I'll bet you've never tried THIS mix of ingredients before! Before you think of leaving out some of the ingredients- try it! You'll be amazed at the taste sensation. This is one of the recipes in my book Heal Yourself 101. Everyone that tries it instantly falls in love with it once they get over the surprise of what's in it.

Watch the video.


The Wait is almost over.


My goal was simple. To create the best health products in the world. I actually designed them for myself originally. I wanted to power my body with the most powerful life-extending materials possible, because I want to be fully alive. After a lifetime of study and years of intense research, I tested and refined the most healing substances known into formulas that I took on a daily basis. And I made them taste good!

After taking these new formulas for over half a year now, all I can say is WOW!!! I am amazed when I see my body in the mirror (considering the relentless stresses I've been through). It's like I am powered with rocket fuel. My energy levels seem endless. My workouts at the gym are giving twice the results as before. My sleep is deeper and my recovery time is nothing short of miraculous. I have a very demanding life. I'm in a different city almost every week, sometimes halfway around the world. These herbs go with me everywhere, and sometimes I've lived off them entirely because many places just don't have healthy fresh options. I wanted something that would keep me going no matter what. And it worked. Far beyond my expectations! I am working out half as much but my body looks more toned than ever. Thank God I wrote that plant bible, because it refined my knowledge of what's out there and how to maximize the uses. Even people living completely on 100% raw food are still lacking nutrients not found in the soil anymore, or eating fruit that wasn't picked ripe.

These ingredients are the very best, from all over the world. It took half a year just to find all the sources. Some of the ingredients are used NO where else, I am the only one using them. I had to pay people to harvest plants that no one else is. The costs and effort to put these formulas together are mind-boggling. The people at the bottling plant and I have been racking our brains how we can possibly make this stuff affordable. Almost everyone else is using less expensive and much more common ingredients so they can run a profitable business. My goal was simply to have the best in the world, and somehow get it out to people without losing money. It will cost more than others, because this is the Rolls Royce of powdered life-force. This is for those who are serious about improving their life… for those who want the edge without cheating. The president of the bottling company told me he's been in the business over 20 years and has never seen anything like this.

I am here to make sure you have the fuel needed for what's coming up.

I am not here to "make it". I am here to make a difference- just like you are. This world needs to heal, and that requires people around the world to wake up, clean up, and be fully empowered for their tasks. This isn't about raw food. It's about freedom to live our destiny… which is to transform the world. We each have a special task assigned to us. I'm blowing the trumpet. Time to wake up. The world is waiting for us. Let's get to work!
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Here is Rita Martin explaining her secrets. Be inspired !

My mom is the baby of 19 children. Yes, 19 childen. ALL FROM THE SAME PARENTS. She grew up on the farm and my grandpa was German/Jewish decent. He taught them ALL a clean living and my grandma was into all natural everything. Olive oil kids. My mom is 89 and you would never know it. We live together. She is my joy.  She gets a lot of hits wherever she goes because she is so beautiful. This is what vegan life does. She only regrets not CONTINUING to eat as she did in her youth. She was raised an herbalite, you know. We juice and eat the same goodies. I followed the pattern of my mother which I am so thankful for but I didn’t know why. But I went astray. Problems came when I started eating meat. Read the book “The Prosperity Secret” by Markus Rothkranz and it will wake you up.

I had to get educated. Where? Who do I listen to? I will tell you who you can trust...

Markus Rothkranz. You will realize there is still hope. I am sharing from my heart. He has several books and inspirational videos that I have never seen on any other website. It is all there. Oh get them all. They are fantastic. This is how my life was changed several years ago. I thank God for his love and caring of others by sending out the message. I cannot say enough. Every year I look forward to feeling and looking younger and the “fear” is gone. There is our Creator who created wonderful natural foods for you to eat. One thing that is new to me is eating weeds, (except for a few like the dandelion and some others). It really changed me a lot. I have no fat on me, am in excellent health, I stay away from chemical products, like parabens, etc., and keep positive.  I did have a turning point in my life where I just flat out had to pick-up the pieces and keep going. I know you can relate.

FAST: Twice a week from supper to supper. On those days I am on a liquid diet only. This gives the body a very much needed rest.

CLEANSE: Regular cleansing is key. There is regular cleansing and full body cleansing. I think the full body and parasite cleanse should be done at least twice a year or more. Have your blood tested for vitamins and nutrients, cholesterol, liver, kidneys, and even do a free sleep apnea test to test sleep patterns which effect the heart. Know where you stand and take action. Don’t want to believe you have parasites? Don’t lie to yourself and realize they are there. Get them gone and you will see improvements internally and externally and you will feel great!

