I am here to help you help yourself like never before. One of life's great joys is setting free a caged animal and watching it re-enter the beauty of nature's unlimited abundance. You have been caged and it's time to set you free. It's time for you to roar and be free to do whatever you want, whenever, wherever.

If you are not where you want to be in life, then you absolutely need to read this, because you are no good to the world when you are miserable and broke. The world needs you and you need to be in your power to help. Your first step is to stop waiting for others to rescue you. Stop hating rich people. You must understand this. It's not their job to feed you. It's not their job to give you money, jobs, happiness or ANYTHING. That's your job. Quit waiting for handouts. Think about it. Would you give several hundred dollars to a beggar on the street or a family member? Probably a family member. Now the beggar hates you, even though you should have the freedom to make your own decisions. So stop being the beggar and hating rich people. Stop wasting one more second feeling like a victim waiting for handouts. No one is going to help you but YOU. Get this through your head right now.

I'm going to teach you how to do it on your own. It's time you took matters into your own hands.

I speak from experience, because I started with literally nothing. When I was thirty, I completely gave up, got rid of everything I owned, took my clothes off, walked into the desert naked and had no expectations of coming back alive. It's when you give up everything, that you get everything. It's when you get out of the way of yourself, that the universe starts working through you in ways you never imagined. After my 40 days, I came back reborn and powerful. I actually lived in a friends closet for two weeks, but I didn't feel poor or sorry for myself because I had nothing. No. Quite the opposite. I knew nothing could stop me now.

Within 90 days I went from naked in the desert to driving a Ferrari, just to prove it was possible. I got 2.5 million dollars to make my own
motion picture. I flew all over the world first class and started touching people's lives in unimaginable ways. I realized everything we've been told was a fear based limited way of living. There is more than enough wealth for everyone on the planet. The economy has nothing to do with your true success. It will only affect you if you are doing what isn't really you. The richest people get rich during hard times. Success has nothing to do with luck, skill, talent or who you know.

97 percent of people in the world are unhealthy. It's for the exact same reason that 97 percent of the world is not wealthy. The moment you realize you have control of your own life, everything changes. You can become one of "them" overnight. Actually what happens, is you realize "they" are not separate from you. They are no different than you. The truth is universal, and what works for health also works for wealth. How fast you want to be free is up to you. You can literally change everything right now, today.

This is not some new age "power of attraction"esoteric fluff
. This is basic truth so simple, a child can understand it. There is no upsell, no teleseminar, no MLM, no expensive anything - just a book. I make life simple for you. I want to see you shine and do great things for the world.

I travelled far and wide interviewing the most successful people out there, and they all said exactly the same thing- almost word for word! I even video taped them so you can hear
their secrets firsthand. I'll have the DVD available Feb 30. They say the exact same things I wrote in my book. Again, they are normal people just like you- but with a few upgrades in the way they think. This is not materialism. It's freedom. You are not here to own anything. You are here to experience everything. Stop holding on. This profound difference will change your life forever.

The world needs you. I'm going to give you the power


The truth will set you free.

I am here to empower you. Let me spark the fires of your imagination, because that's where EVERYTHING starts. I'm here to inspire you to a healthier happier life of true freedom. Be sure to pass this on to your friends and sign up for more cool newsletters with videos and tips if you haven't already at I will also notify you when the new book comes out. There are some big exciting things on the way here at MarkusWorld, and out there in the world. Stay tuned to my newsletter to be the first to find out the new things that are about to change your life !

Let go of whatever's holding you down, because time is speeding up. We move faster when we travel light. The world needs us. Roll up your sleeves and let's go!


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