Here's how I make my Raw Chocolate. These portions make a lot, so you might want to start with half of this


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You can get all of this shipped to you from, but this is becoming so popular, many health food stores are starting to carry this stuff. Look closely though, the bigger chain stores like Whole Foods and Wild Oats have ROASTED carob powder (not raw) and most nut butters and Agave nectars are not raw, so read the labels. I use peppermint and Vanilla oils that don't have alcohol as a base. Coconut oil comes in different grades- make sure you get the raw extra virgin untreated unheated kind. It's usually a tiny bit more expensive. Coconut oil is clear like water at room temp, but when it's colder, it gets white and hard like wax. Do not be afraid of the oil or FAT issue- this is the GOOD oil your body needs and these GOOD oils help get rid of the BAD oils and fats. Natives of Polynesia who's diet consisted of mainly coconuts never got heart disease and they didn't get fat. (Until white man came along and introduced them to pigs and white flour) Agave Nectar is an all natural healthy sweetener that has a really low glycemic index so even diabetics can use it. (If you go all raw, you won't be diabetic eventually anymore anyway !)

The steps are pretty basic. The main thing is to grind the cacao nibs (chocolate beans) into a fine powder. I use a standard little coffee grinder. The raw chocolate is so rich with natural oils that it will stick a bit to the grinder so you'll have to use your fingers to scoop it out. The rest is basically mixing it all together till it's smooth. That's it. There is NO cooking, baking or heating. You can mix it together and eat it right then and there while it's chocolate soup, but I like it hard, so I put it in the freezer and break pieces off when I want some, which is just about every hour.







Pour coco oil into bowl. If it's hard, warm it in the sun or in hot water first till it's clear liquid. A little heat won't hurt it. MAKE SURE IT'S CLEAR LIKE WATER

Grind the Cacao nibs into a fine powder (coffee grinder)

Add to the oil, with all the other ingredients

Stir /blend till all the lumps are gone. You can do this by hand or a food processor or a powerful blender like a Vitamix, but by hand is all you need.

Pour in shallow pans. I like to keep it at half an inch

Put in freezer and in about an hour it's hard and ready

Break into pieces and ENJOY!

Cacao is pure dark chocolate. It's where chocolate comes from. If you are European and love dark chocolate, you can eat the beans right out of the bag if you want, but for most people it's a little too strong and bitter, so that's why the carob (a relative of cacao) is mixed in- to mellow out the bitterness. Everything here can be altered to taste. Some people simply dab a bit of agave nectar onto the nibs and eat them that way. It's really hard to make bad chocolate. The cool thing about raw chocolate is if you screw up, you can always fix it. For example, when I think it's too sweet, I simply set it on the counter at room temperature- it becomes liquid again in about 30 minutes and I just mix in more cacao and carob, or maybe some more nut butter- you get the idea. you can just keep changing it! Raw is so cool because there is no point of no return like when you're cooking.

TIP- the type of nut butter you use makes a difference. Make sure it's RAW and organic. The best kind is by ARTISANA and my favorite is RAW CASHEW butter not just because of the flavor but because it's CREAMY like butter and makes the chocolate really silky smooth. Almond butter is supposed to be the healthiest but it's grittier and may cause your chocolate to be a bit rougher in texture. Artisana nut butters are available in health food stores or can be ordered via internet.

TIP 2- make sure the carob powder is RAW, not roasted. It usually has clumps in it so be sure to break those apart with your fingers before mixing everything else in.

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You need to keep this in the freezer and whatever pieces you take out you need to eat right away because the oils start to melt at room temp. This is the difference between good oils and bad oils (good chocolate and bad chocolate). If it's made to keep for a long time at room temp, it has saturated fat/ hydrogenated oils which are very bad for you.

I like to put macadamia nuts in the mixture so I have crunchy bits.


Mmmm ! Enjoy !

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