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Human Growth Hormone helps you get younger, lose weight, grow muscle, and have lots of healthy hormones. Need I say more? Welcome to the world of the fabulous fava bean, also known as broad bean. I eat this all the time. As a matter of fact, I JUST had this and here is the video to prove it. People wanto know my secrets. Here's one of them. The recipe is in my book Heal Yourself 101 but I'll bet not many people made it because it doesn't sound glamorous. Boy, are you in for a surprise!
Watch the video and be amazed at this powerful food.

I just upgraded the newsletter website page where you can browse all the newsletters I've ever done. There are a bunch that weren't on the list until now. This is a toy store of fun videos and informative stuff on how to simplify and improve your life, health and happiness in the quickest, easiest ways possible. This is all stuff I do myself. I'm here to not just inspire you, but give you PRACTICAL advice you can use right now, today. Check it out. Be sure to send your friends to
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The testimonials I get are truly touching. It's amazing how beautiful the world is when you step back and truly listen.The more you let go, the more you actually accomplish. Everyone is simply at a different level of healing. Some want to heal everything fast, while others want to linger and drag it out. To each his (or her) own. We need to honor that. You can't push someone to heal their body or relationship or finances. They must do it at their own speed. And if you push too hard, it may actually backfire and set them back into a more rigid painful place, so step back, let go, and just focus on yourself. They will follow if they want. It's your job to be a great inspirational role model for others to look up to and get strength from. Remember though- role models simply live their own lives, they don't tell others how to live. This takes a load of responsibility off your shoulders and a lot of pressure off others. Things flow and progress a lot quicker that way :-) Please take the time to also read a sampling of the beautiful life-changing testimonials that keep coming in. This is what it's all about!

AMAZING Testimonials...

From the famous Dr. Dot
You literally saved my girlfriends life without even knowing it. She preaches you to EVERYONE, and that is how I found out about you. I am in Germany now, slowly converting to your ways, and when I get back to NYC, I will be buying your
dvd and
book and go organic shopping. Keep up the great work, you look amazing!!! Thanks,
Dr. Dot

Today's raw food miracle:
About 6 years ago I started noticing these faint brown freckle-like spots on the backs of my hands. They were especially noticable when I made my hands into fists. Today I was looking at my hands, and the spots were... gone. Completely gone. I don't know what they were, but I'm sure it had to do with bad health or old age.So here is my first real personal proof that you can get younger. I just got 6 years younger in 5 and a half weeks!
Christine K

My life has changed, thanks to you, I have been taking your
detox system including the 90 day parasite- free detox. Marcus, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, I have been following what you said in the instructions.  No meat fish, dairy, flours, sugars, breads, etc, 3 years ago I healed myself from cancer, naturally, and have to tell you , after being inspired by you and your products, it has changed me so much. I am now 43 years old and feel like I am in my 20's, for real, I swear I could run a marathon. I am so grateful I found your website. Peace to your heart.
Heather Baker

I never ever write reviews for books on YouTube, but I will this time :D Thank you Markus for your light, energy and inspiration. This book that you are sharing has been
THE BEST book on prosperity I have read. Is not only about money and material wealth, but about sharing your own wealth with the Universe. God bless you, I hope to meet you in person one day.
Jorge Lopez Lorenzana 

I have your book
Prosperity Secret... "and".... It's the best book on the subject I have ever read.
Perry Blouin

From Germany
Hello Markus. My spouse and I want to thank you sooo much for writing the book "the Prosperity Secret"!I first thought I do not need to get this book, because I study this topic already for quite a few years and I honestly did not expect to get anything new from it... but I was wrong, and my spouse as well!!! Huuuhhh.... what an amazing book it is!!! With the feet on the ground and the head in the sky, this book is changing our lives!! Our life was already good, but now we can feel we are heading towards a complete new dimension of prosperity!! I can highly recommend this book, it definitely will surprise anyone who reads it. I know it will, because I have studied dozens of teachers in the fields of success, money, health, relationships and spirituality, but you Markus just bring everything in sooooo beautiful and understandable, profound and simple terms - sooo natural!!Thanks a lot and I am going to read your book over and over again!See you on the bright side of life Markus!!I join you in healing the world! I am on board, and my spouse Vana as well! Nothing can stop us! Together we shall show this world what we are capable of! Showing our light and true self, that the world is shaking out of joy!All the love and light for your ongoing inspiring journey!!yours,
Stefan and Vana Wolf loveproductions.org

From Israel
Thank you so much for the DVD's Free food and Medicine !I've been watching them every day since I got them... and it made me just go outside and look at everything around me even closer than I used to... and I'm getting so excited now to go outside... and also know that even as  a student I won't go hungry or deficient :) and also it helped me think of getting better with my raw food diet... and I'm so thankfull for that ! I've got some pots and organic seeds of some greens after I've watched the first dvd... and now I'm planning on getting more and having my balcony blossom with foods and medicine for me and my roomates :) Thank you very much for the great energy you put out to the world, your love and care !Bless you for the great incouragment you give people !
Miryam and family :) from Israel :)

Thanks so very much for the wonderful tip regarding the many amazing uses of thyme. I am the proud owner of you're 5 dvd set about the miraculous medicines to be found in our back yard and I thank you so much I eat mostly raw foods and nuts now with some fish on occasion. I can't wait till the spring because I plan to plant a nice size garden in my back yard. This probably doesn't seem like much but a few months ago I could barely walk with the multiple sclerosis I've had for over twenty years apparently but now I'm busy as a beaver and I can hardly shut up cause I feel sooooo good mentally physically and spiritually since I've changed my diet. I feel a though I'm decalsifying my pinesl gland as well.my life is so much better now in great part due to you and the information you've made available. Thanks again and I wish you the wonderful day you deserve.
Berton Angelle

Thanks to Markus and raw foods I have hald myself of a deadly Nuro...PSP. I have medical records that are 9 inches deep to prove it! I was in a wheel chair for 7 years. I was under hospice care for 5 months. I was dying. Now I am walking without a walker. I lost 97 pounds to date. I'm in my late 50's and I look a decade younger than my age. Markus rules.. raw living foods changed my life. Thank you Markus. You RULE !



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