The forces of light and dark are taking sides. One side is driven by fear, money, comfort and materialism... the other by love,clear conscience and the drive to proceed to the next level. There is something much greater waiting for us than what we are familiar with. In order to achieve it, we must be willing to let go of everything outside of ourselves and listen to what is inside. Every culture and religion in the world has pointed to this moment of truth. The testing has begun to see where you stand. You are being tested right now in all catergories- your money, your relationships, your health, your beliefs, your government. All of evolution has led to this moment of awakening. Are you ready to take the next step ?

The greatest moment in human history is about to happen.

This is it.

2012 Earth

What is 2012? It is the year the Mayan calendar ends. It is the year the sun's solar cycle 24 (which has just begun) will peak, during which the greatest solar flares ever will affect the earth in unimaginable ways. Every great religion and psychic has predicted this moment. According to some, everything good and bad on the planet will continue to escalate and accelerate exponentially until the last months of 2012, when the breaking point will be hit. The old fear-based systems of control will not go out without a fight. Look for government control to go into insane science fiction scenarios. Meanwhile on the other side, global consciousness and spirituality will hit an all time high. People all over the world will start having the same thoughts at the same time. Its is the end of the old world and the beginning of the new. Global resource use will be maxed out, imminent war will scare the hell out of everyone, money will become worthless and entire economies will collapse... but also the seekers of truth will only do what feels right and start cleaning out their body, mind and spirit. They will eat only raw living foods, shun all negativity, learn to love unconditionally, and become so clean they will barely need to eat anything but sunlight and air, thus raising their vibrations higher and higher. Their energy levels will rise from dense solid to more light. Meanwhile, the rest of society will laugh at and shun the healthy- they will continue to become more unhealthy and sick. (the bible refers to these as "the ones that will be left behind") Many will die of disease from their unhealthy lifestyle choices. When the sun's solar cycle 24 maxes out (see, put simply- there are those who predict the Earth's polarity will switch, and the solar energy will be so strong, the unhealthy ones will not be able the handle the intense energy from the sun and perish and those who have clean pure bodies and raised their vibrations will become true beings of light. They will not be hurt by the sun, but require it as a power source. The "Sun" of God will have arrived and a new world will have begun. (who said it was going to be a person and not a consciouness?)

Hey you asked. Just passing on what some people are saying. Look at it this way- even if the sun doesn't fry the Earth and the Earth's polarity doesn't flip- it doesn't change the fact the bad is getting worse and the consciousness of good is getting stronger. World economies are collapsing and things are approaching a boiling point. Overpopulation has hit critical unsustainable levels. Mass extinctions usually happen at times like this. For whatever it's worth- start with this- what can it hurt to eat super healthy and become more loving? Fear is strong. It can break up relationships, make countries go to war and ultimately destroy a planet. The only thing that is stronger and lasts longer than fear is LOVE. It lasts even after death. Make love your priority and you will be invincible. Always do the right thing. This gives you great peace. Others around you will feel it and it will change them too, and ultimately this feeling can change the world. It starts with you. Right now. Love. Before it's too late.

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Quoted directly from the NASA website- "On January 4, 2008, a reversed-polarity sunspot appeared—and this signals the start of Solar Cycle 24," says David Hathaway of the Marshall Space Flight Center."

It has begun