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(note: this is NOT the book, just a short summary for those who can't afford 29 bucks)

Good. The fact you are even on this page means you are a step ahead of everyone else. Time to amaze your friends by getting younger and never getting sick again.

The plan is simple, costs almost nothing and it really works. Here it is in more detail. Underlined blue words are helpful links.

STEP ONE: Don't put anything in your mouth until you read this

THERE IS NO MAGIC PILL THAT WILL HEAL YOU. Drugs will hide the symptoms and ultimately weaken you even more and you will get sick again and again. So stay away from the drugstore and unless you break a bone, avoid those guys in white lab coats.


Even if you eat right and exercise, your body is toxic. Plastic containers, carpeting, paint, cars, upholstery, computers etc give off fumes. I'm not saying to live without them- but you need to keep flushing your body clean regularly. Years of bad living with junk food, sugar, milk, cheese, pizza, bread, cereal,steak, chicken etc have clogged up your liver, arteries,heart, brain and fat cells and digestive system. All that bad stuff gets stored in your cells (including repressed thoughts, anger etc) and your body slowly starts to wear down, inviting sickness, aging and eventually death. Time to clean it out! When your pots and pans get food crusted on them (like the inside of your intestines) what do you do? You soak them in water right? Water is the universal solvent. We are three quarters water. Water is our friend.


Let's get right to it. The first thing to do if you are sick is CLEAN OUT YOUR BODY. I don't beat around the bush. Go to the drugstore and buy a rubber enema bag and a gallon of distilled water. All bad stuff in our body gets sent down to the garbage department and if your sick - "it aint workin right!". I know I know "YUK". Do you want to get better or not ? I've seen people get rid of migranes within minutes and colds within hours with a few bucks of water and a rubber hose. How fast you get better depends on how messed up you are. Do at least one enema a day while you are sick. If this is new to you,here are instructions. If you really want to heal, get a series of colonics and do a liver cleanse with herbs etc.

Be aware that while you are detoxing, you might get worse before you get better because all that bad stuff is being brought to the surface. You might smell really bad, get headaches, runny nose, feel sick and sore, get congested, spew phlegm, etc. DON'T RUN FOR THE COUGH MEDICINE OR DRUGS ! Just stick it out. Some people get better immediately, some spew pea soup like the Exorcist. Depends on how messed up your body is. If you're just trying to get rid of a cold or flu, this short term cleanse isn't a big deal, but if you are serious and want to totally start over with a clean new lifestyle, this is the hardest, least understood but most important part. If you are serious about long term cleansing, click here.

Your body cannot heal if your mind and spirit is messed up. Get rid of bad relationships, people that make you feel bad, that job you hate, and things holding you in the past. Get rid of anger, sadness and frustration- take a deep breath, roll up your sleeves and deal with it ! Do it in a positive way. Give your enemy a going away gift, tell them that one thing you always liked about them. Leave positive, not negative. Love heals. Make up and move on. There is always something better waiting.


Surround yourself with people and things that make you feel good. As for food- start from scratch- a whole new clean way of living. If you are sick- only consume fresh juices made right there on the spot. NOT store-bought. Juices lose their enzymes within 10 minutes. Get a juicer and run whatever you can get through it- carrots, celery, spinach, parsley, asparagus,cilantro, beets- you name it. While you're sick, consume ONLY juices and lots of water- no food. After a few days, eat only food the way it's found in nature- raw. If you're in a hurry, just throw it all in a Vitamix (blender). Use only non-toxic soap, shampoo, makeup, toothpaste and cleansers.

Keep this up and watch yourself becoming a new person. Of course people who have been filling their bodies with bad food and toxins for 40 years are going to have a lot more crap to get rid of than younger, healthier people. It's NEVER too late. If you are still breathing, then it's not too late. My father got aggressive prostate cancer in his mid 70's and totally got rid of it in two months by doing 4 enemas a day and consuming nothing but fresh organic vegie and fruit juices. (no solid food) and some herbs. He got exercise, fresh air, sunlight and flushed his body so clean, it could function again. I am SO proud of him! Yay Pops! It's NEVER to late to have a new life. I've heard miraculous stories of people on their deathbed being revived by merely getting proper nutrition again. People who have been given weeks to live got rid of their disease by completely changing their lifestyle. Your body knows what to do. It can heal itself if you give it a chance. But it needs good A+ materials to work with.

