Wake up and be FULLY ALIVE !!!  Time to LIVE and feel the breath of life


I'm not going to talk about raw food, I don't think anyone who pays 300 dollars to come here isn't already into that stuff.

Who am I?
Everybody has an important part to play, that includes you guys too.
David Wolfe is the guru of raw food
Gabriel Cousins is the university professor who can explain to you on a molecular level exactly why this works
I'm just the pied piper... I'm the recruiting officer that goes out onto the streets, puts on a flashy show, and says "you wanna be hot looking and healthy?" And they all yell YEAH!!! , I get em all riled up and when they're ready, I simply say "go see those guys".

For many of you, I don't even need to be here. You know who needs me? The people out there

We're just a small group. Most of the people out there are "normal" people who have hectic lives, don't care what they eat as long as it tastes good, trust doctors and drugs to take care of their medical problems, and make decisions based on comfort and instant gratification. If I walked up to some truck driver in Iowa and said "let's meditate and drink wheatgrass" what do you think he'd say ? Much of the raw/spritual healing community is like a college campus of students speaking some esoteric language that only the raw/spiritual community understands... and we wonder why the rest of the world isn't catching on. That's where I come in. I'm out there on the street not afraid to get dirty. We need to speak a language these people understand !

Yes I definitely promote raw food. I’m even putting together a world tour to inspire and wake people up.

But all the raw food in the world is useless if your soul’s not alive.

I thought a long time about what I should say here, and I think one of the most important subjects to all of us is relationships.

Not just relationships with others, but with ourselves. Because those others come and go, if we want them to or not.
The only thing that will be with us forever is
Everything else is going to go on with or without us. Life will continue no matter what. What we
can control is how we perceive and interact with ourselves, those around us and ultimately the world and the universe.

If we change, everything changes.

If we have a messed up perception, the world is messed up.

What do we really want? I mean really?

OK we want to live forever, but besides that

We want to be happy, we want to be loved, appreciated, we want to be worth something, we want to leave our mark and we want to be free to be ourselves

There is a lot of talk about being blissed out all the time. What does that mean? Walking around going "everything is beautiful happy and wonderful"? That's like only watching the happy parts of a good movie. The universe cannot exist without balance. For every bit of light there is dark. Animals kill other animals to survive. It's part of nature. Volcanos wipe out civilizations. Planets explode and people break up and die. Close your eyes to that stuff and you are living in imbalance, and it will catch up to you and hit you hard. The trick is to not dwell on it. See it for what it is. We are in a movie... and a great movie is boring without tension and danger. You wouldn't be able to see the stars in the night sky without the darkness. Do you want to spend all your time in a happy daze or do you want to feel complete? The greatest love stories of all time are those of unrequitted love- Dr. Zhivago, Love Story, Ghost, Romeo and Juliet... That's passion ! And if you can allow yourself to see the beauty in the pain, and let your emotion flow, you will really start to feel real life in all its beauty. It's beautiful to cry. It's beautiful to scream. It's beautiful to let go. When you do that, people connect with you because they know that is real. That's how you connect with the universe.

You ever feel like everyone else out there is having more fun than you? That you're missing the all the action? They're better looking, making more money, having better sex, they don't get sick like you do... you're trying really hard to do all the right things, and yet they still seem to be better off and having more fun. You know what? It's a feeling we all have. Even the rich and famous have that feeling. Otherwise there wouldn't be so many celebrities killing themselves on antidepressants.

Is it possible to be healthy, happy and content with secure finances and relationships ? Well first of all there is no such thing as security. That's an illusion. Relationships? I think the secret there is if you are having a good moment, enjoy it to it's absolute fullest, because people grow and change... everything changes, it's part of the cycle of life. Spring becomes summer, but then at some point the leaves fall and winter must arrive to make way for the new year, and a new spring. You can't stop it. If nothing died, there wouldn't be room for new growth. And without growth, we'd still be in the stone age. Resist change and life will bulldoze over you like an old condemned building. Accept change, have a desire to learn, and a willingness to grow and flow, and you will surf the wave of life and get a great tan while doing it. Ride the wave, don't be tossed around inside it. You can only hold your breath so long before you die. Go where the air is... learn to breathe !

I think that's what this festival is really about... LIFE. ...being fully alive ! Not being afraid to be who we really should be. Not being afraid to stand up for what is right and totally celebrating life to it's fullest.

Here's an example of two extremes where people thought they were living life to the fullest but really weren't. One is a beer drinking, junk food eating womanizing party animal, and the other is a new age float-in-the-clouds dreamer who keeps trying to find God.

They both die and God says to the first one- I gave you a beautiful body and you filled it with junk, you got sick and died... then he turns to the other one... and YOU... hippie dude... I give you a beautiful body and what do you do with it ? NOTHING !!! You sat there the whole time meditating trying to find God... when are you going to realize- I'm not going anywhere ! You act like I wasn't there with you. You knew you were going to see me when you die,... I give you a chance to experience life and you just sat hiding in the corner while everyone else was out there going yeehaw.

We are here on planet Earth in a human body. We are not a cockroach or a rat or a worm... we are beautiful human beings, with a soul, a mind and an incredible body.

So why do we feel so lonely? Why so much anxiety and fear ? We are pieces of a grand puzzle.... the most beautiful puzzle imaginable. We are pretty insignificant as a single piece... but when we start connecting with others... an amazing reality starts to dawn on us... and we become more powerful and whole. And when all the pieces on this planet finally connect... get ready for the biggest goosebumpy orgasm imaginable ! That's what my film Posthuman is about.
We're all starting to feel this deep yearning inside to connect with others and everything on a grand scale. It's in our psychic DNA... like fish feeling the urge to go back upstream to spawn.

