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This video is really inspirational. Not because of all the health and medical information- but because it makes it ok to go out and play in the sun again. We are kids at heart. We don't want to be prisoners of darkness, living in fear because we are told that everything is bad for us and we shouldn't go outside and live. It's like they WANT us to stay in our little boxes and not cause any trouble. Our souls need to soar. We need to feel the sun on our skin and the wind in our hair. And oh yeah- by the way- it's actually GOOD for you! A Swedish study of 30,000 women over 20 years found that those who stay indoors are twice as likely to die as those who go out in the sun all summer. People who don’t get enough sunlight start having all kinds of physical, mental and emotional problems. Bones go soft and depression sets in- the highest suicide rates re in places with the least sunlight.

On the other hand- people who get lots of sun have more energy, feel better, get sick less, have denser, stronger bones, immune systems, teeth, richer blood, and healthier nerves, Sun normalizes hormone levels and raises sex drive. It even increases the amount of iron in your blood and helps give you a tanned look. Low iron? Go in the sun! Vitamin D is created when sunlight hits you skin, which helps remineralize your bones and teeth. It oxygenates your skin. It lowers blood sugar. It helps wounds and broken bones heal faster. It improves poor eyesight. Cancer rates are highest in places with the least sunshine. Sunshine may reduce breast cancer by up to 40% and ovarian cancer by 80%!

For those who are brainwashed that sun causes skin cancer, watch this video and find out the REAL root cause of melanoma. All the sun does in make you more aware of it- like a wake up call. We should be thanking and loving our friend in the sky, because without it, we would not even be here.

Go outside and feel it's warm embrace. Let it light up your life. It is warmth. It is love. It is life.

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Read some of these testimonials- they are flooding in from all over the world.
They bring tears to my eyes


Hey Markus, GREAT NEWS!  I just got my Blood Test Results in after the initial tests which showed I had the Hep C ‘ANTIBODIES’ and the follow up tests showed NO TRACE OF THE ACTUAL VIRUS!!!  YEAH!  Apparently, my body fought off the actual virus that I was infected with when I was 13 during Scoliosis Surgery.  (I’m 45 now). I’m currently on day 8 of NO FOOD taking several of the herbs you suggested in your books and ebooks, juice cleanse and feel better than I’ve ever felt in my life…I have MORE ENERGY and MENTAL CLARITY (though I can still be ‘blonde’ now and thenJ) surprisingly and am going for the Full Monty of 30 days now.  I’ve cleared out so much disgusting ‘junk’, mucus, and yeast strands and the neck, shoulder, and muscle aches and spasms I’ve endured for more than 20 years are totally gone in just 1 week…UNBELIEVABLE! Everyone says I look 10 years younger already and are asking what I’m doing and I’m turning them on to your website  I’m your walking billboard now, Sugar, sharing you with EVERYONE I meet…especially at the grocery line! Thank you for saving my life, Markus.  I truly feel in my heart if I hadn’t ‘stumbled’ on your DVDs, books, etc., I wouldn’t have made it much longer with the way I was feeling. Wishing You Peace and Blessings in LOVE and Light



Hi Markus, thank you for promoting such a wonderful product of the Green Formula Wild Force. I have been using it while up in Canada working on the helicopter and it has been great using when fresh groceries aren't available during our long 16 hr work days. I will definitely be buying more.
Bryan Dudás


Dear Markus, 
Thank you for existing and for being an inspiration to countless people worldwide. My nine year old son and I have learned a lot from you and support what you do. We're a raw food family that includes me, my son, my daughter Mila, and my mother Biljana. I'd especially like to thank you for reminding people to let go, and to speak their minds. I've been putting that into practice business-wise and it's actually been working out fantastically - who knew that telling people exactly what you think in the business world would open up many doors?  My family and I opened Serbia's first raw food restaurant and we'd like to invite you to drop by if you ever contemplate a visit to this part of the world! Our website is I am happily overcoming the challenges associated to moving to a place everyone wants to leave - I've brought some positive energy to them and am teaching them to value the beauty of their country. Thank you for being you, say hi to Cara from us, and we hope to meet you soon! 
Mariah Grba founder of Serbia's first plant-based living food restaurant


This is the BEST BOOK I have ever bought: The Free Food & Medicine Book.... It will BE the tell all be all encyclopedia for us naturalists for many decades to come, and maybe the next 100 years.  Seriously, this book is our GO TO book when Jay and I write articles, or counsel others. We LOVE you Markus and Cara!
Linda Kordich


Markus and Cara,
I finished the 1840 miles and have lost 109 lbs since I started the bicycle ride June 17th. I gained core strength, cured high blood pressure and the severe asthma I've had all my life. Thank You for being one of the raw foodists that have inspired me to follow through and find peace in my heart. I will continue to make videos as I grow and help others. Love You Guys! You have inspired me so much that I want to speak to the masses. God Bless
Shane EatRaw


(making watermelon smoothie after seeing my video) This is my grandson Landon. He's 5 and the love of my life. He will grow up knowing who you are and what you stand for. Ty love and lite to you.
Rhonda Madore


Hi Markus - ich mache gerade Ferien auf Ibiza und was gibt es schöneres für zwischendurch , als ein gutes Buch zu lesen ! 💥 (On vacation in Ibiza, reading the German copy of your book "The Prosperity Secret", a great book to read! ) Beste Grüße,
Thomas Schmuck


Others... This one from Australia...

