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This is my new years kick in the ass video to launch you into the dream you’ve been waiting a lifetime for. Idon't want you to waste one more minute of your precious life, so I'm going to give you a dose of tough love, so YOU can have the magic partner you deserve. Not being fulfilled sexually and supported is the number one reason people are nasty crabby, mean and miserable. We need to change that. It's time for everyone to clean up their act and get it on. Teaching this will be a lot more fun than raw food :-)

Let this video inspire you.


Many people have been wondering about Cara- the super hot babe in a couple of recipe videos from last year. The comments were hilarious- nobody could concentrate on the food because of the undeniably smoldering chemistry between us. It was so obvious we were having a hard time also trying to concentrate on the food haha. Well it's been almost a year now and all I can say is we are breaking ALL stereotypes of couples behavior. We are going to inspire and excite you so much, you ALSO will not be able to concentrate on whatever you are doing anymore. Because THIS is what matters the most. Without it we slowly die. All the raw healthy food in the world isn't going to do much good if your heart is empty and unfulfilled.

Stop sitting there being depressed while others are swimming in passion and living their dreams.

Do you get so excited being with someone that you can't be apart for more than a few hours? -or do you look forward to your "alone time"? Are you too afraid to ask for what you really want? Or do you both want the exact same thing so much it's electrifying. As time goes by, feelings will intensify- either in the negative or positive. Which direction is your energy headed? Fulfillment strenthens, and frustration weakens. The perfect relationship (yes it exists!) is when excitement does NOT die down after time. In fact, it gets stronger. You melt together so much you are one person, think and act as one person without speaking a word. The exact same tastes, desires, fantasies, energy, stamina and dreams. Compromise is a foreign concept. Making Love is making LIFE- not simply to create babies- but life that regenerates US and makes US younger, creative and vital. It heals disease and gives a reason to live. Making love is not an act- it's a way of living. Everything we see and touch becomes magical. It is an energy that sparks new ideas, builds new worlds and heals everyone around.

Do you make love morning, noon and night every day? Or does your "life" get in the way? You can choose your life you know. You are not a prisoner. That's why I wrote "Instructions for a New Life". Many say it's one of the most eye opening, life changing books ever written. It's so profound, it amazes even me how one "miracle" after another manifests every minute of every day when you start living this way.The things Cara and I experience amaze even us. Fantasies DO come true and they are more common than you think.

It's time we shared our secrets with you and gave YOU the same feeling we have. Prepare to have your mind blown this year as to what is possible in a relationship. But first you have to prepare yourself. It doesn't matter if you want to make what you have work, or completely starting over, either way, it's time for you to do some serious letting go and cleansing. It's time for you to stop whining and start shining.

For more pictures of Cara and me, there is a special Facebook site to inspire you "Permanent Honeymoon"
warning- only for those who want a sensually exhilirating life and steamy hot inspiration

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I'll be speaking at the Raw Living Expo in Westlake Village Saturday and Sunday Jan 31 and Feb 1, where I will be signing copies of my new upcoming book "Dreamchaser", plus "Instructions for a New Life", the "Free Food and Medicine Edible Plant Guide" . Yes, Cara will be with me! Say hi to us, this is a rare chance, we don't go out in public much.

See you there!!!

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Instructions for a new life is literally the best book I've ever read. My whole extended family wants to get a copy. I'm on page 84 and I'm already changed! When I started chapter 9, I was like YES hit the nail on the head.
:) gotta clean out my old MySpace pics too.
Caleb Brokaw

Congrats Markus! Just finished reading my copy today (Intsructions for a New Life) interesting and could not put it down...I'm carrying it around in my purse for a REREAD. I highly recommend everyone to get a copy asap...have a great day
Penny Lee

(Instructions for a New Life) Great book. I bought two. One for my daughter and one for me. After I read mine. I let a co-worker read it. After she had it for a week I saw it and it was all ruffled up with post-its sticking out everywhere. She told me it was just what she needed to hear after thinking life had no meaning. I told her to keep it as long as she wanted. I may need to buy a third book.
Joe Ross

