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My long time friend was on his deathbed.   He walked out of the hospital 7 days later after I started bringing him food and telling the hospital to stop feeding him.  This "miracle" if you can call it that IS because of your book. Your book gave me the specifics I needed to be fully educated.  Fully aware.   My friend is alive and active as ever.  Cancer is not a disease, it is a direct result of our toxic environment and poor nutrition. I know this now. Knowledge is power!

Please allow me to sing your praises just one more time.   I am a window washer by trade and am around the affluent and middle class in their homes all day every day. One lady was dying of cancer.  She kicked it about 4 times prior due to western medicine's nuke treatments and chemicals.  Gee, whattayaknow? It returned... again and again and again. She read your book cover to cover. 3 weeks later she cancelled her chemo appointment and prepared to hang up her wigs forever.  She is now cancer free and has a new lease on life.  She's got a cute little spiky haircut now and jokes to me when I do her windows. You know what still makes her upset though?  Still makes her buckle at the knees in anger and tears? That her husband died 3 years ago of the same ailments. 

He'd probably be alive today if they'd have known.   

Markus, keep it up. 

Terry Kannedy, Terry's Window Washing Laguna Niguel, CA




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