Everything you eat and drink should come from a garden, tree, bush or the grocery produce section. Juice it, blend it or eat it but don't cook it. I have some recipe samples below.


Drink lots of water. try for a gallon a day. This does not include juices, sodas, coffee or any other liquid. I mean pure water. By the way- STOP SODAS!!! You might as well be downing battery acid. Don't get me started on that stuff. MS has been directly linked to soda consumption. Here are some nasty facts about Cola. All I drink is water, juice and a bit of green tea. That's it. Your body is 3/4 water and if it doesn't have enough, it can't function right and you get sick. Try not to use water that comes in plastic bottles. The plastic leeches into the water. Use distilled. You will get your minerals from the organic vegetables. 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated. It is the #1 trigger of daytime fatigue. A mere 2% drop in body water can trigger fuzzy short term memory, trouble with basic math and difficulty focussing on the computer screen. Many times acid indigestion is from not having enough water, since the stomach needs water to produce acid. (a car battery is mainly water). 8-10 glasses a day could significantly ease back and joint pain for up to 80% of sufferers and it also decreases colon cancer by 45%, breast cancer by 79% and one is 50% less likely to develop bladder cancer.


You need it. It is NOT bad for you. It directly affects mood, bone health and overall healing. People in Africa who live their entire lives in sunlight don't get skin cancer !

People who get skin cancer do 3 things-
1. They are unhealthy, eat bad and are toxic
2. they go outside and BURN their skin in a rush attempt to tan
3. They use sunscreen, which is highly toxic and soaks into your body. If you can't eat it, don't put it on your skin.

Your body needs sunlight in order to produce vitamin D. People who don't get sunlight get bone problems. Bones start to slowly soften after just days of not getting sunlight. Eventually you get all kinds of osteo and dental problems, weakness, muscle cramps, restlessness at night etc etc. Why do you think you get depressed more in the winter or when it's gloomy outside? YOU NEED SUNLIGHT ! more info on sunlight and health


This is a very serious subject, and not to be taken lightly. EVERYBODY has them and if left untreated, they will number in the millions and basically turn your organs into swiss cheese. You NEED to do a parasite cleanse every year. Here is more info on parasites, what they look like and what they do to you, . I have developed my own powerful parasite killer called PARASITE-FREE .. Here is the link.

WHAT TO EAT (recipes etc)

First of all- make sure it's organic. If you sprayed a can of Raid on an apple, would you eat it? Well if you bought conventional fruit and vegetables, then that's exactly what you're doing. What do you think those crop dusting planes are spraying? fragrant bath oils ? Come on! Stop poisoning yourself. Same goes for meat.


Contrary to popular belief, you don't need it. But if you must eat flesh, then at least make sure it's organic. Conventionally factory-raised animals never see sunlight, get no movement, are pumped up with steroids and hormones so they will grow as fast as possible so they can be slaughtered and because they are sick they are pumped full of antibiotics. Over 80 percent of all commercial chickens have cancer when they are killed....and you love chicken right? Think about that. Better still, just lay off the meat. You don't want to get me started on cholesterol, heart disease, constipation, colon cancer and all kinds of other nasty meat-related issues. There is no cholesterol in plant food. Only animals can create it. As for protein- if you don't think there is any in plant foods, consider this- the largest animals on the planet with the biggest bodies and muscles are all vegetarians.( Elephants, Whales) Gorillas are very close to humans in build but much stronger. As for eating meat raw, unless your body is very clean, oxidized and alkaline (which it probably isn't), then that's a great way to get parasites which by the way do not just stay in your intestines- they eat their way through, get into your bloodstream and lay eggs all over your body and feast on your organs. For those of you who think eating meat is natural for man... have you ever gone out and killed an animal, watched it die, then cut it up and eaten it ? How natural does that feel? I'll take mangos and blueberries any day over that kind of karmic guilt.


