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How and Why to do an Enema

You've avoided this long enough!
Don't be one of those people who waits half a lifetime before doing this and then saying "Damn! I wish I did this twenty years ago!" This is one of the quickest, easiest ways to help heal just about anything.
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Yeah, I know. OMG. You probably got a little squeemish just looking at the title. If you click on this link, you will see ACTUAL pictures a customer sent of what came out of her while she was doing enemas during my 90 day Parasite-Free cleanse. (It's not poop) It's freaky, but people need to see this. This is actually quite common. Warning: images are graphic.

Example of where you can buy enema online (one of many places) They are almost everywhere, including, Target, Walmart, Ebay, etc.


Thank you Markus!!!!
I have started following your advice on this about 2 months ago. My stomach is now flat!!! And I feel sooo much lighter!! I remember as a kid, everyone had one of these water bags in their homes. But as we have gotten more "sophisticated", we as a society have moved away from traditional remedies. And have turned out back on simple, effective, natural healing. Thank you again!!!

I have to say thank you, I owe you more than I can ever pay back. I am spreading the word to all I can, and I hope this pays us all back in some way. I am a veteran of the first gulf war, I´m English, and I live in Spain where I have a small art studio.
I found you because I spend a lot of time outdoors with my beagle collecting discarded bottles to make my art and I wanted to learn something about wild plants to collect those too. OMG, I have learned so much more, I have just completed a 7 day water fast followed by a 2 week juice and smoothie fast. I do my enemas 2 per week and I feel like a teenager. I have always been fit and healthy but my health level is crazy! I have struggled mentally with P.T.S.D. for more than 20 years, guess what, not any more! I have positive dreams, thoughts and I am being productive, 3 weeks have changed my life!I was VERY slow to start enemas, I was very apprehensive of them, but it was all too easy in the end, (no pun intended). I wish I had known all of this years ago. This is the number 1 skill I have learned through this journey. I´m sure enemas are why my nightmares and night terrors have stopped. I have so many people here in Spain try to get me to eat a "real" meal, I can only imagine what you went though in the beginning Markus, thanks for sticking it out and sharing with us, I am so very grateful.
Jason Robson, Spain

Hello Markus, 
My life long seasonal allergy problems started as a small child. Needles, testing, pills, inhalers,  nose sprays, powders have never really worked. My use of an inhaler to breath was about 10 times a day. My seasonal allergy attacks would come about once every 10 days and literally knock me out of commission for most of the day. If I took the pills I would then be sleepy all day. Tissue boxes would be in high demand wherever I go along with my medicine bag. At my mothers home where I try to visit every few weeks, her animals, carpets and who knows what, caused me to have a 100% chance of attack within a few hours of arrival. Every holiday I suffer just to visit my family. Then I read your amazing book. I tried my first enema just before leaving for a trip in early February to Florida. I noticed while I was there my breathing was terrific and naturally, I assumed it was the Florida weather. When I returned home I continued the enemas and the breathing continued to be just about perfect. 10 times a day on the inhaler dropped to one time a week. Sneezing 500 times a week dropped to 3. By the end of February I started searching the internet for a connection between enemas and allergies. I was shocked to learn there was a strong connection. Why did no doctor tell me this in 35 years of suffering? As I write this email, I can announce that I am cured. This morning there was so much pollen on my car I had too use the windshield wipers just to see. No allergy attacks of any kind since Florida. No need to use an inhaler or any breathing issues to speak of. No problems at my mothers home at all. My doctor thinks I am crazy but I am learning how little they really know. I have purchased all your products, read all your books and follow your every video. I also tell everyone who listens to follow you as I do. I want to thank you for changing my life and teaching me that being healthy is in my hands. Sincerely,
Phil Falcone

I have to tell you, right now I have your book "heal your self 101 and heal your face. I'm so in love!!! wow, you were not kidding that a five year old can read and understand your books!! This guy at work has been religuosly doing the Cactus & Aloe power house drink for a week now. He came to work one day so excicted and started telling other work-mates about this amazing smoothie and how he never has energy after work. He usually takes a nap when he gets home. But since he has been drinking this power soomthie, he has so much energy he goes for a jog when he gets home. You see, we start work at 5am and most of us get up at 3:30am, leave the house at 4am to make to work at 5am. Mucho amor y cariño,
Sara Perez

I had my mercury filling taken out quite some time ago but weren't removed properly which exposed me to even more mercury. I also have high levels of lead and arsenic. After one week on your cleanse, I can hear and feel quite a bit of activity in my digestive system already. I'm familiar with most of the ingredients in the formula and knew it would work. I've also done a 30 day Humaworm cleanse and it worked well but I wanted something more powerful and longer to lay a heavier punch to the parasites. Thank you, I really appreciate it!
Sean Elliot

This book is the best edible plant book I have ever seen

Recently, I watched your YouTube video interview with James Sloane.  Your humble confession of being misled to buy, use and promote the Kangen machine impressed me; I am not perfect either.  In fact, I purchased the $4K model myself and it has negatively impacted my bones (I suspect?); my bone density has decreased since using it (according to a recent Dexascan result.   
RJ Dannemiller

On page 126 of your Prosperity Secret book and I just had to always amaze me in how you deliver the truth (in all your books). Thank you so much. Your heart is so big. Thanks for being an example. Much love and blessings with a teary eye:) Love & Blessings,
Dodee J. Schmitt

I love the taste of both of your new products. Well done Markus
Kjetill Moberg

‪I had prostate pain, chest pain, and back flank pain every day for a month and ordered some of the Super Wild Green powder. Within 3 days all the pain went away. Great stuff‬

I just want to thank you for sharing your protein powder with us It is sooooooo good You are right it IS the Rolls Royce of protein powders! I LOVE it! I blend two nectarines with 1/2 liter coconutwater and two tblsp of your protein powder, OMG soooo good I can live just of this stuff Don't need anything else
Annet Vanb

Your statement ‪"Wild plants have more healing power than any medicine you could ever buy. It's time to get reconnected with the gifts of nature."‬ is Very true. A mix of catuaba and muira puama made me drop amphetamine and benzodiazepine.
João Paulo

I watched your whole prosperity DVD set - it's amazing. Even people who do not speak/understand English perfectly, get the message. Now I am reading the prosperity secret book - it is changing my life radically :-)
Simon B

Your green formula is awesome
Bhawna Gera

I have recommended your website to some of my friends who are already reading your book because you have very accurate information. All that I have been applying from your book and videos is working for me. I wish I had found you before....but never is too late.




On a more humorous note... here is a short little video clip on what the black stuff is in the shot of the burnt pot

click here :-)


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