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So many of you have been asking for more info- wow that's great. Isn't it amazing it takes us half our lives to get to this point ? They should have taught us this stuff in school. This is more important than anything. Well better late than never. The least we can do is pass it on so others don't have to start late in life.

This is not to be taken lightly. Everyone has parasites, and they are not benign. Even raw foodists have parasites. People with unhealthy unclean bodies are even worse off because parasites thrive on mucus, fat and toxins. They love to eat garbage, but they also like to eat YOU! You NEED to do a parasite cleanse yearly. I developed a killer product called PARASITE-FREE. Here is a link of mine to learn more about parasites and what they do to you.( Here is the cleansing formula.(

Prescription drugs

All prescription drugs have side effects. They are synthetic chemicals foreign to our bodies and if taken over a continuous period of time WILL cause disease. Drug companies even admit it.

Why "Vegetarians" still get sick
Soy milk, soy cheese, vegie burgers, pasta, cereal, bread etc are dead foods. Yes they are better than sodas and french fries but it just means you'll be hitting the wall at 50 mph instead of 100 mph. Not only that, but studies show SOY IS NOT GOOD for you. It blocks thyroid function, protein absorption and disables enzymes. If cows graze on soy they die and if sheep eat it their hair falls out. Soy is toxic. If you want milk, put some raw coconut juice in a blender with some raw cashews... or make sesame seed milk. IT'S NOT THAT HARD ! I see vegetarians getting sick all the time, even getting cancer. Look guys- cereal, bread, crackers, pasta, immitation meat, soy gunk, health bars and all that other stuff you think is healthy is just as dead as everything else. The only difference is there are not as many chemicals in there as regular food. Don't kid yourself. Your allergies are not going to go away if you keep clogging up with pasta and store-bought juices.

Hair Loss and Prostate
Losing hair, thinning hair and grey hair is a big concern for both men and women. First of all, get off the heredity thing and take some responsibility. My dad had thinning hair early on and I have the same long hair at 45 as any teenager. The difference? He ate meat and drank alcohol. I don't. Let's start with men. Hair and prostate problems are two very common issues for manly "he-men" who eat a lot of meat. Cholesterol clogs up the tiny capilliaries that feed the scalp. As for prostate enlargement- the biggest culprit is growth hormones and steroids shot into animals to make them bigger faster. Yes they make mens muscles get big fast but also their prostate, and anything else in the body- like-um- cancer cells. Testosterone has been directly linked to hair loss, as has lack of circulation and sunlight which is agravated even more by american men's fascination with baseball caps. Asian research says hair loss on the sides is from sugar and alcohol consumption and hair loss in the middle is from meat and animal product consumption. Women don't need to chop off their beautiful hair at 50 and get the "hairspray ball" . Your hair doesn't have to go grey like it does. Change your diet. Clean up your act. Stop choking your delicate hair folicles with fat and cholesterol plaque. Grey hair means you are killing your hair. It also helps to massage and rub your scalp often during the day and eat lots of seaweed. Nothing rejuvenates hair more than seaweed.

Cancer, Bacteria and Disease
Have you ever wondered how a piece of fruit gets moldy after a while, even if we put it in a sealed sterile vaccum? Where does this fuzzy mold come from? Nature has built into all living things the mechanism to decompose when the item gets old or weak. Everybody has a few cancer cells in their body, as well as E Coli, etc, just sitting around waiting for their time. If the body becomes polluted and weak, the scavengers go to work and the bad bacteria starts overpowering the good bacteria. But this process can be reversed. Put simply- stop killing yourself. We must stop our body from being weakened... everybody's situation is different- it could be from eating dead food, or from toxins like prescription drugs or plastic fumes or cigarettes or stress or unhappiness or anger- anything that weakens us will eventually weaken us enough to let illness take hold. Sugar feeds bacteria, fungus, yeast and viruses. Labs use sugar water to grow cultures in petri dishes. We need to change the lifestyle that allowed it to happen and only take in good things that give us life and strengthen our body and soul.

