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Cancer & Ozone therapy

Many common myths about cancer are dispelled in this great half hour video interview with medical genius James Sloane, who discusses what works and what doesn't. One of the best therapies is ozone. Watch the video and learn!

Ozone is amazing stuff. Most people have no idea what it is. It is a powerful disinfectant, purifier and detoxing agent. It can neutralize heavy metals and poisons. For example, if you were in the Vietnam war and exposed to Agent Orange, ozone would neutralize it. Same goes for almost any other poison. It's so powerful, not even cancer can stand up to it. Ozone creates peroxide in the body, and in nature. During a thunderstorm, lightning zaps the air creating ozone, which disinfects the air and saturates the rain with peroxide. The rain falls on the ground and plants below, cleansing it. So your food is pre-washed and disinfected by nature- ready to eat!

I have an ozone machine myself (see video). I use it for all kinds of stuff, especially making toxic stuff non-toxic. Ozone machines are what is used to get rid of fire-damage smell and cigarette smoke baked into a room. If I get new carpeting or drapes or anything synthetic or plastic, I run the ozone machine for a while and the toxic fumes are gone! There was one incident where a cat got upset and urinated somewhere in one of the rooms. The cat smell was unbearable! We couldn't even find the spot where it happened, but it didn't matter- I put the ozone machine in there for an hour with the door closed, and when we came back, WOW! No more cat urine smell!!! The room smelled brand new. We didn't even know where the spot was. Ozone is so powerful, it can neutralize almost anything, not just smells, but bacteria, viruses and even cancer. If you smell something going bad or moldy, hit it with ozone and the mold or bacteria is wiped out. Black mold problem? Ozone! Pet odors? Ozone! Cigarette smell? Ozone! Infection? Ozone! Sick? Ozone!

You can't breathe ozone straight into your lungs because it's too powerful. if you're going to clean a room or house with it, let the machine run with all doors and windows closed, turn on the AC fan so it's pulled through the entire house ventilation duct system, and then leave for an hour or two. It will sterilize the entire house, the ducts, the carpet, everything. Then when you come back, open the doors and windows to let fresh air in. You can breathe it if it's mixed in the air, but don't breathe straight ozone right out of the tube. The best way to get it into your body (watch the video) is bubbling it into water and drinking it right away (use an aquarium diffuser to make bubbles smaller), and the other way is using a catheter rectally and letting it absorb through the colon right into the blood stream. (use lowest possible pressure so you don't inflate like a balloon).

Please do not email me with questions about this, I am here to introduce you and enlighten you to new ways of taking care of yourself. Watch the video and also check out James' website for more info Where to get the machine is in the video. And no- this is nothing like those wimpy "ozone" gadgets they sell to keep vegetables fresh in your fridge. This is serious medical machinery.

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Get ready to have your mind blown. Your life is about to change forever. What started originally as a book I designed for prison inmates who need direction in life, turned into what could be one of the most important books ever written. As I started writing, I realized OMG- almost everyone in the modern world is in some kind of prison- a relationship prison, a money prison. . .nobody's really living a life of true freedom, doing what they dream of. They have kids. They have to pay bills. They are afraid of what might happen if they step out and take a chance. My friends, your time has come. If you don't step out now to claim your space on this earth, you will lose the chance of truly living. Stop wasting one more minute being a slave to fear and insecurity. You just need to be shown the way. We keep saying "If only someone gave me an instruction book for life when I was young!". Well it's not too late. Here it is. Life101. Stop spending any more time learning "the rules" when you should be out there actually playing the game! I am so speechless at what came through when I wrote this, it answers life's greatest questions.
What's in this book is nothing short of miraculous:

- Who (or what) are we?

- Why are we here?

- Why do bad things happen to good people and good things to bad people?

- and yes . . . what is the meaning of Life?

My friends, when you read this, your mouth will drop. It will make so much sense, you will sit there speechless, mumbling "I knew this all along, why didn't I live this way?" You will once and for all stop listening to others telling you how to live your life and start living the life you are destined to live. You are here for a reason. You are more important than you know. You are here to LIVE and FULLY experience life in all it's glory. It is the only way you are any good to the world. Take a good last look at your old life. You are about to step into a new world that will blow your mind.


The enema video was a huge hit- what a relief to see so many people hopping on board and cleaning out their lives- I am proud of you! Go people go! Once you get the crap out of your life, nothing can stop you. Go go go!!!! By the way, for those of you who can't do the kneeling position, it's also ok to lie in the bathtub if you have to. Whatever it takes, CLEAN OUT !
Here's the video again

I am currently working my way through 101 health book - it is amazing - thanks Markus. My enema kit has just arrived. The recipes are great - my aloe vera plant is now a source of food and beauty. If you are new to healthy living this is the book you have been waiting for. I have lost weight without going on a starvation diet. Buy it now!