Back to feeling insignificant for a moment. Do not think for one second that because you are just a tiny speck in a grand puzzle of billions of pieces that you are insignificant. When that grand picture is completed... and if you weren't there... there would be an obvious gaping hole and the entire universe would ache because of your absense. You NEED to be a part of all this ! A car cannot run on three tires.

Just let go and allow yourself to connect. Your energy will instantly double. Then quadruple, and ultimately you will be unstoppable because you will be part of the greatest force in the universe. That's what real love is. It is not conditional. It's not forcing others to accept you- it's letting go and allowing yourself to be accepted by others.

When you live life this way, from a place of truth and honesty and no fear.. then you truly start to APPRECIATE everything... including the pain. The greatest works of art, literature, film and music would not be what they are without pain. You will get to a point where you see the beauty in every little tiny thing you see, hear, smell, touch and feel

Every moment of your life you are at a crossroads... where you could go in endless different directions, each one having a different outcome, changing your life in some way, sometimes dramatically. This very moment you are at a crossroads. If you wanted to, you could change the way you eat RIGHT NOW, you can change your relationship RIGHT NOW, you can change your career RIGHT NOW. There is nothing stopping you except maybe this (pointing at head)- your ever-chattering brain with it's thousand excuses, fears and insecurities. It makes you so uncomfortable with the thought of change that it sucks your energy and you become lazy and procrastinate... in other words- the typical American. You reach for your comfort foods, your comfort lifestyle and the synthetic sugary things in life that make you feel good for a few seconds. But that's not living. That's a synthetic reality and living in denial will never allow you to be where you really belong and be fully alive.

So if every second of your life is a crossroads- how do you make the right decision which way to go?

Life is testing you every moment of your life to see if you have the guts to do the right thing. And I don't just mean the right thing in general, but the right thing for YOU, which may be different than the right thing for everyone else. And you don't get that from your brain... you get it from here... that quiet inner voice that keeps nagging at you. Your brain tells you what you WANT to hear... a million reasons why you shouldn't rock the boat, and many times those reasons may seem to make perfect sense. But don't be fooled. Then there is that quiet nagging voice inside you... probably saying to do something that makes you uncomfortable, possibly things you've never done before... and your mind is going "don't do it ! You could lose all your money... or what will people think ? etc" Don't listen to that backseat driver. Listen to your heart. It is the voice of God. It's testing you to see if you have the guts to make it to the next level. You can't do it without risk. You can't do it without courage. It's also called faith and believing in yourself.

The more you trust and act upon these urges, the more you learn there is nothing to fear. Each test graduates you to the next grade... the next level of success. It's the only way to get from the slums to the penthouse... the only way to get from kindergarten to University... to ultimate freedom. Most successful people in the world got there because they took chances. They didn't need the numbing effect of comfort. They rolled up their sleeves and they went for it. You don't win a prize boxing match unless you get beat up along the way. You've got to be able to take the punches. Be a fighter, not a punching bag.

What you see in the mirror, ... everything that you are, is the result of what you have taken in through your mouth, your eyes, your ears, skin, your mind, spirit and soul. You are the accumulation of what people have told you, what you've seen on TV, how your friends, coworkers and mate make you feel, what your parents gave you and told you... the stuff that's in the air and water, the electrical energy currents sizzling through the air... that's what made you what you are. You have control over almost all of it. All it takes is your desire to do so. You don't want brain cancer? Move away from high power lines. Does the person you're living with cut you down and make you feel small ? Does the news depress you? Are you overweight and getting cellulite? You can change all that. Do some serious housecleaning and only put good stuff back in. It's not that complicated. What are you waiting for? Someone to tell you it's ok ? Most people don't want you to get better because human nature involves jealousy and laziness. Don't wait... Just do it. I'm rooting for you and so are most of the people here today, but we are not the norm out there.

Life is short. Don't wait.

Women, I feel sorry for you on this planet. I don't care what guys say... there is one thing that drives most guys- sex and power.. Guys will say anything to get laid. I am so sick of seeing men claiming to be spiritual and saying all this flowery stuff just to impress and suck in the women, then move in for the kill and suck them dry . Men are logic-driven efficient machines with an ego, driven by the need to have sex, and compete with other men to be the alpha male.

Women are nurturing intuitive loving beings who need security, love and acceptance.

It's easy to step on a flower. It's also very sad when it happens. The flower dies and weeds grow in it's place.

It's time we stopped that from happening.

If women ran the planet, do you think there would be war, corporate greed, class differences and people dying by the millions of starvation ?

Why do you think ant colonies are so efficient? The workers are all male and who's running the show? The queen. In the animal world- who usually calls the shots? The female.

This is Earth's finest hour
and you - every one of you
are the catalyst to make it happen

If you love something- lose no opportunity to make it happen

Be a tornado of love

Come and see what it's like to be living the lifestyle that's changing the world

There is nothing radical about this lifestyle
It's the way we are supposed to live
It's the way our bodies are designed to live

Feel the pain, celebrate the beauty and share your love, as we dance to the bittersweet symphony of life.

We have been given a life in a human body on the planet Earth during it's greatest moment. We are not just here to meditate folks! We are here to DO SOMETHING!

And I am here to say, let's do it. Now.

And let's do it
BIG !!!

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