Cow Milk
A 12 year Harvard study of 78,000 women demonstrated that those who drank cow’s milk are more likely to have osteoporosis and brittle bones. The countries that consume the most cow’s milk also have the highest rates of osteoporosis. Get your calcium from fruits and vegetables. (olives, green leafy plants, figs, and virtually anything from the produce section) Where do cows get their calcium? GRASS. Eat natural stuff and you will get everything you need.

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When God/nature created man, where was it written we need to have a piece of bread on each side of our food??


Cola Facts


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Citrus fruit health. Oranges, limes, lemons and grapefruits are a great juice base and help alkalize the body. Although they are acidic, they become alkaline inside the body
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Pets and grass
If you have indoor pets, buy them a little pot of wheatgrass every week as a supplement . You will be amazed. My cat munches on it all day long. I don't make her do it, she does it by herself. Despite being carnivores, they naturally know they need it for minerals. We ALL need green ! By the way, do not force your dog or cat to become vegetarians. They are not made for that.

Olive Oil
The best olive oil to get is STONE CRUSHED. Even though most say "cold pressed", they are in fact pressed by a giant hydraulic mechanical press at tremendous pressure that raises the oil to over 160 degrees, thus ruining many of it's healing properties. It needs to say "Stone crushed" on the bottle. It's more expensive but worth it, otherwise why bother. You can get it at health food stores like Whole foods, Wild Oats or order it from the internet from places like Look for brands like Bariani. And WOW the taste! I eat it like soup.


((Use the white young fresh coconuts, not the brown hairy kind)
Fresh young coconuts and coconut oil can save your life.Coconut water is identical to human blood plasma. In third world countries it is used as an emergency replacement for IVs. It has strong anti-viral, anti-microbial, anti-yeast and anti-fungal properties. In the Polynesian islands, people used to eat nothing but coconuts, tropical fruits and raw fish. They didn't get parasites because of the coconut, papaya and papaya seeds in their diet. They also never got fat or had any heart disease until the white man arrived with white flour, sugar and pork. Anyone who suffers from poor digestion, especially liver and gall bladder trouble, would benefit from eating coconut oil. Coconut oil digests faster and better than any other oil or fat. Coconut oil contains no cholesterol. It actually helps lower cholesterol levels and helps stimulate the thyroid. Coconut oil improves skin circulation, restores sagging skin, reduces bags under the eyes. It fights fatigue, enhances memory, protects the nerves from stress, and has anti- anxiety properties. It reduces the effects of adrenal stress which helps alleviate dark circles from around the eyes. Is coconut oil fattening? NO- In the 1940s, farmers attempted to fatten their animals with coconut oil, instead it made them lean and active.

Don't just eat sweet fruits.
Too much sugar can cause constipation and leach minerals from the body. Eat plenty of non-sweet fruits like cucumbers, tomatoes etc and LOTS of dark leafy greens.

As mentioned above, we all have a few cancer cells and viruses and all kinds of bacteria but these are usually kept under control. If you want to wake a sleeping dragon, eat sugar. Sugar is to viruses like pouring gasoline on fire. Unless you're consuming only raw food, odds are that almost everything you are eating has sugar in it. Almost all restaraunt food has sugar- it's their secret ingredient to make the food taste better. It's what makes Thai food taste so good, as well as Indian and Chinese. It's in ALL fast food, including the meat. It's in all condiments- mustard ketchup, relish (combined with vinegar it becomes super yeast fuel), and even Sushi- I was shocked to find they marinate raw salmon etc in sugar water. That salad dressing? Vinegar and sugar ! Brown sugar, regular honey etc is just as bad. If you are healthy, raw unheated honey is ok when used sparingly but most of us are no where near healthy. Raw agave nectar (the sap from a desert plant) is the closest thing to an allowable sweetener, but if you have a life threatening disease, then even oranges, apples and carrots can contain too much sugar. ANY sugar can feed a virus or yeast. Be aware, be careful. Listen to your body- pay attention to how you react. If you are itching anywhere on your body, chances are something bad is feasting on sugar. And don't even think about Aspartame, Saccharine, etc, you should already know better than that if you are reading any of this.

