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Part 2: James Sloane

A highly packed informative video covering all the reasons for weight gain other than food and exercise and why even healthy eaters gain weight. Medical expert James Sloane explains the weight gain resulting from estrogen, thyroid and adrenals... and most of all, what to do about it! (watch to the end) See the video here.

The Biggest Causes of Weight other than Diet

In the first video, Joseph Hill demonstrated what happens when someone follows the simple recipes and raw vegan diet plan outlined in my book Heal Yourself 101. The results were dramatic and fast because this is the way we are designed to eat and live in nature. For most people, just doing this is enough. But there are still other reasons for weight gain beyond diet, which is adressed here.

Hypothyroidism is becoming a huge factor in the modern world because of all the estrogen compounds in our life that suppress the thyroid causing weight gain. Examples are plastic water & juice bottles, BPA on store receipts, plastic teething rings for babies etc. Every time you take a hot shower or get in a hot tub, you are breathing in chlorine and flouride which displaces iodine which the thyroid needs to function properly. Stress and depression burns out the adrenals which leads to weight gain. Here are things to help the thyroid and adrenals...

Lower Estrogen levels by eating organic foods without pesticides and chemicals that have an estrogen-like effect.

Get more fiber in your diet. The liver dumps estrogen into its bile acids and these bile acids pass through intestines. Fiber can help eliminate estrogen in bile. So eat lots of whole raw plant foods, especially ones with lots of polyphenols, because polyphenols help reduce estrogen. These foods include chia, sesame, oats, rice bran, flax and buckwheat.

Since the liver metabolizes and breaks down estrogen in the body, keep your liver clean with bitter herbs and plants because bitter cleans the liver and helps digestion. Sulfur is part of this bitterness, so take MSM, dandelion, watercress, pine needles, onions, horseradish, garlic and bitter green leafy vegetables.

Drink a glass of lemon water every morning to help clean your liver and also take my liver formula. You can’t take too much of it, it’s a great formula.

B vitamins are necessary for healthy liver function and digestion, especially folic acid (or vitamin B9). One spoonful of my Wild Force Green formula has 1370% of RDA folate. The Wild Force Green formula has over 6000 percent the RDA of vitamin B9 Pantothenic acid in one spoonful. 3770% Riboflavin vitamin B2. There’s even some B12 in this amazing formula, plus of course almost every mineral known to man needed for bodily functions and 4 grams of fiber per spoonful.

Stop drinking milk. 80% of estrogens come from cows milk and your body can’t handle high levels of estrogen like that. Make your own almond milk, it's in our uncookbook "Love on a Plate".

Stop drinking alcohol. It fries your liver. On top of that, beer and wine is high in estrogens.

Caffeine, fat and sugar can increase estrogen levels in the body. Even just one cup of coffee can raise estrogen levels. 4 cups a day can raise estrogen levels by as much as 70 percent!

Eat less meat, or cut meat altogether. Even if its organic, these animals have hormones three thousand times stronger than humans.

Exercise more. Come on. At least 20 minutes a day! This has one of the greatest impacts on estrogen levels and starts lowering estrogen quickly. Do lots of aerobic stuff like walking, running, bicycling, swimming, hiking, or turn the music up and dance a lot!

Proper sleep is needed for proper hormone levels. Melatonin helps protect your body against estrogen dominance. But proper melatonin needs to be produced and regulated by your body. Healing hormones are released between 10 pm and 2 am, and you need to be asleep for that to happen. Do NOT snack or eat for 4 hours before bed, otherwise your body will be busy digesting ll night and not be fully asleep, you’ll wake up tired with messed up hormones. My Night Rebuild formula helps you sleep and rebuild hormones.

Avoid plastic water bottles and plastics holding any kind of liquid or juice. Avoid plastic food wrap.

Don’t breathe fumes from bleach or chlorine. Get a whole house water filtration system to take out the chlorine and fluoride, two major causes of thyroid problems, estrogen and weight gain. Every time you take a hot shower or bath, you are directly breathing in chlorine and fluoride.

For thyroid issues, take seaweed, like my Irish Moss. When it’s in its natural state like this, you don’t have to worry about taking too much because it’s balanced out by all the other minerals and coelements. Seaweed like my Irish Moss is a much better way to get your done than taking iodine drops.

