Goodbye Dad

There are some things in life we cannot escape. One of them is change. The previous generation is making room for the next. They went ahead of us to help show what works, and what doesn't. We have some important lessons to learn, and we should give infinite gratitude to those that gave their lives to show us the way. Let this be a time to reflect and inspire us to be our very best, for now we are the generation everyone looks to for guidance. Let this video touch you on how we said goodbye to my father.

What is health?

This is something everyone needs to learn before it's too late.

Obviously what you eat contributes greatly to your health. I have known numerous "spiritual healers" who claimed they could eat anything they wanted because "the angels would take care of them", or they "vibrated at a higher frequency and it didn't matter", - and then died of cancer, many of them in their 50s or early 60s- not even halfway through their life.

On the other hand, what you swallow is only a part of the equation.

There are people who eat "right" and still die early. They are so fanatical about their way of living, and upset that others aren't living that way, their uptightness eats them up from the inside.

Then there are those who eat right and get along with everyone, - so much that they lose themselves in the process of trying to make everyone else happy. Their need for approval and acceptance ends up killing them because they suffocated their own personal expression.

Many people live in fear. They do things they really don't want to, to pay for houses, cars and things that aren't really their dream houses, cars and things, yet it's killing them and they don't want to let go, because they fear if they do, there might not be anything else to replace it, and that their children will starve. This is no way of living. It will slowly kill you, and it's teaching your children the wrong lessons. They are strong. They understand risk-taking more than adults ever will. They love adventure and challenge more than adults. So STOP worrying and go for it. You will be taken care of SOMEHOW. Start living before it's too late!

Bottom line- if you aren't free to be YOU, you are suffocating, and you're pulling everyone else down with you. Your duty is to shine and inspire the world with your own personal gifts. People want heros to look up to.You are not here to be a slave to others. You are here to help them, but not from a place of bitter resentfulness or codependancy. You must be free- financially, emotionally, physically and mentally.

I didn't write "The Prosperity Secret" about money. It's about stepping into your true power. You are no good to the world if you are held down. You must be in your full power, otherwise you are slowly dying. The world needs you now more than ever. Life or death is your choice. Either way you'll be teaching us something. (what works or what doesn't). I would rather you showed us how to be happy and fully alive. I've seen enough unhappiness. The world needs more love.

You have been given a miraculous gift- the chance to live in a human body on planet Earth. Take care of it and it will give you an experience you will never forget. The joys of touching another human being, hearing their soft breath, the sparkle in their eyes, hearing your thoughts in their voice, sharing the adventure with others, and feeling the entire universe rushing through you with every breath, thought and taste.

The healthier and cleaner you are, the more you can feel this. The more you can help and inspire others.

Make your time here count.


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