by", "chill-trance", "meditation", "rock", "latin", heck even bagpipe music if you want. Hook some big speakers up to your computer and create a 24/7 party for the rest of your life. You can play Pandora on your laptop, cellphone, even play your cellphone through your car radio if it has Bluetooth. Now you'll never have to hear a bad song again. This is a great way to discover new music and raise your inspiration levels to living a new life like never before.


Wow- the response to the wild green powder was overwhelming. The worldwide demand really took us by surprise. Sorry it took so long to get the second batch together- many of the ingredients are extremely rare, but we did it. All the backorders are now shipped and on their way. We are now in regular production, so you can order some and get it pretty quick now. I will keep the introductory launch price of $39.97 in effect for another 3 weeks until August, when it goes up to the normal price of $49.97. There is almost no profit here because of the high levels of expensive key ingredients, and the jar is filled as high as the machine can allow, unlike other products that only fill the jar half way. I'm charging the same amount for almost double the product. Get it now before August when the price goes up to full price. In about two weeks I will be offering this product wholesale by the case at reduced price (12 minimum) and also auto-ship feature, where we send you a bottle automatically every month. Stay tuned. But for now you can get it at the discount rate, very close to wholesale price.


Many people have been asking about selling my products for me on their websites and getting some of the money. Yes of course! I already did a newsletter article on that called "I'll share up to half my income with you". Click HERE for instructions. Affiliate sales are for books, ebooks and dads, but not herbal products because there isn't that much profit in the herbal products due to the expensive and rare ingredients. But you can really score some income on the books and DVDs if you promote them well enough.


(comment on the video
"The Secrets of Life" Hamburg speech)
OMG Markus! My small family became homeless (working homeless) last October and we have been ealling all our belongings in storage so we can get a trailer to live in. I can SOOOOOO attest to this message and this way. So many of us are going through this and MANY will have huge problems trying to deal with this. Boy, the journey we have been on is incredible and I would never change it. You always amaze me with your words! My lesson here is to let go and let it be. I needed to hear this :-)

Clarissa Mc Kenzie

Hey Markus,
Your books are amazing. I read Heal Yourself 101, Heal Your Face and The Prospirity Secret and I've just started with the cleanse phase and I can see the first results. I also did my exam at school a few weeks ago and was one of the best thanks to your book "The Prosperity Secret".
I'm on a raw food diet for about 3 months or so but I ignored that cleanse stuff a little, especially enemas etc ;) haha. But now I'm going to take this stuff serious.
Michael Stoekler, Austria

Hi Markus,
Like a million people, I wanted to let you know that I received your
green formula last night.  Every morning I juice one lemon, one orange and one grapefruit.  A great way to start my day.  This morning I added 2T of the green formula and WOW that was really awesome.  I feel like I had a full breakfast.  Hope I will be able to purchase this again at the same low price that this was offered before.  I am keeping the container in the refrigerator due to the heat and humidity here in Galveston.
Myriam Azgour, Galveston, Texas

So, I was just about to get into my car, drive to the grocery store to spend money to buy fixins for a salad with ingredients that were most likely picked a week ago and shipped across the Country.......I then came to my senses, went for a walk down a beautiful nature trail and picked fresh wild foods for free, walked happily home and made my yummy salad! So check it out...."Driving, paying money, eating food with low life force" vs "walking, nature, fresh air, high vibration food with tons of life force.....and it's FREE....absolutely no cost!! :) YAY.........I love nature!! Feelin good!!
Linda Zselenak, Toronto Canada

Dear Markus,
y name is Anna, I am 49 years old and live in the north of Germany.  I got to know about your messages some years ago and found you to be astonishing but somehow "over the top" and very "americanish". Now after I found out that I have been completely poisoned and trying to go my own way of healing, part of it is to follow your instructions and use your products because my heart tells me to. The results do clearly prove that it's the right path to follow. I shall not be the first nor the last one to thank you for all the helpful information you give into the world while so much lies about our body, mind and soul are all around us. Thank you for telling your truth, for not giving up and for telling the people, that all they need to know lives already in their hearts. Blessings
Anna, Germany


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