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Watch this rivetting discussion with supermind James Sloane on the subject of "alkaline" stuff, especially alkaline water and why to stop taking it. I was duped years ago and need to set the record straight. Bottom line- forget about focussing on calories, carbs, protein and pH levels, and start focussing on eating and living right.
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One of the things that really irritates me is the brainwashing people have over the "alkaline this" and "alkaline that". I got caught up in it eight years ago with the Kangen water machine MLM hype. I even mentioned it in my book and it's the only thing I regret telling people. We live and learn. There are many people so caught up in this hype, they will no doubt have resistance to this information, but it's my duty to help clear the confusion. Many don't want to believe they've been duped and made to look like a fool to their friends. They think they got better from drinking alkaline water, when in fact it was the change in their diet and lifestyle that really made the difference. The water machine has it's use, but not for what you might think. Watch the video.

Alkaline water neutralizes stomach acid, which is needed not only to digest food and assimilate nutrients, but also to kill pathogenic organisms. WIthout proper stomach acid levels, food doesn't digest properly, it ferments, rots, creates gas, bloating and causes all kind of gastric health problems. Without proper stomach acid for example, your body could not absorb silica, the key ingredient for making skin, hair, cells and everything else. Getting wrinkles and losing hair? I'll bet your stomach acid is too weak. You also can't absorb B12 without it. Most people in the modern world have very weak stomach acid, which results in all kinds of problems. They are no longer protected from bacteria, viruses, fungus, mold, yeast and parasites. One opportunistic invader causing a lot of problems is H. Pylori (helicobacter Pylori bacteria), a nasty corkscrew-shaped organism that literally drills itself into your stomach wall and starts emitting a powerful ALKALINE ammonia to neutralize the stomach acid so it can thrive. Did you hear that alkaline fans? The bacteria WANTS you to be alkaline so it can grow, leading to ulcers and possible deadly diseases. Our friendly probiotic intestinal flora (the "good" bacteria) on the other hand produces lactic and acetic ACID to make the gut more acidic to keep the candida yeast under control. Hmmm. Think about that. The good guys produce acid and the bad guys produce alkaline ammonia.

Acid KILLS bacteria and turns off the yeast growth gene. Bacteria and pathogens thrive in an alkaline environment (the opposite of what the alkaline hype is saying). Read the scientific links below. Yeast starts to grow like crazy in an alkaline environment so strongly, it grows hyphae (tentacles) that burrow through your intestinal walls leading to leaky-gut syndrome which lets foreign-proteins into your bloodstream leading to allergic reactions, reduced energy and auto-immune disease. Runaway yeast then mutates into fungus which grows through the whole body, slowly eating it alive. Acids turn OFF the yeast growth gene. Acids protect your skin and all body parts from the outside world. Without an acidic environment, women would die if they had sex. Most men are filthy. That's why the vagina is naturally acidic. Our skin would be eaten alive by bacteria floating in the air. Our skin is therefore acidic to protect us. The same goes for our sinuses and digestive system. The only parts of our body that need to be alkaline is basically our mouth and blood because otherwise our teeth and bones would dissolve from acids. That is why our blood is SLIGHTLY alkaline (7.35) so our bones don't dissolve. Our body regulates blood pH so well, blood pH never changes. It can't because it it went up or down just a few percent, we would die. There is no "overall" body pH. Every body part requires it's own level to perform it's designed function. Below are links to scientific proof and tests.

People think they can manipulate their body's pH by eating more "alkaline" foods. Chelated natural plant foods are NOT the same as alkaline water. Watch the video and pay attention. The main message here is to stop wasting time worrying what pH your food is, and start paying attention to if it's natural or not. In other words- are you eating fruits and vegetables, or bread, pasta, sugar and other crap? THAT'S what you should be focussing on, not pH. Your body does a perfect job regulating pH. Forget testing your urine or saliva. It's a waste of time.

Urine and saliva pH testing has NOTHING to do with your blood pH. pH testing does NOT show what your pH is inside your body. What you are measuring is what your body is getting RID of. In other words, if you have too many alkaline substances in your body, it will get rid of those, and that's what you're measuring, not what's actually left inside your body. Watch the video and learn.

We are MADE of amino ACIDS. Our body runs on acids. Vitamins are acids. Acids protect us from pathogens. The dirtiest part of the body is the mouth, which is alkaline. It's FULL of bacteria, some of it deadly if it gets into the bloodstream via bleeding gums. Watch the video and listen closely. Stop following what people with agendas are trying to convince you (especially MLM people!).

That said, the pH water machine DOES have it's place, but not where you think. It's the ACID water you should be using, not the alkaline- and NOT for drinking, but for washing your hands, body, hair and clothes. It's great for disinfecting countertops, fruits and vegetables. I am not knocking the machine, just how it's used. Not having to wash our clothes with detergent or using chemicals in the kitchen is a BIG DEAL !

Stop listening to doctors and people with PhDs, they are killing people by the millions in this country. They can spew all the facts, figures and fancy jargon they want. Watch the video- test results are usually manipulated to back up someone's agenda. Too many people have been needlessly brainwashed and killed by what people in lab coats have told us and done to us. I was one of the people who tried the alkaline thing years ago and regret it hugely. Follow common sense. It's not alkaline water that's healing people- it's the better diet and lifestyle changes.

