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If you’re sick, just look to nature for the answers, and I don’t just mean what herbs to take, that’s not what I’m talking about. Have you ever seen what animals do when they get sick? They stop eating and withdraw to the quietest, darkest place they can find, as far away from you as possible because they want to be left alone. The only time they will come out is to have an occasional sip of water, and they hope you don’t see them when they do. There’s a reason for this, let me explain.

We are like a battery who’s power is being used to deal with all kinds of things. It’s a world of stimulation. People eat, drink and smoke things that stimulate them. Food stimulates digestion. All day long we are overwhelmed by internet, cell phones, television, radio, traffic noise, family. “friends” and society. Many people are so addicted to stimulation, they need to have the TV on when in bed, avoiding silence at all cost like its the enemy.

70 percent of our body’s energy goes to digesting food. When you’re sick, you need all that energy for healing, and no, you don’t need food when you aren’t doing anything. You shouldn’t be doing ANYTHING when you are sick- no television, no internet, no radio, nothing. If you’re sick, it means you are overwhelmed- physically, emotionally and mentally. You’re body runs on electricity and you’ve got too many things plugged into the outlets- all of your senses require electricity- your eyes, your ears, your nerve endings, your mind, everything. Just like an overworked computer, you need to shut it all off completely- even your mind.

It all starts when you eat dead foods like sugar, bread, pizza, pasta, cereal or anything made with wheat or any kind of flour that’s been killed by high heat, along with milk, cheese, and cooked starches like potatoes and rice- because all starches turn into sugars in the body and sugars feed bacteria and viruses… so if there’s a bug floating around, that gunk in your body is the perfect breeding ground. Ok, so now a number of your electrical outlets are being used to fight the invaders in your body that are now multiplying like crazy. But don’t blame the germs. Germs are not the cause of disease. They merely make themselves at home in weak and diseased tissue.

Add to that stress from your job, money situation, relationship and general dissatisfaction of where you are in life, and even more energy is being used up. In short- your eyes, ears, mind, digestive system and immune system are working overtime and just can’t go any further.

You need to shut down. Completely.

Animals do all of this instinctively. In fact, every living thing on the planet behaves instinctively, except man, which chooses instead of listening to instinct, to listen to the opinions of unhealthy people around them who don’t have a clue what real health or healing is. We are told “Take this, take that… eat this, drink that… don’t starve yourself, you need food and nourishment to have strength and be healthy”

As I’ve always said, the answer isn’t “what do I take for this”… it’s “what do I STOP doing and get rid of”

When you're sick, your body is so weak, intestinal parastalsis slows down to almost nothing. That's the muscle contractions that push waste through your intestines. If you eat during this time, you'll just get even more backed up, toxic and miserable.

Stop eating. No food at all. Period. It’s called “fasting” and every healing culture in the world speaks of it’s benefits. No you won’t become anorexic and die. It’s one of the best things you can do- give your body a break. Give your eyes a break- get off Facebook and Youtube! If you’re gazing at the computer until you’re ready to pass out at night- you are an addicted zombie, overstimulating your eyes and overloading your mind. Shut it all off. Step away. Be still for a few days, stop thinking, stop talking, you need to SHUT DOWN! This is your time.

There are some people who’s bodies are so run down, they don’t even want to be touched or talked to. This does not mean they don’t love you, they’re just too overwhelmed to handle even one more sensation. Despite your best intentions, you need to leave them alone.

It may sound strange to some, but for a short while- you need to be left alone. Sleep for two days straight. Your only friend at this time should be silence, water and the plague-buster potion below. Do one or two enemas per day (water only) and alternate between bed and bath. Candles and soft music are ok, but nothing beyond that!

