I originally wanted to write a reminder about cleansing because most people ate comfort foods over the holidays and are now constipated, run down and becoming sick. But that is small time. I have something much more urgent and important to say, because we just entered 2012.

This is the turning point for mankind and the planet. What you do with your life in the next few months will affect everything everywhere. Your lives are going to be turned upside down like soil in the field to grow a new crop and this is the biggest tilling in history. Many people are scared. You shouldn't be. You should be excited. Many of you will say "that's easy to say for someone who's not losing their house, or lover, or job". Actually, I have already experienced all of that in my life, and the answer is simpler than you think. For those who didn't know this about me yet, I simply gave up one day and completely started over. Completely. I gave up everything I had, including my clothes and was naked in the desert for 40 days. As ironic as it sounds- you get what you want by not wanting it anymore.

You don't need courage to be successful. Courage is overrated. It takes too much energy. It's more natural to take the easy route, not the hard one. Nature usually always takes the path of least resistance. People think it takes a lot of courage to do things differently, follow our heart and do the right thing. For example- telling someone how you really feel, or quitting a job we don't like to do what we want. Courage is not an effective method because most people don't have the willpower or strength to fight an established norm. It takes a lot of energy to muster up courage. Our entire body shivers with fear of losing our relationship, job, respect or even our life.

What we must remember is the Universe cannot exist without balance. Every force has an opposing force to match it. We lose things when we want them too much and hold on too tight. When we go after something, we push it away. When we run away from something, it runs after us. When we give up or surrender, that's when we are given everything. After a while we start to see a pattern and begin to relax, because we realize the less stressful we are, the more good things come to us. This is a critical component of success in anything, as described in my new book "
The Prosperity Secret", being released in a few weeks.

Ever notice the richer someone is, the less they do? All the hard working people are at the bottom barely getting paid. The more people struggle, the less they get. It's like spinning your tires to get out of a rut, you just dig yourself in deeper and become stuck even more. Like air, water and money, real flow takes no energy, it doesn't "try", it just flows. The more energy we exert resisting or trying to change something, the more resistance we encounter. This is called stress. Gandhi did not fight, he surrendered (stopped eating, fasted) and it changed a nation. When we put energy into "fighting" a cause, it feeds it and makes it stronger. The best results come from doing the exact opposite of what most people would think.

So the best thing is simply to give up and simply let the truth happen. (notice the word SIMPLE) It takes no energy to give up. Hanging on to fear takes energy. Giving up doesn't. Resistance takes energy and creates friction in relationships. If you are not where you want to be, chances are you are stubborn and fearful of letting go of control. But you are not in control.

The sooner you stop resisting and simply let go, the sooner the Universe can start coming through you and work it's magic. Become fluid like air and nothing can stop or control you. If you think this means letting people or nations step all over you, study Gandhi. Become the example and entire nations will follow. Tyranny never lasts. This is a new world. You are here for a reason. Stop forcing what you think you should be doing and simply let your divine purpose start coming through, even if you don't know what it is. But you do know what feels right, and that's all you need as a guide for action. You do not have to "fight" for your life's purpose, you need to just let it happen. For example, you can argue and fight with your boss or lover, or you can simply tell them who you really are and what you are driven to do, then simply start doing that, no matter what. Yes you may lose your job or relationship- but if they were holding you back from your true purpose, then you needed to move on anyway. Sure there is fear (e.g. "will I ever find a relationship or job like this again?)

But you might be surprised. Firstly, by "giving up", you are no longer fighting and your lover may like you again because love can flow now. You are also giving up your fear, in other words you have surrendered and are ready to accept whatever happens. Sure the world around you might crumble, but this is temporary, in order to make room in your life for the new better world you are supposed to be in. This is the same in any rebuilding process- (i.e. rebuilding your unhealthy body). Ultimately, the results will be the same- if you don't surrender your dysfunctional things now, life will do it for you- it will take away your house, your unhealthy body and end your dysfunctional relationships if you want it to or not. If you are losing your body, house, job or relationship, it was not a healthy one. You cannot stop the inevitable, only postpone it. The only thing you are resisting is your true future - the one you BELONG in! Stop being stubborn and let true health in.

The sooner you listen to that voice inside, your gut feeling, your passion, your yearning, and simply start doing it, even if you don't have the money or all the pieces aren't in place yet, those things will start coming into place if it is meant to be. Remember- this does not require courage, just put your foot forward and start walking in that direction. Give up and let the Universe take over. It created you. Have a little trust. It knows what it's doing.

Your duty is to be successful, because that's how you can help the world the most. Nobody wants to be around a downer, including the universe. The only way you will find happiness and success is to finally let go, to the real you, no matter what. The less you resist the birth process, the less painful it is. Relax. Let it happen.

This is a new world we are entering, the most exciting time in human history, because we are being forced into living our truth.

Below is a transcript of the new years speech I gave in Phoenix, ushering in 2012. It's words
contain the power to change your life forever. Share it with your friends. Print it out and take it with you. Read it again and again until it clicks and unlocks your freedom. Your time has come. Welcome to the new world!

The truth will set you free.

I am here to empower you. Let me spark the fires of your imagination, because that's where EVERYTHING starts. I'm here to inspire you to a healthier happier life of true freedom. Be sure to pass this on to your friends and sign up for more cool newsletters with videos and tips if you haven't already at I will also notify you when the new book comes out. There are some big exciting things on the way here at MarkusWorld, and out there in the world. Stay tuned to my newsletter to be the first to find out the new things that are about to change your life !

Let go of whatever's holding you down, because time is speeding up. We move faster when we travel light. The world needs us. Roll up your sleeves and let's go!


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