Remember- you don't heal disease by TAKING something. To heal you must STOP doing what caused the problem in the first place. Stop eating things that are not found in nature. Walk away from the stress and negative people that are killing you. Stop sugar which feeds pathogens and cancer. Stop looking for magic cures and use common sense. Just put things in your body that you find in nature- spring water, fruits, vegetables, greens, seeds, nuts, etc and stop all bread, pasta, sugar, cheese, milk, cereal, processed and cooked foods as much as you can. It's that simple. Stop counting calories, carbs, proteins and pH levels. Animals in nature don't do that and they are much happier and healthier than humans. Simplify your life, don't complicate it. I am here to help take stress out of your life, not add to it. Be free. Be happy. Eat. Love. Live.

Scientific Medical References:

Even if you don't drink alkaline water, if you live in the modern world, chances are your stomach acid is too low. Find out what causes it and what to do about it in my stomach ebook, available here-

Bottom line- you don't have to believe any of the alkaline-acid stuff. Just eat things you find in nature (not bread, pasta, candybars, cheese,sugar etc) Don't mess with nature. It has everything figured out. The more you deviate from the way you were designed, the more trouble you are asking for. The healthiest people in the world don't have alkaline water machines. They drink spring water.


Someone emailed me an awesome picture of a monstrous giant blob of green slime that came out of them after going on a cleanse, but I can't find it. I get too many emails. If you are reading this, please resend it so I can share with the world what is inside people, even if they think they are healthy.

(Vilma, I know you sent me great pics also, I have those. I'm going to show them all at the same time)


Markus i received your green formula and its by far the best tasting green drink I've had so far.
kyle Lauatamus

Markus, I just did a water enema as per recommendation in your book and...WOOOOOW!!!!!!!! I don't beleive it! I am 105lbs and thought I was in good shape so explain to me please where all that CRAP came from??!? I had 5 movements in 15 minutes and just junk after junk being dumped like a garbage truck unloading. I feel like walking on air now!
Kelly Stuart

Read the "Prosperity Secret" people. It changed my life for the better and helped me to step out of the negativity of the world :) Rawk on Markus :)

Thanks, Markus. It truly is exciting! I was watching the original "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" and cannot stop seeing the "secret" to prosperity everywhere. That movie is a perfect example of it. When the character, Charlie Bucket, got paid and shared it with his family (giving), while his grandpa is one of those "I'm a victim" types who was too scared to set foot on the ground to see if he could walk, until much later. Then, Charlie just gave up on finding the golden ticket after wanting it so badly, which is when he got it. All the masses were buying up bars trying to seek worldly things, while Charlie did the opposite and just gave up, which is when he got the world! He was honest and had a good heart. The "secret" to prosperity has actually been right in front of our faces and we did not recognize it, until it finally clicks. What an exciting world!
Arjun Ramesh

I recommend this book (The Prosperity Secret), Markus has some unique insights and suggestions.


Is it a mirage, or have I finally arrived!?
I am in my desert now, lost everything and each day I am released from another chain that previously had me bound. I just wanted to send this message to tell you that I understand and that I appreciate you sharing your life and your journey with others. Thank you for taking that risk that day so many years ago. For stepping fearlessly into the unknown. You are definitely proof that in the midst of nothing, SOMETHING shall blossom. I hope that you will get to read this, I had a lot more I could say but all the words in the world could not begin to describe how happy I am that you survived! I have a long journey ahead of me, a lot of sweat and tears to release still, but faith and determination will get me through it.
<3 & Hugginz -


Hi Markus,
I just received your new edible plant guide today and wanted to tell you that i have a pile full of field guides and herbal plant books and this is the most well put together and beautiful book i've seen. your photos and inserts are hands down the best i have. i live in new mexico and am hard pressed to find anything great on desert plants. the desert section alone is a great help. the macro inserts and the flowers placed along side the leaf structures are really helpful with more thorough identification. i love the brief synopsis on the plant properties as it gives me a jumping off point for anything i want to go more in depth with. plus the book is small enough i can carry it in a backpack. great job, well worth the money and thanks for your efforts!!! Sincerely,
Kate phillips

One of the people who inspired me to change my eating habits is Markus Rothkranz. I came across a book called Heal your Face and was fascinated with his ideas. For me, I had studied consciousness and how lifestyle choices, thought patterns such as emotions and projections, abuse patterns, show up in the face wrinkles, texture, and bone structure. His book enlightened me to the dietary contribution to all that. I will suggest his book, Heal Your Face, even at the 24.00 price tag. There is a way through diet to dramatically transform your skin, even if you've damaged it already through lifestyle choices. It will take time, but rapid healing can take place. Fortunately the skin is constantly in renewal. Muscle tone, fat, bones all of that can be worked with with diet, meditation, and energy dynamics.
Kelly Smith

Your recipes drive me crazy with pleasure; I just love them!!!! Love,
Sharon Campbell

Markus i LOVE your
products and videos. My family and I now eat raw vegan. I HAVE NEVER FELT BETTER IN MY ENTIRE LIFE. God bless and thank you -

Hey Markus!
You have dramatically enhanced our lives and we (my wife, 7 children and I) love you dearly!!! You are an incredible inspiration to us and I will always count you as one of my most valuable mentors and friends! Thank you, from the depths of my heart and soul, for all you do!
Rogelio Figueroa

Just want to thank you for inspiring me to change my whole life if there's anything I can ever do to repay you for being a friend let me know
Beth Cox


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