EXERCISE AND SLEEP: Exercise in fresh air, if at all possible. Sense the freeness of it. Walk if you can’t run. I also use an inversion table for hanging in the mornings on an empty stomach. Personally, I believe that it helps to circulate the body and keeps body and face young. One of my top of the list to do’s. And then there’s sleep. So important. Sleep...sleep!!!!!!

SOCIAL LIFE: I love music. I have guitars, toca’s, piano, and all the bells and whistles of music. I love singing. Find what you love and enjoy life. You can fit it in. It will make you happy. Stay away from negative things and people. Keep life uncluttered in every area.

THERAPY: My therapy is music and gardening. I get out in the sun and disconnect from everything. I grow edible plants and it is a pleasure to work them and then eat them. They look and smell beautiful. I purchased a home for my parents years ago. I spend most my time there with mom so I am in the process of gardening that around. Great therapy. (15 minutes of sunlight a day = Daily intake of natural Vitamin D)

I eat lots and lots of olive oil just as my family’s done for years. My brother’s property has many olive trees. I personally do not care what others say. Olive oil is life to the body. I use a lot!. Also, great for a main ingredient in mixing body oils such as thyme, etc. I use olive oil, coconut oil, and cacao butter on my skin as well.. I do not heat olive oil or coconut oil because it loses its benefits. Once a week I exfoliate and use seaweed as a mask on my face. No soap, no parabens, preservatives, sulfate, quaternium 15, etc. Avoid hair dryers. Good rule: If I can’t eat it, I don’t put it on my body. Occasionally I eat sea salt. I eat the following: Hemp seeds for protein, iron, zinc, phosphorus and magnesium) and chia seeds for energy (high in Omega 3, Omega 6, protein, calcium, potassium, iron, phosphorus and magnesium). Wheatgrass: amazing high concentrations of alkaline minerals and amino acids! There is coconut water, aloe vera juice, etc. There are so many herbs rich in vitamins I can’t even name them all. Herbs for skin, nails, hair, as well as body parts. B vitamins are found in dandelion (awesome), alfalfa, spirulina, dulse, kelp, nettle, watercress, chlorella, Irish moss, parsley, oatstraw, catnip, etc. You don’t have to eat animals to get your B-12 vitamins. That is a myth. 200 grams of green- beans, beets, carrots, peas equal MDR providing digestion is normal. golden berries (great), pumpkin seeds, etc. If your body does not absorb B-12 clean your intestinal tract. Yep. Lots of greens! I do nothing really special except eat nature. You can do it too. You will love life in its natural form. Your body will no longer feel or act disconnected. It will be one united.

Well I feel great! I feel confident. People I meet always want to know what I am doing. I find that they get all "jazzed" up about wanting to eat and live the same way but some just THINK they can't do it. This wonderful energy and clean feeling life can give them is right there for them. There are so many recipes and fun things to eat. All the things you mention about food, sleep, clutter, etc., etc., are all these things make up who I am now.

I loved (love) your book, The Prosperity Secret, which opened my eyes to a lot of things. I'm reading it again. Well, every time I read it I find something new I didn't catch before. Amazing how that works

I adore you and how you share with others. You are the greatest! I love all your recipes. I did the crackers and cheese. Yumm. Oh wow, I just love everything about you Markus and enjoy every video. You are everything I would hope to find someday in my life to make it complete. Thanks for reading this. Thanks for being there in my life.


 Forever grateful!

Your vegan admirer.



Markus- been eating your fava bean recipe daily now for past 10 days - I feel amazing!!! About 30 mins after eating it you can feel the energy radiate throughout your body!! Amazing! Thanks so much.

Dude- Since buying your book "Heal Yourself 101", at age 57, just had my bloodwork done at the V.A. and after 100 pounds later- all my blood levels are "perfect"- ALL LEVELS!
Jerry Scott

I purchased your Free Food and Medicine DVD set. Thank you so much. It is excellent in every way. What a wonderful product. Lots of information and HEART in there. All my best,
Rebecca Maldonado

I really enjoyed your "Solar Power 4 Me" dvd! It's very helpful with lots of info and data. I live in Portland Oregon since 2005 and even when I go to Argentina inthe winter, the lack of sun makes it very difficult (sad). Anyway, for years, I've been looking for a place to move away from the rain, and finally I found it in Los Cabos Mexico, and will move by the end of the year. You talk a lot on the video about the importance of sunlight, and all the good things that come with it, and your words helped to complete my decision about getting out of here! I appreciate all the info, Regards,
Pablo Zavalla

My whole family is better because of you!!! I love you Markus !!!
Ashley Brooke Majors

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