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Cara's done it again. Healthy crunchy croutons for soups, salads and snacking that you can easily make at home.
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My Daily Hours

This is how I break up my day.
Do you feel there are not enough hours in the day? Are you frustrated, overwhelmed and at wits end? Here is something important to do that will help.

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Markus, you and Cara are healers!! I bought INSTRUCTIONS FOR A NEW LIFE, (thank you) and I will read it until it falls to pieces! Too bad it's not edible! lol I the videos you both made & share this treasure to those who need it.
Debi Ferrari

We love the
green formula !!! We have used different formulas for about 10 years now, but there is just something about yours. My husband and I both notice it , it's the one thing we always take no matter what! Thank you for producing it we are most grateful­čśŐSincerely,
Amy Morrison

Today marks 25 days on Dr Nun's Regimen. I'm stronger in all aspects of my physiology and continuing to make progress. Just want to say thank you for posting the interview with the man himself other wise I would had never been on this journey I'm in today. Peace and Longevity
Alejandro Macias

I jumped in feet first Nov 3, 2016 with heal yourself 101, just as an experiment...and, it works. I boxed up all my dead food and gave it away. I did home enemas every week and slowly felt my body become a clear glass tube, and yes, I was amazed at just how full of shit we really are. I used his parasite formula along with papaya seeds in daily smoothies, and yes, surprised when i dropped a 5 inch parasite into the toilet, which is why i was always feeling run down. It must have been inside me for years and i was clueless. I bought a smoothie blender and now only eat live foods and green smoothies everyday. I actively search for wild plants and eat them everyday. Dandelions and Pine needles Rule. I am 54 years old, heart rate 45 bpm, bp 110/64, and I feel lucky to have stumbled across what Markus has decided to share with world. Again, Good on you, Markus.
Mark Jones

Markus you are amazing.... I started my water fast May 1st. (39 year old man) I'm hammering 1 gallon a day. I'm a roofer so I sweat all day. I have lost so much weight this week and feel amazing. I know it's only been 5 days but I was 240 Sunday, here it is Friday evening and I'm 218 LBS. my goal is 190 LBS. by the way I have been a fan for years but never committed 100%. Thank you again for all your help!´╗┐
Irish German

Markus, your Super Plant Protein powder and Green Formula are beyond fantastic! I opened the bag of protein powder and smelled it and was instantly in love. I'm addicted to the protein powder and suddenly don't want to eat food. The Green Formula KILLS the appetite and gives a steady source of energy. After only three days I ordered another set of protein and greens because I'm afraid to be without it. Autoship is awesome, thank you for all you and beautiful Cara do!
Gabriala Brown
Founder Tooth Soap

I've been doing your
happy time. Wow!! I'm happy all day long. I even had the courage to walk out on a toxic relationship. My daughter says that I smile way more, and that she enjoys seeing me be this happy. I plan to start her tomorrow on it. I can't wait to start more of your stuff! 
Thank you so much
April F.

Markus your new products absolutely ROCK! I just spent an hour reading all the ingredients lists. I've never seen a product with such an extensive list of super quality ingredients. Thank you so much. My four kids and I are all Markus product users. Thank you so much for these high quality products, your integrity, and your enthusiasm! And thanks to Cara for the fabulous cooking videos! Like I said, you guys and your products ROCK!
Sue Hnilicka

WOW WOW WOW...how do more people not know about this healing miracle food?? Just made a chocolate protein "pudding" (vegan, no added fat) with 2.5 Tbsp
sea moss gel and my nervous system feels soooo chill. The "cheese" tastes like that really good gourmet herb cream cheese you can buy (I put some on raw crackers). Made a face mask and it was so soothing to my face. I can't wait to use this stuff daily. I made a full mason jar full of gel and two containers of herb cheese, and gave some of both to a friend, and barely put a dent in the package Markus sells. For the price this is completely a no brainer. Get it and use it!! Amazing!
Ian Holla

Markus - I will NEVER unsubscribe hahaha<333 I have realised that the more I learn from you and nature the less I really knew about life in the past but I am finally TRULY happy and I can't believe that I can experience this happiness while I'm still alive, all because of you! :))´╗┐

Livans Platez

(WildForce Vitamin C):
This stuff is absolutely brilliant. It's helped me greatly in healing my adrenals. My test results have improved significantly in the past couple of years. My parents take this now and love it!!! I would start with the Vitamin C before you take anything else.´╗┐
Kelli Klein

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