I wanted to do this video for a long time because it's so important and there was so much to say. It's a very important subject, yet most people have no clue what the liver does, how to clean it and how much it affects our life, our emotions, our relationships, our health and even the way we think. You don't need to buy any products if you don't want- I tell you how you can do it yourself, the choice is yours. I want you healthy and happy so we can make a better world together.

How do you clean your liver? Do you even know what that liver does? It has over 100 known functions from creating hormones to digestive juices & disease fighting compounds. Almost all problems we have - from low energy & sex drive to aging skin, sleeping problems, digestion problems and all disease can be traced to a clogged liver. Nobody wants to think about it, but it's one of the most important hard working parts of your body. You will be amazed what this thing does! Check out thevideo

Heal Yourself 101 is now officially

It took over a year and three printing companies to make this happen. It wasn't cheap to make- this is a FULL COLOR book, because I want the best for you. What a feeling to hold this in my hands. I just love real books, especially when they are new right off the press. I love the way books feel. This makes a great gift. There have been some updates since the first ebook release 2 years ago. You can order it at
MarkusProducts.com or call the new 800 number below specifically set up for this book. Check out the video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zI3ThBFTUW4

The 2 bestselling books now on Kindle
Personally I don't like this format because its black & white and there is no page formatting, so for me its frustrating because I love color pictures and beautiful page layouts. But if life changing information is all you want, then here you go. The pictures are still there, just black and white. Amazon.com

I'll be giving workshops and lectures in Germany and Switzerland the next few weeks. If you speak German, go to

The Heal Yourself 101 book now has an 800 number for people who don't like ordering online. This is only for the H101 book for now, not the others.


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