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Astro Films LLC, Nevada was formed in Las Vegas by Hollywood visual effects artist Markus Rothkranz, who was designer on blockbuster hits like Die Hard, Total recall, Red Planet, etc, and then went on to produce his own 2 million dollar motion picture called "To the Ends of Time". Tired of the Hollywood beaurocracy, he gathered his Hollywood friends and formed ASTRO FILMS-right in the middle of exciting Las Vegas. The team includes some of the best visual effects artists, composers and film specialists in the industry.

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behind the scenes clip of the making of the ATomic City VFX show
sneak peak at PIRETTES project- now in development
credits for key people like Markus Rothkranz, Area 51, Todd King, Heartland 3D etc.
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Astro Films teaser clip


Who is
Rothkranz ?

This is a link to the Atomic City website, a fun wacky show for anyone who loves the Jetsons, Las Vegas, retro, secret ufo conspiracies, Simpsons-type humor, sexy girls in gogo boots and lots of family fun. Strap on your jetpack baby and get ready to blast off into a cosmo-liscious world that's about as far from a reality show as you can get!
DreamWorld and other projects in development at Astro Films

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Markus Rothkranz, head of Astro Films, Las Vegas, Los Angeles