Atomic City- bringing fun back to television! This wacky wild romp through a retro futuristic world of flying cars, ufos and sexy dyna girls. Keeping the future safe- one campy adventure at a time
Atomic City was created by artist Markus Rothkranz, who grew up in the sixties when they told him futureworld was just around the corner. Starring Matt Lewis and Katie Putnam
Markus Rothkarnz video of life achievementsMatt Lewis as goofy P.I. Stan Velvet, fighting fantastic crime wherever it happens in Lost Vegas. Mind control beams, ufos and space ray guns are no match for Stans idiocy
motion pictures, films, television and video work by Markus Rothkranz, special effects expert and fine arts master
glamour glamor photography by photographer filmmaker artist Mark us Roth Krans
A Tiki Lounge or spaceport is common in Atomic City, the hot retroworld concept by Markus Rothkranz, sometimes mispelled Marcus Rothkrantz or Markis Rothkarnz, Markuss Rothkranc or even Rosenkrantz

The most colorful fun television show ever imagined! Remember what we thought the future was going to be like ? Flying cars, robots, ufos and stewardesses in mini skirts- This is your gogo dream paradise baby! Every silly gadget you could ever imagine with Tom Jones music and out of this world adventure in technocolor retro spiffomatic Funarama! Forget reality- it's time for fantasy again! If you're going to watch mindless television, then you might as well make it FUN !

sexy girl with cocktail umbrella. Hot pants and gogo boots are common attire in Atomic City
one of the many exciting and imaginative retro homes in this television show futureworld
Derek Yaniger cute girl cartoon, soon to be animated in Atomic CityTV radiation is fun- link to the official atomic city website

Actors shown on this page: Matt Lewis. Katie Putnam, Cheri Capri. Cartoon girl by Derek Yaniger. Concept by Markus Rothkranz Music by Jeff Victor

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