I just wanted to tell you personally that you changed my life. I was overweight and unhappy, stressed and felt like life is a race. I found your book Heal Yourself 101 in January when I was 102kg. Now 7 months on I weigh 78kg all because of your teachings. Thank you Markus you have saved my life, I feel like a new man with a hundred years + left to live (I'm 33). the best part of losing the weight was I lost 15kg in the first 6 weeks! And from then on it has just been really easy. Now I only eat when I'm hungry and half the time it was my body saying I need water. Food tastes better in it's natural untouched state. Went to a friends house and saw a tree, thought they were oranges but no huge mandarines. Filled a bag! Some days a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice will fill me from 9-2 it's crazy how little your body needs after you rid yourself of the junk.  It's freezing in perth but sunny and I walk outside without my shirt on to soak in the wonderful sun. Freezing or not that just warms my body and soul. You have single handedly made me a better man. Life isn't a rush, so I have decide to get off the treadmill and say fuk u there is no treadmill! I walk my on path and make my own way. I'm going to 150 so what's the rush. Life is beautiful and thank you for letting me discover it Markus You have saved me from feeling dead inside

Your friend for life, Merv

Hi Markus, I start to drink the
Green Formula a week ago and I can't find enough words to express how good I feel and I'm only on 1/2 tsp 3x a day! I read the book "Heal yourself 101" (FANTASTIC!!!), the enemas are amazing... even I'm still not doing 100% as a cheat sometimes, i think my body is getting used with the good stuff. Love and Light
Pat Franca

(The Free Food and Medicine Worldwide Edible Plant Guide) Just wanted to say thanks Markus- this book will be a wonderful companion for anyone, trust me. It's one of the best investments I've ever made. I work at a health-food store, so this comes in quite handy when trying to pick the best herbs to recommend. It brings peace of mind knowing the abundance living right outside. :)  You are dah bomb-digity, yo!

(How and Why to do an Enema video) Thanks Markus. I was one of those people who read your ebook and said "nooooo!". But I was so sick I tried it, and now me and my butt have an extra close relationship :D And I really do not remember eating that string :/ Yep it works!! 

You were right. Your
protein formula is as effective as beef for my post concussive syndrome symptom management! I bought a few of the packets (and the green formula) to try for a few days, and the results have been amazing!! ...I guess raw-vegan works for a meat eater like me. It's time I make the switch. My 10 year old vegan daughter, and 4 year old vegetarian son (their own choices) will be so happy. Now, we just need to convert Daddy and our 6 year old daughter.
essie TheAxe

Just got
Liver Formula, so excited!!!! Lol i spent around 10-15 mins sipping that bitter water, but it WORKED magically ( day 1!!! ) :))) I feel lighter and look BETTER, had three bowel movements in a day which is totally not usual for me. I also found myself letting go of many stuff and limited beliefs that weighting me down.. body and emotions are a reflection of each other hmmm (a new realization ;)) Awesome! !!!!!!!!! I LOVE your stuff .. all your stufff <3 <3

I have been eating clean for over 30 years, high raw diet full of green smoothies and juicing and at age 51 I have no symptoms of menopause!!! I have energy and feel fantastic, if I'm tired I rest and if I'm not hungry I don't eat. I listen to my body and feed it what it needs, more on some days less on others. I have also started taking your Night Rebuild Formula and it is everything you say and more. Thanks Markus!!!
‪Martha Estrada

Night Rebuild is the best product I have tried. It definitely is what the name suggests.
Sharlene Annesley

All Natural Hair color, makeup and Body products)
Hi Markus & Cara, this video spoke to me in such a way that I would like to thank you both. I feel a deep gratitude for all the effort you display in each release, given us very valuable information. Being an Esthetician, I found this video educative.  We don’t have to grab all expensive products available on the market to feel and look good.  One of my principles is to keep it simple and very close to Mother Nature. Markus & Cara you inspire me and the world.  To my greatest joy, I see we are on the same wave length.  After I watched the Ozone video, I decided to incorporate this natural procedure as well as oxygen to my services. Natural, organic products and herbs are always available in my facials and body treatments. Peace and light to you both.
Nelly Scheer Charnel Spa , Las Vegas 

We are reading the Prosperity Secret - just amazing! Thank you so much
‪Ilona Kaarina Oranen

Currently reading
Heal Yourself 101. A FREAKING MAZING.
Anna Shilov


Markus ...there are about 1 million or more people who would want to give you a hug because you've solved the mystery of LIVING ...those are the best moments...
Cee Cee Richards

The book on Free Food and Medicine is a very good book. With lots and lots of information. I especially like all the colorful photos of the plants. Markus goes into a lot of explanation to each plant. Hope you enjoy it like we do. It is a book worth having.‪
Dolly Martin

Ich liebe dein Video auf youtube über the
prosperity secret Ich gucke es immer wieder, es macht so froh und Lust aufs Leben und passt so gut zu mir jetzt.... ich hab alles verloren. Erst war ich traurig und depremiert. Aber so langsam kommt die Kraft wieder, und die Freude, einfach nur da zu sein. Und jetzt beginne ich langsam zu erkennen, dass ich nun ganz frei bin....! So frei, dass ich mir wirklich überlege, was will ich denn gern machen....? Und dieses Video passt so gut dazu.... Ich fühle wieder ein Kribbeln, eine Freude und Energie...! Ich danke dir ganz ganz herzlich für deine wundervolle Arbeit und deine Inspiration ganz liebe Grüße aus Deutschland
translated:I love your Prosperity Secret Video, it gives me pleasure to live. I lost everything and was very depressed. After a while, I slowly started to get my strength back and was happy just to be alive. I am now starting to recognize that now I am truly free. So free to decide what I really want to do. I love your Prosperity Secret, I feel an energy tickling inside me- a new joy and energy. I want to thank you from my heart for wonderful work and inspiration. Heartfelt love from Germany
Barbara Kaersch -Germany

You can't build your future on the past you're trying to get rid of



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