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OK, you asked for it, here is your proof. Watch the video. Age means nothing. It's just pages in a book, and the one I'm writing is epic. What's your next chapter going to say? Are you writing a sappy drama, a sexy romance or a thrilling adventure? The choice is yours. I love books. I love movies. That's why I write books and make movies. We are IN a movie. I am not about raw food. I am about living life to its fullest and being as vibrant, alive, healthy, powerful, excited and empowering as possible. I got tired of the "poor me" crap and started living.
Watch the video.

Haha! I love moments like this...

watch this short video

GINGER Household wonder food #2.

GINGER(Zingiber officinale) works faster at preventing motion sickness or nausea than dramamine. Grow some in your garden. Don't just eat the roots, but young shoots and flowers also for a taste treat. The fragrant flower petals are edible and have a gingery taste on the tongue. Both fresh and dried ginger root have therapeutic properties for promoting the secretion of digestive juices, hypertension, headaches, morning sickness, colic, relieving and expelling gas, heartburn, digestive and intestinal cramps, dyspepsia and even chemotherapy-induced nausea. Ginger is the world's greatest herbal inhibitor of 5-LO enzymes, a chemical cousin of COX-2, the food source for prostate cancer cells.  Without this food source, prostate cancer cells die within hours. Excellent for nausea, motion sickness (good for keeping food moving in a downward direction) arrests vomiting, alleviates pain, stops inflammation, eliminates swelling, induces sweat and inhibits pathogenic bacteria. Bottom line- eat more ginger !!!

More Beautiful Testimonials...

I'm on a juice fast right now. I'm a little shocked at what's coming out of me. It's only encouraging me to stay on this fast as long as I can. I feel sooooooooo good.
Lilac Cats

When I started raw, I had my bad days and sometimes weeks, but always got back with it. I never thought I would come to
94 lbs lost, off blood thinner meds & thyroid med went down, which is a first ever since being on it. I learned so much, I can't wait to see more from this journey. Thanks,
Sandy, Higher Rock Music

Love your book on prosperity. Unbelievably great book. I like how you don't sugar coat anything. You are straight out.

I have heard parts of this before, but Markus has a way of putting it together in a simple down-to-earth style that makes it easier to understand. He really got me thinking at my attitude about money and about rich people. I am considering buying another copy (
Prosperity Secret) to share with my kids because I don't want to let mine go.
Robin Durain

I bought the e-bookversion first (
Prosperity Secret) because I just had to have it now "Instant gratification", lol. I then printed it out so my wife and I both could go through it and use it as a workbook, writing in the margins, etc. It has brought us so much closer together. I then ordered a "personal" copy and am on my 5th reading :) As the energy flows through me, I will get everyone I know a copy, one person at a time :)
Joseph Vincent Alecci

Thanks so much for the (
watermelon smoothie) video. This is my, hands down favorite smoothie. I would have never believed it until I tried it though. It's so filling and satisfying. I was really amazed by how much energy it gives. Ha! This is my 5 hour energy drink.
Lisa Carpenter

You did not write the prosperity Secret to help others to make money, you wrote
the Prosperity Secret to help people wake up, to understand their true nature
Thomson Shellie

I rweceived the book "
Heal Yourself 101". I couldn't put the book down. It was so informative and interesting. I am really impressed with the quality of information. Thanks for sharing with those of us who are interested in having the best health possible.
Theresa R

Need something for STRESS? Wrinkles? Markus Rothkranz shows once again how to make an amazing
powerful healing tea from things that grow within 100 feet of your house or cost almost nothing. This time from basic pine needles, rosemary and licorise root, each of which have powerful healing abilities for people with STRESS, lung infections, wrinkles, arthritis, even hair loss. The answer is as close as your nearest pine tree. Free food and Medicine is everywhere.

Thank you Markus for showing me I was living in fear of the NWO and that I don't have to do that anymore. Now my true healing can begin. You showed me that it takes all of the legs of the health table to be complete or you will be off balance big time and never completely heal. Out of all the health information I have read on this journey, I came came back to the beginning and it started with the book
Heal Yourself 101. You owe it to yourself to read Heal Yourself 101, Heal Your Face, and the Prosperity Secret. Those three books will literally change you from the inside out and the outside in. Peace and blessings to you all on your journey :)
Joseph Vincent Alecci

What you've done, what can I say but gracious thanks you you, my dear friend.I am a grandpa, married 28 years, raised 5 children. It was your joy that caught my heart 7 months ago when everything lined up and you gave me a key I needed- raw food.
Joseph Hill, Salem OR


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