Bitter is Better
A general rule is- the more bitter something is, the better it is for you. (eg Kale, Aloe Vera, etc). The bitterness comes from sulfur which is the most needed element in the body- almost all body functions require sulfur. Cooking and heat destroy sulfur compounds in our food. That's one of the reasons why cooked food tastes better, but is worse for us. It's best to take 2-3 tablespoons of MSM powder every day (natural food-grade sulfur). Look up the words "MSM powder" on the internet and be amazed at what you don't know yet. It tastes NASTY -just put it in a glass of water and gulp it down to get it over with. When eating salads with bitter greens, cancel out the bitter with something sweet like orange juice in the dressing.

B12 and Dirt
Do you know where vitamin B12 naturally comes from? Dirt! That's right- the micro soil organisms normally found on a plant when we pull it out of the ground and eat it (like in nature or from the garden) are what our digestive system uses to do it's job. We need those things. But today everything is washed so sterile we lack B12. That does NOT mean to not wash stuff bought from a grocery store. Who knows who touched that stuff and how many times it's been dropped on the floor. The best thing is to grow your own food and if you can't then take some supplemental probiotic like Primal Defense by Garden of Life.

Too many acid forming foods in diet- (cooked food etc). Dairy becomes acidic once inside body. An acid-forming diet leaches calcium from the bones, leading to osteoporosis. To reverse- eat more calcium foods like raw lettuce, kale, collards, oranges, figs, brocolli. etc along with progesterone foods like coconut oil and maca powder. Weight-bearing exercise is important and Horsetail tea helps increase bone density.Body protects heart by making sure acidic food, wastes and toxins don’t make the blood too acidic by binding the acids and toxins with calcium (an alkaline mineral) that it pulls from bones and teeth and then deposits that contaminated calcium as far away from circulating blood and heart as possible which leads to calcified bone joints and muscle tissue (enlarged knuckles, spurs on vertebrae and feet, muscles etc)

Broken bones
- silicon foods- bamboo sap/shoots, horsetail herb, hemp leaf, oats, cucumber, lettuce, prickly pear cactus, okra, bell peppers, radishes, tomatoes

Fats (raw nuts and seeds)
should be eaten with green leafy vegetables or pimples and lethargy will result

is increased with green vegetable juices, digestive enzyme supplements, sunbathing and exercise

Food will not be metabolized if you do not exercise

We are mainly oxygen, then water, then fats, then protein and minerals. But first more than anything we are Oxygen. Without enough of it, our cells begin to die. That's why we should exercise and do deep breathing. Breathe SLOW and DEEP. It helps calm us down and live longer. Keep windows open as much as possible, and have lots of house plants for fresh oxygen

DC (battery power) is good, AC (110v house power) is bad- has strong EMF that messes with our bodies. Try to keep your distance from strong electric motors. Remember- people near power lines get brain cancer.

Television and Computer Monitors
Non LCD TV's (the square boxy kind) use strong CRT (cathode ray tubes) that emit X-rays. Four hours of sitting in front of a CRT computer monitor equals ONE CHEST X-RAY ! LCDs are better, but keep the power supply at a distance.

is found in dark green vegetables and herbs, and red foods

Skin Problems
...are an indicator of problems with the liver- especially from eating cooked fats and cooking oils, margarine, hydrogenated oil, cooked polyunsaturated oils etc

and get rid of those mercury fillings


Stay tuned for more!

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Please note: this information is based on personal experience and that of others, but makes no claims and obviously I cannot be there to supervise any if this, so you are on your own and take full responsibility for your actions.