Again- A good basic rule is - Everything you eat and drink should come from a garden, tree, bush or the grocery produce section. Juice it, blend it or eat it but don't cook it. The cool part about this lifestyle is that a lot of it is literally "grab and go" which is perfect for today's modern hectic lifestyle. Since you don't have to cook anything, not only are you saving time preparing your food, but there are no messy pots with hard stuff stuck to the bottom to soak in the sink. basically all I use personally is a heavy duty blender (VitaMix) and a juicer like the leQuip. That's pretty much it. I just throw whatever I want in the VitaMix, which has a super powerful heavy duty motor and it liquifies everything. I drink it and off I go. The VitaMix is pretty cool. If you run it on high for a minute or two, it heats the food just warm enough without killing the enzymes and I have warm soup. Or I can put frozen bananas and fruit in there and make ice cream. I make my chocolate in there. I make my smoothies with it. Just throw whatever you want in that bugger and let er rip.

A typical breakfast drink:
1 or 2 peeled whole valencia oranges (yes seeds and everything)
1 washed organic apple (seeds make it a bit bitter so maybe no seeds)
-whatever else is lying around
-some red leaf lettuce and a handful of grass
golden flax seed and Milk Thistle seeds ground up in a little grinder
green superfood, and Udo's 3 6 9 Oil Blend,
- some water

zzzzzzip - instant breakfast ! much better for you than eggs and toast.
If I'm in a hurry, my later meals can be variations of this. I just change ingredients ZIP- instalunch, instasnack, instadinner etc.

If you feel tired after you eat normal food, that means it's not good for you and your body is overwhelmed trying to deal with it. When you eat raw food, your energy never dies... you just go go go all day long.

The other thing you notice when you eat raw foods (after your body is clean)is that it doesn't take much to be full and on your way. How many times have you pigged out on Pasta and kept eating and kept eating even though you knew you were full, but you were still hungry and that sugar in the sauce kept you hooked for more. Then you sat there afterwords looking like a bowling ball and groaning, falling half asleep. Sound familiar?

Well not with raw foods.

Nature's First Law has these awesome olives that come in a jar with garlic, habanero pepper, oregano and celtic sea salt. They are recommended by Stephen Arlin as a great source of protein. Whatever. They taste awesome and I often pig out on half a jar at a time and that's my meal. Off I go.


I make an awesome raw chocolate(click for recipe) Normal chocolate is cooked, bad for you and makes you fat. Raw chocolate is good for you and makes you thin. You can live off the stuff. I simply mix the ingredients and put it in the freezer and then break off pieces all day long. Mmmmm ! Want to get a girl to fall at your feet, just make this stuff. She'll be all yours! As a matter of fact, I'm going to get some right now- just a minute...

...ok. I'm back. you know when you get a taste in your mouth and you just gotta have it? This chocolate is ADDICTIVE ! Man!

Another easy meal I do is I chop open a coconut (the white Thai kind, not the brown hairy kind).. I put the liquid and scooped-out meat into the VitaMix along with a bunch of raw cashews and some curry and Celtic sea salt and let er rip. It's so rich I'm not hungry for the rest of the day.

Anyway- you get the idea. I get some great recipe /eating ideas from Stephen Arlin's book "RAW POWER". He's a bodybuilder proving you don't need to eat meat for muscles.

The cool thing about raw food is it doesn't matter if you are trying to lose weight or gain weight. You don't have to worry about protein, carbs and fat. Your body will take what it needs. You can exist off very little food if it's raw. If you're building muscle your body will be hungry more and therefore you will eat more. It's that simple.


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There are good fats and bad fats. The bad ones are pretty much everywhere in the modern diet. Name any food a typical American eats and chances are it's loaded with bad saturated fats. Gee I wonder why obesity, heart disease and cancer is rampant.

OK, and then there are good fats. Good fats help get rid of bad fats. You need good fats. These are found in nuts, avocados, coconut etc. You cannot get fat from these good fats. When your body has enough, it will not want any more and you will not be hungry anymore. Life couldn't be simpler.

As a matter of fact, for those of you protein whiners, it's FATS you really need to become strong and healthy more than protein. Other than water, your body is mainly made of fats. The cell membranes of your body are made of mainly fats and if you don't have enough good fats, the cell membranes can't function properly - oxygen and food can't get in and out of your cells, leading to disease, aging and the big X.


