How to do an Enema

This could save a life


All you need is an enema bag (see image),a half a gallon of distilled water and some kind of lubricant (preferably natural, eg- olive oil).

If the bag is brand new, wash it out a few times to get rid of the plastic fumes. Fill with water and attach the hose. Let a bit of water run out to get rid of air bubbles. Pinch the hose and lubricate the tip. Hang the bag upside down (they come with a hook) on something that will be higher than you. A good suggestion is to hang it on a towel rack near the toilet, kneel down on the floor, insert the tip in your butt all the way and then put your face on the ground with your butt in the air- to work properly your rear end needs to be HIGHER THAN YOUR STOMACH, and the water bottle needs to be higher than your butt (diagram)

You might have to wiggle around to get things started. Have your hand on the hose so you can stop the water flow if needed. If this is your first time ever, you'll probably have some freaky paranoid "Oh my God" moments like the first time you had sex... you'll probably think "Is it supposed to feel like this", "am I going to burst", etc- don't worry it's only water and you will not burst- look at all the grossly overweight people out there- if their guts can get to be four feet across then surely you can handle a little water. When the water starts going in you will first feel an overwhelming urge to go to the bathroom- resist this urge !- pinch the hose and relax for a moment. Maybe nothing is happening and no water is flowing- Wiggle your body and the hose and the tip to help the water find it's way through your plumbing and keep going until the bag is empty. Again- don't let the urge to go to the bathroom stop you- keep going. After a few times you will get used to it and master it. Some people distract themselves by singing or yelling stupid jokes or simply making loud baby sounds, whatever works. Empty that bottle ! A good way to help things along is to blow all the air out of your lungs as if you were blowing up a balloon. This raises your diaphram and causes a vacuum inside your intestines, helping suck the water in. take another breath and blow out again with a big long HOOOOOOOMPH and help suck the water in. Or you can just sing. Personally I like to do Richard Nixon impersonations. Hey, with the side of your head pressed against the bathroom floor with your butt high in the air you end up saying some silly things :-) . Once the water starts going- it shouldn't take more than a minute or two- look at the bag to see if ity's fully deflated and flat.

When you are done, pull out the tip and let the water soak in as long as you can. try to go for 10 minutes if you can. At least a minute or two. Lie down on your side and roll around. Rub you belly. Jump up and down. The idea is to swish the water around to loosen years of hardened crap, just like a pot in your kitchen sink that has black burnt food stuck to it- you need to soak it in water to loosen it. I hang on an inversion table upside down so the water runs all the way up towards the stomach through all the plumbing. This is what "high colonic" means. I swing up and down, back and forth so it sloshes all through me and loosens crap. Then I jump up and down and rub my abs.

When you absolutely can't hold it anymore, go to the toilet and let it all out. Stay there because you should have about five more waves in the next ten to fifteen minutes, each time being a major bowel movement. That's right- 4 big dumps in half an hour- WOW you will be amazed! I never get results like that with even a pro colonic.

This is where the magic happens. As the old garbage comes out below, many people instantly have their heads clear up- (headaches, sinus congestion etc) and fresh air fills the inside of their head. Sometimes it takes several sessions to get that, but just like that crusty pot in your kitchen sink, the longer you soak and the more times you do it, the more old crap you get rid of. Remember- you're not going to get rid of 40 years of crust in one day- but water is the universal solvent. It is the easiest, cheapest and by far the safest way to CLEAN OUT !!!


A colonic is where you pay someone to do it for you. It's like the luxury treatment enema. You lie on a table with a gown, a hose is discretely inserted and a technician has a machine that regulates the flow of water (which is body temperature so you barely feel anything). The water goes in and then you simply let goes out through an exit hose- and new water is let in etc. This in- out cycle goes for an hour. It's more thorough than an enema and more relaxing. The lights are usually dimmed and they play soft music like when at a spa getting a massage. These people are professionals and see rear ends all day long- most of them probably uglier than yours so don't worry. They chose that job and be thankful they did because these people have truly chosen to help others- these people are in my opinion unselfish healers that do ten times more good than money hungry doctors who dispense pills to hide symptoms. Washing yourself out with water doesn't just hide symptoms- it helps get RID of your illness causing stuff. No matter what you have that's bad in you- poisons, bad food, bacteria, viruses, gallstones, cholesterol, alien implants- it all gets sent to your garbage can and if it's not clean then this crap gets stuck in the crevises and stays there for years, making you sick, sluggish and not functioning properly.

Optional Extras

Some people like to supplement their colonics or enemas with herbs etc to help things along. For example, the day before a cleanse, some people take charcoal or bentonite (a type of clay), both of which are powerful things for absorbing toxins. As a matter of fact, hospitals use charcoal to soak up drug overdoses in a body. The trouble is though, these substances are SO absorbant, they clump up like cememt in your body, so you need to drink lots of water and some people even take laxative herbs to help it through the system. The colonic/enemas then help wash it out. Do NOT take commercial laxatives- those are bad for you. If you want to help things pass through, use something like Dr. Schulzes intestinal formula number 1. They contain herbs that basically make your intestine muscles twitch as they pass through, which is in effect the same parastaltic action that makes food pass through your system.

After a good cleansing, some people take probiotics- pills containing natural enzymes and organisms naturally found in your intestines that help break down food. If you get lots of cleansings, these help replace the good stuff that gets washed out. Don't worry too much about being "depleted" of good stuff if you are consuming fresh RAW fruits, vegetables and juices like you are supposed to because they already contain all that.

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