Thank you Markus, I am doing this for years and I swear on it. You Rock !!!!
Cvanmerlin van merlin

NO lies! it works!
Vic Orlando

Hi Markus, 
I LOVE the video on How and Why to do an Enema!  It's so bold and right out there with the healing information people need to hear.  Like me you're not afraid to talk about.....poop....and the other stuff that comes out like candida and tape worms when we start to heal using enemas and many other alternatives.You may remember me as I'm the World Wellness Education board member who put you together with Traci Brosman where you did a one hour radio interview for World Wellness several months back. I also published my book, my story, on my own cure from breast cancer using alternatives, enemas, liver gallbladder flushes, raw food and meditation among them. The book is called I Gave Myself Cancer, I Can Take It Away: Alternatives Brought Me Back To Life!  The book details what I did and shows pictures of what came out of me during an enema and liver gallbladder flush and how I've been since......cured....and I'm not afraid to use that word because I am....healthier and more vibrant than I've ever been.  I'm now 59 and looking toward another 59 of ultimate health and wellness. I will be attending the Infinite Wisdom Conference in Miami and wanted to offer my live testimonial of my return to health if you feel it could be helpful in creating awareness and there is time in your program for it. Testimonials are, as you know....VERY POWERFUL...I have several in my book from friends in my network who have used alternatives to recover from many various diseases, life threatening stage 4 cancers among them. I love your new wild green powder! Thanks for all you do in the interest of getting the rest of the world back on tract toward real eating and living. Much Love,
Linda Christina Beauregard

Amazing video Markus, thanks again! Please don´t wait everyone, you will not regret doing this!
ason Robson

I've done em, but I'm laughing all the way to bed....... Nothin like being clean inside n out , right? lol
Stephen Connella

This is seriously one of the funniest and most useful videos by my friend Markus Rothkranz. It's not what you put into your body that will make you feel better, it's what you remove! This is a great video Markus and I'm going to get one of those bags. The smaller bottles don't seem like they are as effective. Thanks for being you!
Jason Velick

The intestinal wall sloughs off the foods that humans used to eat, not the highly processed foods of the typical modern American diet. Because we consume so much food that is not meant to be consumed, our intestinal walls produce extra mucus to protect the intestinal wall. If you don't intentionally clean out the colon (with an enema), the mucus gets extremely sticky and just sits there. I know this from experience, not goofy videos or health "gurus". Humans have been using enemas for thousands of years to detoxify. And up until about 50 years ago, enemas were standard practice even in the US - every household had an enema bag. Between the so-called advanced modern western medical system, big pharma and our own squeamishness about human bodily functions, the practice has been all but stomped out. Everyone should use enemas regularly.
Elise Davies

"My 20 days fasting is over :) Today I started drinking green smoothies. Why i decided to fast? 3 week ago i got a book of Markus Rothkranz "Heal Yourself 101". It is very easy to read and he gets directly to the point. There is an article about paradises that lives in human bodies I checked some videos online and was shocked! So I woke up next day and decided not to eat food which is the easiest solution to start getting rid of parasites (I don't need to prepare for fasting since i am no raw food). So I did 10 days of water fasting and 10 days of vegetable juicing. My energy was low for the 1st 7 days; it was really hard to practice yoga and play drums. Then i started getting energy back.
Vlad Kukharchuk

I have the Heal Yourself 101 book and I highly recommend it to everyone! It is indeed an excellent book.
Planett Nicci

I now take the green and protein, and i love it. I work out for my 500km walk . Last week i walked 7 hours, and the whole day i lived on only 1 scoop greens, 2 scoops protein, 100gr chashew, 1 dl olive oil, 2 Apples and a carrot, and still i felt greeeeat. No sore mucles the next day either, and allso my wife has started using your products, and allos feels great thank you my friend, for making the world a better plase for all of us. you have given me a New life my friend
Kjetill Moberg

I love my Book "free food and medicine" I never realized there were so many wild edible plants here in Baja. Gracias!
‪Claire St. James

(regarding the Fava Bean video)- Sounds really good. Cheap HGH! Where did you get those cute bowls? I love them. Yes, I will use the recipe.
Iron Bear Jewelry

I love Markus Rothkranz, his Wild Force green formula is awesome and this youtube is so clear and very needed....I often suggest this to others but he really drives home the point!:)
Laurie Cohen


(Prosperity Secret) I've been doing this type of thing for years with no money . I send 6 months in Thailand and 6 months in Australia do some work while in Australia and live like a king in Thailand for 6 months . It does work but the hardest thing is to get started and let go of everything.
‪Michael Palmer

i markus im women from tunisia i think that you do very important things allah with you my friend
Saida Hannachi


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