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Enough is enough. It's funny how people in the natural healing world are claiming how the the establishment is brainwashing us, while they themselves are doing it- labelling all their products as
"Superfood". Use your common sense and watch this video before you go online and start wasting more money. Your superpowers come from within and what's immediately around you right now. It's amazing how people always think the answer is "out there". This video also talks about one of my favorite fascinating plants- bamboo. Watch video

The long awaited Edible Plants Book will be shipping 12-12 12

Every time I get one of these life transforming stories, my heart sings so loud I have to jump out of my chair. I can literally feel the world becoming one. We are cells in a body. What an amazing feeling to see all the cells of the body get in line and start resonating as one. Meet Tanja Usselman from Germany. Here is her story (translated from German)

"One year ago I was searching for the next "diet" to come down from my 280 lbs. I tried everything, but nothing worked. That's when I stumbled upon green smoothies. Sounded nasty, but I tried it. My first attempts were not a hit, so I looked for some literature on raw food and behold- there was "
Heal Yourself 101"by Markus ("Heile Dich Selbst" in German) which turned out to be a real revelation for me. Never before has anyone explained it all so simply for me, how nutrition works. Before I got the book, I would always end my smoothie with thoughts of noodles and pizza. But after the book, I threw everything away that wasn't related to the concept of raw food.

The beginning wasn't easy, because of the addictions, but after fasting for a while, the cravings for carbs and sugar subsided. I used the tips from the book and had fun making my own variations. As expected, the pounds started dropping off, but that wasn't all. I started realizing there was a lot more behind raw food than just losing weight. I dropped everything that wasn't good for me anymore. Every time I tried to sneak in some sugar or cooked food, I would get a rash or pimples. I felt like a teenager. This proved to me the truth of how the book mentioned how everything was connected. This convinced me once and for all to
make the switch for good.

I make green smoothies every day now because I just don't have the time to make fancy meals. I found out you really don't need to drink a lot of green smoothies because they are so packed with nutrition. I also realized I don't need anything anymore
to sweeten them- the fruit is sweet enough.

In the summer I go outside and pick dandelions, nettles and anything else that just happen to be growing there. I'm building an addition to my balcony and growing my own wheatgrass. You don't need a lot of money to make it through life, and I have
energy now I've never had before. I don't get sick anymore.

Fasting, enemas, exercise. sports, green smoothies- I'm doing everything the book says and what can I say, my life is changed forever. No more cooked food for me! Thanks to the knowledge and constant new inspirations Markus pours out, I have found my way, because I know it is the right one. I've infected others around me now with the raw food bug, and they all say the same thing- how their lives have seriously improved. Oh yeah, did I mention the hayfever I got every year and made my life difficult,
is now a thing of the past? It went away with all the pounds. Of course I ordered the videos now also, which I find fascinating.

The rest of my life is changed forever. I'm trying new things and doing stuff I always dreamed about when I was younger. I definitely have more life to live, because I have so much more energy now to try new things.

I can only say one thing. Thank you Markus for your inexaustible work, your enthusiasm and your touching art. Never stop
inspiring mankind, so more people can feel as good as I do.

Thank you with all my heart!
Tanja Usselman"

You can reach Tanja on Facebook at

Thank you Tanja- I am deeply moved, touched and inspired by you just as much in return. You are a shining beacon to others and a much needed role model in a world of confused souls looking for direction in a time of transition to a new world.

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From Jerry Scott:
"So there I was having a drink with an old friend who is in management with a local hospital.  He was all excited about their new program to create more passion for the health care workers in their jobs to derive better customer service with their patients.I simply asked that instead of all the smoke and mirrors to attain success, why not make a plant based diet the cornerstone of the healing process? He said, "What are you trying to do, run me out of a job?"


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