What can i say , you changed my life..... i wish i read your books long long time ago , your last book is perfect. piece of art just like your painting
Samer Halabi

Markus did all my xmas shopping through you this year the gift of health god bless you my brother hope you have a wonderful Christmas
Alex Silva

Re: the book "
Instructions for a New Life":
Hey Marcus I've read a few of your books and they're all great, but this one is by far the best. Thank you for this priceless knowledge.
The RP Experience

(on the video: Make your own tea for STRESS and WRINKLES with backyard plants
Hey Markus , great informative video :) I pore this tea on my hair as a rinse after shampooing which i dont wash out , i have noticed new hair regrowth on my thinning hairline in just a weeks time ... I recommend this to all the guys who are experiencing balding , give this herbal tea a go ..., I have stopped using other dht blocking products a month ago ... now i consume veg/fruity smoothies and rinse with my hair with your herbal tea daily . I am very pleased with the results.

Hey Markus , I am 58 years young and maybe two years ago I started growing my own food and eating the weeds that are in nature already and I want to tell my health situation is taken a turn for the better 200%, I just started watching your videos maybe last week but I have to agree with what you say here. If you want to do something to change your own life then do it and live, why stay the way the whole planet is and die, it makes no sense to go along with the masses. Thank you for the wisdom here!
Richard Barksdale

New comment on the video Avocado Tropical Salsa- Warning- ADDICTIVE !
I love this salsa, and have included it into my Christmas menu this year...its always a hit with my family!!
Heather Wass

"Thanks for influencing me. I am feeling a healing taking place in every part of me. Part of that understanding and power has come from your love and service that I have become familiar with doing for others as well by your example yet in my own way~1 It's been awesome being friends with your sweet sharing and caring toward all of us~! I truly see the SUN>SON in YOU :) Namaste
Kristi Wolfe

Hi Markus I read hundreds books from diffrent areas in the world about health and beauty issues but i have to say that your books
Heal Yourself 101 and Heal your Face are the best. Also Prosperity Secret. I feel your spirit, your heart , your passion in it and feel that your words gives a power to change , its the best motivate kick i ever had
Ivonne Chameleon4

Stop! You're giving me too much hope!
Jacob Becomes Israel

re: The Free Food and Medicine Edible Plant Guide book:
This book is well worth the money. I bought a copy for myself, my parents, my two sisters and some friends. Markus has put a lot of studying and hard work into it and it shows. Thanks Markus for making this book!

I was doing the paleo diet and then I crashed sick for three days at bed. I stopped eating too much meat for a couple of months and feel better. Then, I started to eat meat again and I was feeling sick again. I think meat is the cause of my sickness. I going to try this raw food diet and this video is really inspiring. Good luck to everyone and don't eat meat!!
Elias Barajas

My husband is using the Night Rebuild formula and he hasn't had night sweats since and it's only a few days. Amazing. And I love the Green Formula.
Jessica Brown

My sister stopped taking chemotherapy because of you, what do you think of that? 
That's a wonderful first step FS, but please keep in mind that true healing involves many things- stopping doing what caused the problem in the first place (this may include incorrect diet, toxic lifestyle, stress, relationship issues, self-purpose etc). Lots of cleaning and letting go is necessary. Stopping chemo is just the beginning. It also means stopping bread, pasta, cereal, sugar, dairy, ALL COOKED FOOD for a while and only doing fresh green juices, smoothies and raw food as described in
Heal Yourself 101. We must remember that everything is energy, and the subconscious patterns we harbor inside are what determine the outcome, not just what we do on the outside. A person MUST be free and happy. ALL burdens must be let go of- ALL of them! I also suggest she reads my new book "Instructions for a New life". I send her love and support. Remember- the outcome is HER choice, not any of ours. There are many deep emotional energy patterns at work below the surface that must be dealt with.  Good luck and lots of love!


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You can't build your future on the past you're trying to get rid of



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