Get rid of the STRESS in your life! It’s not worth it. In order to deal with stress, the body burns large amounts of progesterone and creates cortisol, the stress and death hormone. The by product of is more estrogen. Stress burns out your thyroid and adrenals, so do whatever it takes to get rid of the stress in your life. If you feel trapped, and you’re not excited when you wake up in the morning, you need to read my pocketbook “Instructions for a New Life” Get it right now. It will change your life. If money is your problem, read “The Prosperity Secret

Rebuild hour adrenals. Vitamin C is key to rebuilding adrenals, and the most powerful herbal vitamin C on the planet is the Wild Force Vitamin C, with 6,500 mg of vitamin C per 100g. The Night Rebuild formula helps rebuild hormones and adrenals and the Green Formula has all the necessary minerals, plus gives you a boost of energy.

To really clean out your body, you need to do a serious cleanse as well as changing what and how you eat. This is all outlined in “Heal Yourself 101”. It’s helped people overcome everything from diabetes to cancer and of course lose all their extra unwanted weight. The new uncookbook "Love on a Plate" has amazing raw food versions of all your favorite addictive foods you grew up with.

All of these books and products are at HealAnything.com As you can see, I have figured out over the years what things people need the most to change their lives, and that is exactly what I've created for you- everything you need for a new life, so you can be free, prosperous, thin, beautiful and healthy!

Stay tuned. In about a week after we get back from New York, part 3 will feature Cara- what she eats, her daily routine and her secrets for looking thin and amazing as she slowly approaches 50. Don't miss it!

We are here to help and inspire.


Part 1: Joseph Hill
Few people have impressed me more than Joseph Hill in his weight loss results. Look what happens when someone follows the raw vegan lifestyle and eats the recipes in my book "Heal Yourself 101". I'm proud of Joseph for going all the way and becoming a great example for everyone, not just for weight loss, but getting younger again. Watch the video.

Part 3 will be Cara Brotman in about a week


Powders vs. "Fresh"
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Another Markus Product Success Story:
One side effect of my brain injury was reduced immune function
to the point where I started getting reoccurring shingles infections and cold sore outbreaks. My doctor told me that I needed more rest and prescribed daily antivirals to prevent outbreaks. Neither worked. Per you recommendation, I bought your
Herpes book and I bought your new Vitamin C formula. Since following your guidelines and taking your Vitamin C formula I've had NO symptoms of my reoccurring shingles or cold sores. I continue to improve, and I owe it to you - because the doctors (all 16 medical experts that I've seen this year), haven't been able to help me. You're a Godsend. Thank you for all that you do!!!
Jessie TheAxe

Your video and this insight into the making of it made me smile!  I love to support by using your products!  Your
Vitamin C alone has helped me heal my dog of cancer and I am sleeping better with Renew...great products and you can feel the love put into everything you do.  Thank you

Just let you know that we applied the vit c directly on a sore ulcer and it heals the next morning.. God bless
Wendy Cheng

‪ Any dis ease on the planet can be healed with this lifestyle! My boyfriend at 19 was diagnosed with MS (a neurological disorder that can keep people in wheelchairs.)
He also had severe heart and stomach issues. Now, only a few years later, he is thriving and healthier than he's ever been thanks to a raw vegan lifestyle. I made the change with him and have cured my allergies, athsma, acne, depression and anxiety you can heal and regenerate yourself and live a life you never imagined was possible. You may have to step out of your comfort zone at first, but that's where all the magic happens ‬
Shelby Wion

You must love each other very much! You also love your customers very much. Today I have a shipment from China that is not moving.....(worth 20000 goods for customers) and the only thing that helps me through the night is your book prosperity secret. It really is a secret that book. Once i started it i make 5000 a month and that's only a beginning. About believe systems, i believe that every time I read your book something good happens. And if nothing happens, it means something bad didn't happen. Your book is a lucky charm and I really put it to the test and it works.
Martine Peters

LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!! markus im reading the
prosperity secret (life changing) and instructions to a new life now. im going to get free food and medicine soon. thank you for changing my life and countless others' too. <3 <3 <3
Meg Radler

have just reordered the green formula and use a few others. So far lost 50 pounds of weight in 7 months though thats not why i use it and so purely for health. Thanks Markus ;-) Regards from London to you both.
livin abox

1 tsp of that
green formula keeps me going all day with no end of energy...its frikkin amazing! Today is day 1 of my "Heal Yourself 101" 7 week journey...intentions are all set and I'm SO READY to drop any and all things not in true alignment...yaya!!! Sending Love and Light to you and Cara Markus Rothkranz muah! ‬
‪Hina Sheikh‪

The wild force
green formula is truly awesome. I have never tasted a green drink powder as good. I am so grateful for Markus and his team that take the time to produce it. If you want to know what you need to do to be healthy while you live, listen to Markus. DISCLAIMER: This is NOT a paid plug, just a raw, organic comment :)

I am 60 this year,only started this way of eating on the 20 February, what a difference, follow what Markus has wrote in his book
Heal yourself 101,and within days you will feel the change, I was on twelve tablets a day,for heart bypass, nerves, sleeping,vertigo,herpes. Now I take none,as I feel fantastic, I even ride a bike,use a mini trampoline,inversion table,sauna,and do Pilates,where as before I was just sitting watching television
‪Della Upsher

I'm learning so much as I transition from everything I've known my entire life to the truth. 
Terra Lyn

Markus...just a quick note to thank you. Since reading
Heal Yourself 101 in one sitting on July 8th, I've lost 40 pounds, haven't been sick, and have felt like I've turned into Superman, as you describe on your Juice Guru interview. I've done my best to pass along your messages to my friends and family; everyone is getting healthier, to the degree that they will allow themselves. Thanks to your advice, I've resumed my running, at age 44. My fastest mile was two weeks ago, 6'35". I'm running a charity race for The Herren Project (support/prevention of today's drug issues), the NYC Half Marathon on 3/15. So, because of Markus Rothkranz, there's $2,000 going to stop youth drug addiction! Sending you before and after photos. Weight loss was 40 pounds but I don't really care about that. It's fun to buy new clothes that fit well, though...! In closing, I can't thank you enough. I'm looking forward to living another 60 years in great health. Sincerely,
Chris Byars

re:Spy Recipe Orange slices with Protein
I made this recipe today and IT IS DELICIOUS! I gobbled down two trays of it in 10 minutes. I was skeptical that it would taste this good and at first barely put protein powder on some of them. After I tasted the ones who did have more generous amounts of protein powder I realized that is what makes it so delicious. The flavor combination is sweet, rich, and satisfying. I then sprinkled more protein powder on the ones I left bare before and they are now all rich and perfect and SUPER TASTY. Try this recipe, this is not only a super cool and fun video to watch with the beautiful Cara but the recipe is a stand-out on its own. REally worth making and now one of my favorite snacks. I'm going to go gobble a couple more trays later but I got full on the last ones so waiting for my tummy to empty so I can eat more lol.

It is amazing! I use your products and they changed my life! Thank you!

Spring Flowers

Markus Rothkranz, gee, what are you putting in your products. Four workouts in one week, upbeat Zumba classes with our local team and Pasion latina, and a night out dancing. And I am up and running again, despite a busy Saturday filled with errands, garden and handy work and translation. WOW!!! you are sth else!! Thank you for these wonderful creations :-)
Daniela Gotta

Holy Toledo batman... You don't see THOSE ingredients in
protein powder at the stores... I could sit and eat that by the spoonful . I'm just about to save a fortune from buying all those ingredients separately as I have been... off to place my order ‬
Cattbear Canary

I am still fairly new to raw veganism and wanted to tell you both that your first video together, the apple ravioli, was one of the things that got me involved in raw veganism. It was the VERY FIRST raw vegan dish I made! Thereafter the two of you have been my inspiration....3 months in now and I have lost a total of 30 pounds and my physical ailments and pain are starting to disappear one by one! Give me another year or so and hopefully at the now age of 45 I can get my inner slim self and body to come to the outside! TY ‪Cara Brotman and ‪Markus Rothkranz for being such inspirational people and for helping me among many others!
‪Beth Dougherty Blair


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