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blue ray of hope and healing with raw foodviolet ray of spiritual help for raw food healing
Go Raw Now. Raw Food, The Lifestyle that is changingthe World.  No more pills. Say goodbye to illness, disease, weight gain, wrinkles, hair loss and aging
Raw vegan bodybuilders and the raw food weight loss program. Time to look sexy and younger againMarkus Rothkranz all natural raw food lifestyle video trailer, Go Raw Nowtime to lose wrinkles, fat, cellulite and disease the way nature intended. Raw food, the all natural healer


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blue ray of hope and healing with raw foodviolet ray of spiritual help for raw food healing
raw food markus health pagesraw food markus rothkranz website link
life starts now with raw food lifestyle
blue ray of hope and healing with raw foodviolet ray of spiritual help for raw food healing
blue ray of hope and healing with raw foodviolet ray of spiritual help for raw food healing

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Text of Markus Speech
at Sedona Raw Spirit Festival 2007

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Video -Markus interviews Don Tolman, expert in Sacred Geometry and world history, spirituality and self healing

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book review by Stanford Wellsphere . . Radio Interview by Personal Life Media . . Radio Interview- Voice America . .
Radio Interview- Lets Talk Raw . . Radio Interview- Rawkin Radio

A word from Markus:

All right people- this isn't just about raw food ! This is about being fully alive- body, mind and spirit all going full force with a vibration that simply blows away all negativity and illness. Never being sick again means feeling love like you've never felt before- for everything you see, feel and touch. Every moment you breathe life on this planet is a miracle. Disease only happens when we don't live the way we were intended to live. This includes not just diet, but relationships, jobs, thoughts, emotions and yes, even government. The economy is only unhealthy because hundreds of millions of people are making unhealthy choices- IT'S THAT SIMPLE ! Change NOW! ALL OF YOU ! If you change, it will inspire others around you to change too. Pretty soon the rest of the world will follow when they see how happy and healthy you are. You want to be really sexy? Learn to see through the eyes of love and you will truly live forever. Stop listening to others and start listening to your heart- that inner voice nagging at you. Have the guts to be YOU and you will finally know what real freedom is. Take society's "clothes" off and let the real you shine on the stage of life. This raw body healing will also heal the inner you- trust me- you WILL be a new person inside and out with new values and strength. This is what will heal the world. You can't stop global warming, war, materialism and environmental pollution until you yourself have changed. So let's start with you. Let me show you how. Let me inspire you to a sexier, more spiritual, totally disease-free lifestyle that will infect everyone around you and ultimately make the world REALLY into something worth living for! The difference starts with you and me. This time it's not just about outer beauty- it's total 100 percent raw beauty inside and out. That's the only way to be totally healthy and heal the world.

I love you. Pass it on !

It's time someone did something that really made a difference.

People - it's time to ROCK !!!!!!!!!!




What to take while TRAVELLING

What to do for FOOD POISONING

What to do for INSECT BITES

What to do for SNAKE BITES

What to do for POISONING

I don't sell superfoods- there are enough people doing that. CLEANING OUT is more important and that's what my products focus on.

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