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Live past 150. Make Love until the moment you die. Real healing is a lot simpler than you think. And it's a lot more beautiful. You were given EVERYTHING YOU NEED the moment you were born. Markus Rothkranz is transforming lives the world over with astonishing force, using simple core laws of nature we inherently all know are true. He is a living breathing example of how someone can turn their life around from disease and aging to becoming younger and more alive at 47 than when they were in their 20s. Markus's amazing health research and discoveries have made him so famous that the military flew him out to teach them about health... and not just ANY branch of the military, but the first response unit to terrorist attacks involving nuclear, chemical and biological effects on the human body. Every day emails pour in from all over the world how Markus is healing people's health, relationships and lives dramatically almost overnight. This isn't just about losing dramatic amounts of weight (some have lost 300 lbs), but erradicating disease once and for all, becoming sexier than ever before, and having more energy, better eyesight, reversing grey hair and countless other results many would call "miracles".

"Even the bible says we're supposed to live to be at least 125. It's simply allowing nature to do what it's designed to do. Every other lifeform on the planet lives this way. This is God's original lifestyle design! Some people have been doing this for thousands of years proving over and over again how to live very long disease-free lives.
... all I'm doing is making it sexy" :-)


Raw Life Force

Raw LifeForce