I've been working on
this video night and day for months. It's the most powerful video I've made. I wanted you to know what it feels like to be me, and what the energy feels like. And I know you want the world to know what it feels like to be you. You want to have a purpose. To contribute in some special way to those around you, and to be recognized for it. But there are questions, hurdles, and challenges. I know. Those are just tests. My friends, let me give you the power to unleash.

The most powerful healing force in the Universe is not a drug, food, money, another person, or anything "out there". It's the infinite power of the passion burning inside you. It's your reason to live. It is literally limitless because what you feel is the burning desire of the Universe to live it's dreams and experience life through you. And to make that possible, you have the power of the entire Universe ready to flow through you. All it needs is your approval to let it happen.

And when it starts, the power coming through is nothing short of miraculous. It will take your breath away and instantly start changing your life and everyone you touch. The more you get out of the way, the more power comes through you and the more amazing the experience. It instantly ripples out and affects far more than you could ever imagine.

The healing comes from self-empowerment through inspiration. Let me blow the trumpet for you. This video you are about to see is made to help set you free. I worked on this all month. It became all-consuming. When you see the liquid power flowing through my gentle, humble friend Randy, you will simply go wow. No one has ever expressed so well through a musical instrument the power and energy that I have burning inside me like a nuclear furnace. This power is in everyone. And it's limitless.

In the old days, the best a musician could do was play in a stadium. Well today, with one push of a button on my keyboard, my friend Randy will now be in the spotlight and seen by 15 thousand people today, not just in one place, but spread all over the world. This is the new stadium. Millions of people are watching, listening and sharing instantaneously. History can be made within minutes. And you my friends are also on this stage. The whole world is waiting for you to make your move. It's been waiting for the same thing you have... for you to
be you. Whatever your passion is inside you... that is your baby- your gift to the world. It is your duty to open up and let it out. That is why you are here.

If you haven't read the
Prosperity Secret yet, do it.

If you have, read it again.

Every second that goes by is time given to you for a purpose. Don't waste one more precious second. The world needs you. No excuses. Start living your purpose.

Right now!

I am here to empower you. Let me spark the fires of your imagination, because that's where EVERYTHING starts. I'm here to inspire you to a healthier happier life of true freedom. Be sure to pass this on to your friends and sign up for more cool newsletters with videos and tips if you haven't already at

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