Markus Rothkranz, the founder of Astro films, has been an artist in the film world all his life. For many years before the advent of computers, he was known as the fastest photorealistic matte painter and builder of miniature models in the industry. He was also a designer on many blockbuster films like Die Hard, Total Recall,Red Planet and the Siegfried and Roy 3D Imax film. He wrote, and directed a 2 million dollar film "To the Ends of Time" which got international distribution and played on the sci-fi channel for four years. It boasted 400 visual effects shots, a philharmonic orchestra and 100 man choir, major pyrotechnics and stunts, over 300 extras and exotic animals like lions and bears- all for the unheard of price of 2 million (less than a fifth of what it should have cost!) He also worked on countless television commercials for companies like Chrysler, Pepsi, Volkswagen, Polaroid, Sylvania etc and on multimillion dollar music videos like Michael Jackson's Moonwalker, Missy Elliot, etc. The next big project is a wild fantasy television series called ATOMIC CITY, which will have 400 visual effects shots per half hour episode! If you have hi-speed internet you can view a video resume of life achievements- click here. Here is a link to his personal site showing his solar powered home, paintings etc.

click here to see an 8 minute VIDEO of Markus's life acheivements so far

Click here to see Markus on the cover of the premiere issue of Creative Cow magazine!

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