Here's another reason to move to the tropics :) This amazing beautiful gift from nature never ceases to amaze me. It's also a wonderful food for people with modern problems. Want energy? Want to lose weight, fight disease and lower cholesterol? Coconut water is sweet, yet coconuts contain CAPRYLIC ACID- an antifungal fatty acid famous for it's effectiveness against candida. It helps restore a healthy yeast balance. Caprylic acid is not absorbed in the stomach, making it an excellent choice for candida of the gut. Coconuts contain CLA- CONJUGATED LINOLEIC ACID- an essential fatty acid that converts the most energy from the least amount of food, making it popular among athletes, increasing muscle mass and burning fat. It inhibits body fat storage by increasing the use of fat reserves for energy. As other fatty acids, CLA has powerful antioxidants for immunity and shows remarkable results in lowering cholesterol. Coconuts also contain Proline for white blood cell production. Coconut water is a great nutritious electrolyte drink. It's low in carbs, calories, sugars and almost completely fat free. It has lots of B vitamins, proteins and electrolytes and is good for gall bladder, kidney, liver and thyroid.

Coconut oil is good for body builders because it converts into energy, not fat. Coconut oil is one of the few plant sources of lauric acid (almost 50% of it's fatty acid content), a rare disease-fighting fatty acid. Natives in the tropics, an ideal environment for parasites, are protected from infections because of this. Lauric acid has proven effective for immune-compromised conditions like
HIV, fibromyalgia and lupus, respiratory infections like chronic bronchitis, pneumonia or severe flu.

We also need lots of healthy fats and oils to hold moisture in our cells, because our cell walls are made mainly of fats and oils. Without proper EFAs we literally fall apart slowly because we don't have the right materials to keep us together and hold the moisture in. Our
brain is 60% fats and oils. Without healthy fats and oils, we don't function properly. And these fats do NOT make us fat- as a matter of fact, they help us lose weight because the good fats help get rid of the bad fats. They help keep out heart and cholesterol healthy, our nerves functioning properly (all our nerves are coated in fatty acids)

Coconut oil contains no cholesterol. It actually helps lower cholesterol levels and helps stimulate the thyroid. Eating coconut oil
regularly restores thyroid function, increases metabolic rate leading to weight loss.

Coconuts contain extremely high amounts of selenium, a powerful antioxidant and
cancer fighter that also fights wrinkles.

I use coconut water , meat, oil and butter for all kinds of stuff. I make raw noodles with the meat, kefir with the water, use the oil in salad dressings (tastes great mixed with olive and sesame oil). Below are a couple of short videos to get you started,


At least this is how I do it. It's real fast and easy. Part of the secret is the type of cleaver I use. It's also one of the least expensive I think. It's just one solid piece of stainless steel and it's thinner than the bulky normal ones intended for chopping meat and bones. I got mine at a restaraunt supply company for 9 dollars. I chop my coconuts in the sink to minimize any possible splashing but that requires some skill to not hit the sink. Here is a short video showing you how I do it.

Here's a quick easy way to make HEALTHY non-dairy yogurt. I make this a lot. As a matter of fact, I just had some 5 minutes ago with pineapple, papaya, pine pollen, lecithin and butter lettuce. The secret to good health is lots of happy probiotics- the good bacteria that live inside you that fight the bad bacteria and help keep you clean and happy. Coconut yogurt and coconut Kefir are always in my kitchen. Who says being healthy is boring? MMMmmn!

Where to get the Cleaver

This is the one I use- it's one solid piece of stainless steel and much better for coconuts because it's thinner and lighter than most others. Razor sharp too. It's commonly used by restaurants and very inexpensive.
When I posted this , it was $ 9.39 ! Here is the link

This is just the beginning. In my book Heal Yourself 101, I have recipes for chocolate milk made with coconut water instead of milk and WOW it tastes awesome ! More and more health food stores are carrying these now, and if you life near an Asian market, go there, they are usually cheaper there.

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