I eat coconut, avocados,nuts and chocolate all day long and don't get fat. I also take 5 tablespoons of Udo's 3-6-9 Essential Fatty acid oil daily. When the picture on the right was taken, that's pretty much all I was living off for months. I also hadn't been to the gym in quite a while since I was working around the clock on a computer job. I was pigging out on chocolate laced with coconut oil and nut butter. For lunch I'd cut open a fresh coconut, drain and scoop out the contents into a blender with an avocado and a handful of romaine and some spices. Then I'd pig out on raw energy bars made with nuts. With all those fats, you'd think I'd be a whale. But look for yourself. That's a MYTH! As a matter of fact, when I wasn't weightlifting at the gym, I LOST 20 POUNDS while eating like that. Remember- the difference between GOOD fats and BAD fats is night and day. Good fats get rid of bad fats. Many are now finding that fats are more important than protein because 47% of your cell membranes are fats! When you don't have enough, the membranes break down and you age. You need them more than you think. Good fats are your friend, Do not fear the good fats. Go for it!

lose weight fat loss no fat how to lose fat weight loss cellulite flat stomach diet fat non-fat non fat low carb

lose weight fat loss no fat how to lose fat weight loss cellulite flat stomach diet fat non-fat non fat low carb

SALT and Condiments

Your body needs sodium, but standard table salt (pure NaCL) isn't good for you. The body needs a balanced intake of minerals. During your transition, use Celtic Sea Salt which is harvested from the sea and has all kinds of minerals your body needs balanced the way it's found in nature. After a while on a raw food diet, you will get all you need from what you eat without having too add any. Too much sodium of any kind leads to stomach cancer, hypertension etc, so just get it from celery etc.

As for condiments, beware. The secret of most condiments is the addictive combination of sugar and vinegar. You'll find this combo in almost all sauces you are addicted to- ketchup, mustard, relish, mayo, teriyaki, etc etc. The sugar/vinegar combo is instant fuel for YEAST. Are you tired a lot? Think you have Candida? Yes breads are a yeast staple but the sugar/vinegar combo is gasoline for the yeast fire. Do you know how they grow virus cultures in a lab? In sugar water! Nothing grows a virus or bacteria faster than sugar. White distilled vinegar not only makes your body highly acidic but also kills red blood cells.

To spice up your food- use real spices- raw peppers, onion, fresh garlic, whatever floats your boat.


Next to food, this is oneof the most abused and taken for granted necessities. If your battery doesn't recharge properly you will wear down, get sick and age. You cannot simply just sleep in late to make up for it. It doesn't work that way. Your body has natural rythms that are in tune with the Earth, sunlight etc. If you don't play along, you will not be on the Earth that long. We're supposed to have about 8 hours. Our body releases healing hormones between 10 pm and 2 am, and we have to be asleep for them to work. Healthy people on average sleep from 10pm to 6 am.


Your body was made to move. Use it or lose it! Your muscles start to atrophy after just one hour of inactivity. Movement and exercise is the only way to move body wastes out of your lymph nodes which are all over your body. Couch potatoes are toxic. Exercise oxygenates your body and tissues. Disease, parasites and viruses cannot live in a clean body rich with oxygen. You need to BREATHE. Exercise also keeps your bones strong. You've got one body. Use it or lose it. Eyesight problems? Same thing. Eyes are muscles. You're probably not getting enough oxygen to your eyes (lack of exercise) and you probably spend most of your day in artificial light staring at a computer screen, paperwork, books and then go home and watch TV. Your eyes are made to look at the distance, and since you are not using those muscles you are losing your eyesight. Wearing glasses makes it worse. Do eye exercises and get your eyeseight back!


This should actually be at the very top. Your mind controls your body. All the good food in the world will do you no good if you are filled with anger, self-pity, frustration or fear because that will wear you down and hold you back. Watch what you say because your subconsious will make it a reality. Your choice of attitude attracts either positive and negative things into your life. Your choice. Ever have those days where everything went wrong ? Guess who attracted that ? I'll bet you said "What next?" Well life showed you didn't it? Next time expect only good! It is said those that live the longest have the best attitude. They worry little, laugh a lot and love everyone. They don't focus and dwell on on problems, issues and fears- they simply do the right healthy things that promote well being. Don't hold a grudge. Let things go. Relax. It's also good to have a sense of purpose...and I'm not talking about making money. One of the best things that makes us feel good and gives us a sense of purpose is helping others. It helps you go to sleep at night with a smile on your face and jump out of bed in the morning with something to do.

Do good things and life will do good for you.

Enjoy life. It's all you have. 

Now LIVE !!!

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Please note: this information is based on personal experience and that of others, but makes no claims and obviously I cannot be there to supervise any if this, so you are on your own and take full responsibility for your actions.