Irritable Bowel, Crohn's, Ulcerative Colitis
gone in 3 days ?

A life-changing report from Markus Rothkranz

Over 1.8 million people in America have Crohn's, a terribly frustrating condition where the digestive system has become so inflamed, the person must be within reach of a toilet at all times, many times they don't make it in time. Even a sour thought or moment of stress can set off an attack. For them, life is a living hell.

Even after having it for years- many have turned it all around in a matter of DAYS, and in typical Markus fashion, it doesn't have to cost you hardly anything.

Is this possible? Within one week to no longer have the debilitating symptoms of a spazzy rear end that controls your life. If your life is one of sudden runs to the bathroom, diarrhea, gas, nausea, abdominal cramps, bloating, and embarrassing accidents... YES THERE IS HOPE ! Even if you've had this for years, it is possible for many people to finally have a normal life again, (possibly within days) starting RIGHT NOW.

I know because I was there. I know how embarrassing it is. I know how confusing and desperate it makes you... and all that worry about it being life threatening. Everybody's different, so there are no guarantees, but for many, this can be life-changing... WITHIN DAYS

The first step is to stop doing the things that created this condition in the first place.Did you know that stress is ten times more powerful at creating dis-ease than anything you eat? You absolutely need to do something about those issues in your life- you know which ones I'm talking about ! Stress burns out your adrenals... and adrenals are what produce anti-inflammatories- so without proper working adrenals- your body becomes inflamed- especially the digestive tract- where all that acid-forming food slides through- irritating and inflaming the whole way down with nothing to stop it.

Secondly- to really heal- YOU CANNOT CHEAT ! Especially in the food department. Absolutely no weak moments are allowed or this healing contract is void. Commit, stay strong and do it !

So you need to rebuild your adrenals. (And you thought it just had to do with digestion!)

Secondly, you need powerful anti-microbials to fight the runaway pathogens. If you are at the point where you have searing abdominal cramps that feel like you were stabbed by a knife, you feel like throwing up, and have what feels like a "lump" growing in your throat, that means it's spread up past your stomach and is now almost all the way up the digestive tube to your mouth. This means you need to do something NOW. Do this program NOW !

Thirdly, you need to send in the the good guys- the reinforcements- namely heavy duty no-nonsense PROBIOTICS- and I'm not talking pills or capsules- I don't care how expensive the bottles are or what they claim- they never did a thing for me. Think about it- those are living organisms- how long do you think they can survive while suffocating in those sealed capsules? Where's the moisture? What you need is LIVE CULTURES living in wet gooey stuff. (non-dairy is preferred). I found out what really works- and it's NOT dry probiotic pills. And it's NOT yogurt or milk. And it's NOT any product I sell or am in any way affiliated with. This is just pure research results, that's all. I re-wrote the 48 page Bowel/Colon ebook to include all these new findings.... and in true Markus fashion, I explain how you can make and do all this yourself :)

I tried it all. And most of what they sell in stores is useless. The answer is simpler than you think, and if you do it right, it's amazing how fast you'll see results ! It blew my mind when I did this on myself.

Two things you should do-
1. If you don't already have the HealYourself101 ebook, download it right now and follow what it says
2. Get the BOWEL/COLON pdf- a newly updated 48 page eBook with NEW information and simple instructions that tells you exactly what to do to get over this terrible problem. The first 24 pages outline the basics of how digestion works, what Diverticulitis is, as well as what to do about hemorrhoids, constipation, diarrhea, dystentry, anal itching, bleeding etc. On Page 24 begins the COLON HEALTH PROGRAM for IBD, Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn's disease... and what to do about it. It's only $ 9.99 ... that's less than a 12 pack of toilet paper ! What are you waiting for. I made it easy to follow and understand. Even if you don't have a serious digestive issue like Crohn's- you should do this anyway.

It's just plain good for you.

Passionately finding ways for you to heal yourself...
with Love and Light
Markus Rothkranz

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