C4D3D presents 3D Animation and images made with CINEMA 4D aka C4D

Cinema 4D or C4D by Maxon computers is a 3D animation program for rendering everything from architectural animations to special effects for movie, film and television.

Hi, this is Markus Rothkranz and this is some stuff I've made with the 3D app Cinema 4D, a great easy to use 3d modelling, texturing and animation program from a company in Germany called Maxon. It competes with other pro 3D apps like Maya, 3DS Max and Lightwave. I'm a filmmaker, not a full time die hard animator, so my stuff isn't as slick as the super pros, but then again my job is to hire those guys. But as an artist, I just LOVE 3D and this is one of my favorite programs. It's very dependable and well thought out. Most of my stuff is demos to help sell concepts to film investors, so they don't have to be super tight and realistic. Personally, I like the slightly stylized cartoony look. That's just my taste. Everything's getting so realistic nowadays. What's the fun if everyone thinks it's real and no one recognizes an artist or style. Anyway, I love to tinker and play around. This is one of those great 3D digital programs you can do that with. Below are some short animation samples or various things.

Click on an image to see ANIMATION SAMPLES made with Cinema 4D

c4d pirate ship rendered and animated with cinema 4d
c4d dinosaur frozen in ice made with cinema 4d, which is an animation package like 3DS Max or Lightwavec4d memories animation award winner made with cinema 4d, a 3D cgi animation program from Maxon
c4d sails and flags on a pirate ship made with cinema 4d aka c4d
c4d helicopter flying over ice at night made with cinema 4d
c4d zoom over water shot towards pirate ship made with cinema 4dc4d displacement ampping water test made with cinema 4d
c4d car to car POV shot made with cinema 4d for Atomic City

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Cinema 4D, C4D, Bodypaint 3D and Cinema4D are products of Maxon computer GmbH Germany. Cinema 4D is a 3D cgi computer rendering program used to create images, illustrations, 3d visualizations and animations for film, television and movies. It is used for architectural design and design visualization in manufacturing and industry. Many hollywood movies are starting to use Cinema 4D and Bodypaint 3D more for their special visual effects (VFX) work. C4D has a very easy to use interface that is easy to learn and fast to understand. It is a competitor to such programs as Maya, 3DS Max and Lightwave, but with a less steep learning curve. Simply look up the words Cinema 4D or C4D or BodyPaint 3D to find out more.

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