Plague-Buster Potion
Equal parts of:

-raw onion

-raw garlic

-raw ginger

-raw horseradish

-raw whole jalapeño pepper

Put in blender, add enough Apple Cider Vinegar to cover the ingredients and blend

Put 3 tablespoons in water and drink numerous times throughout the day

Stores at room temperature indefinitely

More important than diet and supplements, is to watch your stress levels. Elevated cortisol will cause more damage to your immune system and overall health faster than about anything else. Avoiding stimulants, like caffeine, energy drinks, negative people, hyper people, conspiracy theories, and looking at computer screens too long. Give your ears and eyes a break (not just while sleeping)

If you have a fever, runny nose, cough, sneeze, have diarrhea, DON'T STOP ANY OF IT !!! That is your body's natural way of getting rid of stuff. Sure it may be inconvenient if you are trying to work at the office, but if you take drugs to hide those symptoms, you are driving the infection deeper into your cells and it will be harder in the long run to rid yourself of the problem. The best thing to do is HELP the body get rid of stuff. Do a bunch of enemas/colonics and do hot baths to sweat. Sneezing, runny nose, coughing etc brings toxins to the mucus lining so it can be expelled. You don't "catch" colds. Stop blaming others. Sure maybe you were near someone who was overloaded with bacteria, but that doesn’t mean it has to affect you. Your body simply got overloaded with bad food, toxic debris and is now trying to get rid of it.

For more info, there’s an ebook at called “Getting Sick” that talks about, colds, flu, fever, sore throat, Laryngitis, Tonsilitis, Staphyloccus, Streptoccocus etc.

To help cleanse and detox your body of all that crap that gunked up your body since the holidays, get my detox kit. Always take my Green Formula for nutrition and mineral support and Super Herbal Vitamin C, made from the highest sources of vitamin C on the planet.

Most of all- remember- its all about staying clean, letting go, living light and following your heart more than what people around you are telling you to do. Its not what you “take” as much as what you stop doing!

Wishing you the best health possible…




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Hi Markus,
My sister just send me photos how your "Green formula" helped her son to heal fast from 2nd degree burns. Here is the proof that it really works! and yes absolutely, you can share the photos. She send it for you to see. It may help others.
Thank you!!

Lenka Mahovska (
click to see photos)

If it weren't for people like Markus Rothkranz I would have been dead years ago, "Pancreatic Cancer Survivor"
Naomi Poland

Hi Markus,
My name is Kassy, I live on the Big Island of Hawaii and I just want to say that the information you share has really been having a positive impact on my life in the few months that I have known about you. After implementing many of the steps in your book, so much weight melted off. Like 5lbs a week! Before I started your plan I lost about 40lbs, but now have lost a total of 75lbs. Realizing that it is actually possible for me to be thin, strong, and outrageously beautiful, I have actually made the commitment to compete in local figure competitions

Kassy Manuele

You guys are the best...after six months of following your advice, I'm setting personal records for distance and speed.
..fastest mile was last weekend, 6'53"...thanks for giving me my life back! Also, you're incredibly entertaining.
‪Chris Byars

(re: the book "Instructions for a New Life")
Thanks.... great suggestion to re-read the best book I've ever read in my life
‪Carla Barnes

Markus The photos of you and Cara and your quotes keep my wife and I mentally and physically strong and happy with life on a daily bases. Your books and your powders has changed are lifes for the good. You have showed us what we are missing in life. You too are the real deal:) (My blood tests don't lie)

‪Chris Elvig

Thank you Markus! The Bangkok soup was delicious! Loving the uncook book!
Bianca Matheson

Hi Markus and Cara, I just received the
Uncook Book in the mail today! I just gotta say you both just knocked yourselves out on this one. This Book goes beyond EPIC! It's brilliant, beautiful, and totally Gourmet! I love it and can hardly wait to begin creating some of the recipes from it. I know I will be using it for years to come. Thank you both Much Love ‪
Danielle Hamilton


I received my book today. Very high quality.
Patrick Boyle

Your videos are so entertaining.. Waiting to receive my uncookbook, green formula, and vitamin C powder! For everyone who hasn't tried his wild force green formula, it's the best and most effective green powder I've ever tried.
Kayla Chandler

(Re: Free Food and Medicine Worldwide Edible Plant Guide)
You would be so proud! I worked a deal with a local organic farm to take the "weeds" off their hands! polygonum, purslane, burdock, nettles! Oh boy!!!
Jessie TheAxe



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