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It's mindblowing how the most powerful stuff is usually the simplest. Here is a super simple recipe from two of the most healing plants on Earth. I am not kidding- not just for digestive issues, but everything from fibromyalgia, diabetes, herpes and hair loss, to multiple sclerosis, HIV, AIDS, cancer, parasites, candida and even- gasp-cellulite. You name it, THIS is your drink. You have a problem, I have the answer. It doesn't matter where you live on this planet, you can grow these two plants. If you want to feel better FAST, make this drink.
watch the video and be inspired.

Unvelievable. I just saw a headline- "FDA Approves constipation drug- expected blockbuster $2 BILLION dollar sales". What? A "constipation drug?" Huh? Is it just me or are people really that stupid? How about eating right? OK, I guess that'll never happen with most people. Eat junk, get constipated, take something to help push it through. OK, but why a drug ? Whatver happened to laxatives, or just plain old fiber? I thought is was interesting this came out the same day I was doing my Aloe-cactus smoothie newsletter. It's kind of funny to think that me telling you guys to simply throw some aloe in a blender is a threat to a billion dollar industry. Unbelievable. OK. I will say it while I can. Constipated? Irritable Bowel? Crohn's? Ulcertive Colitis? Diarrhea? Run down? Low energy? Depressed? Make the drink in this video. It doesn't cost you a penny and you can grow these plants no matter where you live.

63 million people suffer from chronic constipation according to the National Institutes of Health. 15.3 million people have irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Unbelievable. This is one of the simplest things in the world to stop. Is the world full of idiots? Sometimes I swear I am in the twilight zone. Food is more addictive than cigarettes, alcohol and cocaine combined. Those who don't think so should try stopping all bread, grains, sugar and cheese. Try it. Go ahead. I dare you. Even raw foodists are overloading on all kinds of sugar. Oh sure- it's NATURAL sugar. Sigh. Who are you kidding? There is no cheating in nature. It always wins. Many people say they would rather eat what they want and be happy. Let me hold a mirror up to those people. You are NOT happy! Until you know what it's like to live in a timeless youthful body with boundless unlimited energy, hormones, hair, youth and unstoppable good spirits, attracting anything you've ever wanted in life. . . it's not possible to know what true happiness is when you are absorbing dead food and negative sarcastic fearful energy from those around you and the media.

My friends. I am here to kick you in the ass so you will finally live the life you are supposed to. Don't waste one more minute.

Dear Markus, I wanted to email you to thank you for your amazing book 'Heal Yourself 101' this thing has literally turned my life around! Im a 23 year old professional musician working with major labels and professional production companies in London UK. Im currently on my 2nd national tour and things are going great! I am the son of a very successful entrepreneur and live in a beautiful part of the south of England. I have a wonderful family and friends and an amazing girlfriend. Although I have much to be thankful for I have however always felt something was very wrong. I was raised on the typical western diet and the harder I worked out, my energy was just never great. I have been feeling more and more drained as each day goes by, and every pill, energy drink or medicine just never put it right! Until I read your book! I wanted to send this email of thanks as I know how much work and dedication trying to do anything yourself requires. I really respect that you are sharing this information with the world and are continuing to do so. I am self employed and really respect and look upto you as an example of how I would like to give back to the world. MY LIFE WILL NEVER BE THE SAME! your book and the incredible discovery I have made in raw food is changing almost everything in my life for the better.I am gradually making the change to 100% raw and every day I make adjustments I feel better and better. I suffer from Universal Vitiligo and have been losing pigment in my skin for about a year now. What was really strange was that I purchased your ebook and was diagnosed with the condition within the same week. I felt naturally that something was up and I needed to change and since learning and applying about what is really going on in my body I have started to see re pigmentation already! By eating raw food I also recovered from a serious tear in my left arm leaving me with tendinitis and the need for surgery. I refused the doctors advice and within 3 WEEKS I HAD HEALED!! the 'medical professionals' didn't understand it and but i did :D. within 2 months or so, I was back deadlifting in the gym with no aches or pains anywhere! By the way my previous recovery time was estimated at 1 year using western medication and treatment. Without saying a word I have started influencing people on healthy living. Many have bought juicers and blenders and email me with advice all the time! Many have already felt the benefits and are investigating further into raw food. Thank you Markus I really hope one day we can meet so I can tell youin person how much you have touched my life.
With Love Russell James Williams, London, England

Dear Markus, I am highly appreciative of your interest and concern for my health and well being following my exposure to Corexit 9527 while SCUBA diving in the Gulf of Mexico during the BP oil spill in 2010. So, it looks like the Markus Rothkranz method is for me. I watched "The Amazing Liver" video that you suggested and ordered a copy of "Heal Yourself 101". I was inspired.I just completed the Hubbard Purification Program about a week a go, and I feel like I'm on the right path to again being healthy and whole. I've since dedicated my time and energy toward learning as much as I can about detoxification and careful maintenance of the body.The International Academy of Detoxification Specialists ( will be opening a new Gulf Coast Detoxification Project facility in November, and I will have the opportunity to administer the program to others affected by Corexit exposure and assist them in their "self-healing" process. I will beging training next month.Thanks so much for helping to light my return path to healthy living... Next is DETOX ebook.Best wishes! Yours truly,
Steven Philip Reed, New Orleans, Louisiana

Dear Markus,I just hope and pray to God that I actually have the honor of meeting you someday and shake your hand. I'm glad to see all of "my" dreams are finally coming to fruition through you. And to thank you for bringing some sanity to this world. I love you style - and they way you tell everybody what time it is vs. spending 15 minutes blabbering just on how to make a get to the point > with impact, speed, and class.  Well Done Sir! Many thanks,
Jerry Scott - Augusta, GA PS  Bought the Healing 101 - Sensational!

