Astro films proves blockbuster top grossing box office movie hits can now be made for much less thanks to technology and gifted artists. The highest grossing films don't need astronomical budgets to be in the top ten. Welcome to Astro films. Hollywood, Vegas, the World !Astro Films,owned by Markus Rothkranz,a one man visual effects studio specializing in 3D cgi digital post effectsWelcome to Astro Films- the NEW Hollywood! Passionate magical blockbuster films made outside the Hollywood system- run by visual effects artist Markus Rothkranz. Top 10 blockbuster hits are now within reach.Astro Films,passionate artistic high concept award winning independent films with class and styleAstro Films- the new home of box office hits, brings the world of imagination to the world. Run by visual effects artist Markus Rothkranz, a new way of filmmaking has arrived. No politics, no egos and nothing but pure imagination. Welcome to Astro films!
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Markus Rothkranz, head of Astro Films, Las Vegas, Los Angeles