You must hear the audio recording below! This is something people usually pay lots of money for. It literally has the power to change your life. Take the 25 minutes and listen to it.

This is the real world. Look around. There is beauty and there is pain. A cat is cute until it eats an innocent bird. This perplexes us. The universe cannot exist without balance. For every day there is night, for every up there is down, for every birth there is death, money comes, money goes, relationships blossom and end.

I am tired of hearing people talk about fluffy bliss and having the best day ever. They are either 1. Salesmen or 2. floating with their heads in the clouds, never totally having the human experience. Many think the answer is to simply choose to not feel pain... it's all a choice, right? Well, you do have a choice whether to be fully here or not. That's like enjoying a drive in a convertible and never paying attention to the fuel gauge or warning lights. Pain is your warning light. Appreciate and be thankful for your gauges. You would be dead without them.

To be fully alive on this planet as a human being means to fully experiencing everything. EVERYTHING ! The more you close your eyes to something, the more it grows into cancer. First life whispers, then it screams. What happens when you have a society of people who only want comfort foods, comfort lifestyle and non-stop stimulation? Only sweet and no bitter leads to economic collapse. Why? Because that's not living in balance and important issues were constantly put off to another day. Because nature was not honored and followed. Nature is a balance of bitter and sweet.

My DVD "Free Food and Medicine" was a huge hit when I showed people that every living thing has a purpose, and that those "weeds" we spent so much energy trying to hide or get rid of were actually some of the most powerful food and medicine we could have.

Well folks- the "weeds" of our life- the bitter stuff- relationship issues, self improvement issues... is also the most powerful food and medicine we could have. Procrastinate and watch your finances and relationships get eaten up by "cancer".

Those "bad" things in your life are there for a reason. They are actually gifts. (see- you just cringed, didn't you? You didn't like hearing that, did you?) The world is undergoing radical changes now. People are dying everywhere... they are the ones who refused to deal with their issues. The only survivors will be the ones willing to face their fears, look in the mirror, and do what it takes. And what does it take? Not money. No. You already have this.

And it will not be all gloom and doom. Just a great movie. I want you to hear this recording of the speech I gave in 2009 at the Washington Raw Spirit Fest. You really need to hear this right now! Living is not about having the best day ever- it's about embracing everything fully and dealing with it. This leads to a sense of accomplishment. This is a secret of great leaders and successful people.

Don't just play this, SAVE it to your computer and listen to it over and over. Pass it on to your friends and enemies. The more people that can hear this, the faster the world will heal.

In one month, I will be coming out with a super inspirational DVD about someone who is thriving despite everything that's happening. He is the future. Stick with me folks, I will give you the secrets to stepping above all the crap and really living, once and for all.



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