As well as having watched the dvd's of 'The Prosperity Secret' a number of times, I'm currently reading the book again. What an amazing book! Thanks Markus for the inspiration you provide to me and to people all around the globe! Cheers 
Liz Devlin

Love it Markus- I have un-aged lately. I love my
wild weed (FOOD) foraging i do ! T
hanks! Yep!
Jan Podolske

Thanks for all your great information and truths. I have been raw vegan for 7 month and lost all my excess weight. Now back to my normal weight and believe that eating raw vegetables, juices, fruits and taking herbal supplements has im
proved my health so much, I am starting to
read books again WITHOUT my glasses (!) My eyesight has improved so much. Love,
Carole Hoobin xoxox

Today I am grateful to Leonard Coldwell Nmd Phd, Peter Ragnar, Markus Rothkranz, Joe vitale, Napoleon Hill, and Kevin Trudeau (yes, you read that right), for introducing me to a better way of life. By teaching me that I am 100 percent responsible for myself and *everything* that happens to me, I have grown and become a better person. Understanding that I am part of the creation process, on a day by day basis, has brought a new sense of joy and freedom that I never knew before. Thank you, for providing me with the tools to be a better, kinder, happier me."
Mrs. Don

Markus Rothkranz- Purchase his Books, amazing!.. Life changing.. Wake up America
Jennifer Torrez

"There's Little In Life Better Than Hot-Cold 'Therapy' (in shower) And A Green Smoothie, After A Run-And-Calisthenic Workout. Read All About It In Markus Rothkranz' 'Heal Yourself 101.' In which you'll also discover -How to lose all your extra weight. 'Fat-weight,' not muscle.*How to rid thyself of nearly every 'terminal' disease known to Man.*How to build the type of energy that lasts ALL DAY LONG. And into the night.*How to 'never get sick again.'*The 15 biggest mistakes made by raw foodists. And how to correct 'em.*and much much more!
Jeff Sekerak

This is Pablo, from Argentina. I am 51. I bought your book about health and applied your tips. I feel much better and look as if I had lost 10 years. I will send a couple of after-now pictures if you dont mind. Thank you for your advice in the book. The changes I had to apply were not costy at all ( I saved some money, actually, due cutting off pop soda and other stuff). Keep on going my friend, and thanks again from
Pablo, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

I have fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. Since I started getting more Magnesium, at the suggestion of my Anatomy and Physiology professor and Markus Rothkranz in his book, Heal Yourself 101, my muscles no longer knot up as bad and I have not had one "charlie horse" or muscle spasm. These used to be a daily happening along with lots of pain. My pain is also greatly reduced.
Robin Durain

I'm ashamed yet very proud to say so far I have lost 78 lbs by following your book "Heal Yourself 101". I still have a short ways to go.... Woo Hoo! I lost weight so fast that my skin is saggy. So I am going to start lift weights. I have a colema board that I use every second day and the sludge is still coming out.  I'm so grateful for your book.Profound Gratitude & Love
Lilac Cats, Pawsitive Living

(re:Markus gets a physical) Wow I'm also an (insurance) agent. Never heard of anyone getting ultra preferred. ESPECIALLY at 50!

I am soooo in love with your work! You have changed my life! I came across your work in Oct 2011 and knew I had to do a parasite cleanse, however I didn't and now realise that I wasn't 'ready', on all the levels it takes to be ready for such thing! I had what the doctor thought was gall stones about 5 weeks ago and I am a yoga teacher and 'healthy' person and I was totally in shock at this! All the tests came back clear, but I knew it was time to do something about it! It was the petrol light coming on in my car! So, doing internet research, I come across you - again! Right, okay I get it! It is time! I bought your liver-gall bladder book and have been following it. I went 100%  raw the next day after seeing the doc, not waiting for results and am waiting on the arrival of my enema kit, which should arrive next week - I am hanging for this! I can feel it! Since doing the liver-gall bladder citrus olive oil juice every morning ever since I found out, much has shifted. I broke up with my current partner for reasons of 'hiding the light' in our relationship, and I quit my casual retail job so I can fully focus on what I a
m being called to do!! BIG STUFF!! You are such an inspiration - thank you for being you and shining your light ever so brightly! Warmly,
Hannah Andrews , Australia

I am SO proud of you Hannah, for taking charge of your own life. It takes a lot of courage to let go and step into the unknown. You are a role model for others. I am especially thrilled when I hear women claiming their power and doing whatever it takes to do the right thing. Big Hug, Markus (for those of you not happy with where you are in life- read "The Prosperity Secret!!!)

Your 2 frozen banana Vita-Mix ice cream with any topping is tied for #1 with the first time I had sex! 
Jerry Scott


p.s.- I'm working night & day on the edible plants field guide. What a monster. There's nothing like it in existence. This is a massive undertaking, so thank you for your patience

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