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Another great inspirational story. Meet Dave the trucker. Cancer, diabetes, Heart attack. Kidneys shutting down. You name it, he had it. Morbidly obese 430 pounds! He was told about the raw vegan lifestyle. No more cancer, diabetes, weight issues or kidney problems. If a trucker can do this SO CAN YOU !!! There are no excuses. Not time, not money. Anyone can heal. Period. The world is finally waking up, and what a beautiful energy it is. Dave is such a sweetheart. Watch
this inspiring video.

I have been working around the clock since last year putting together the edible plant field guide book, and all I can say is OMG. The amount of information I am processing at any given moment is mind staggering. I've studied everything that's out there and I am designing this to be better, more expansive, and in my trademark fashion, to the point, easier to understand and quicker to use than anything else, listing over 700 plants and having over 500 images. I know I said I would have it out in the spring, but this is an overwhelming task and I don't take it lightly. I want to give you something that will truly be worth its weight in gold. I am making this for myself too. When I do something, I do it right, so please be patient another month or two. This will definitely be worth the wait!

Thank you so much for all your support and love. I am thankful for your existence. You are special. You are needed. Big hug!

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Dear Markus, I just wish to share with you that I had my Liver enzymes, Kidneys, and full blood work done and the results came back normal. last month I had a high elevation of my white blood cell count indicating Parasite infection in my body, so I ordered your herbal formula Parasite-Free  and Free-Liver. My MD hematologist Doctor monitoring me , was amazed with the results and suggested to me to keep taking your formula right to the end which is what I am doing. The Parasite die off that caused my body to be tired , is OK now I feel much better now. Thank You Markus. Your Audio message about connecting with Nature and just being your self is moving and TRUE to heart. I enjoyed it and will share it with my wife. Thank You for this gift of Knowledge and inspiration to LIFE. "I agree with you that more people should learn to love them selves more, learn from their   suffering & pain, and to LOVE our Earth Planet more.Your friend and supporter 
Barry Gourmet & Raw,
P.S. I am adding seaweed & Aloe Vera gel from my garden to my green smoothies every day with a rest on sundays. 

As far as the clogged colon / headache connection, it actually happened today. I had been constipated for 3 days and this morning was feeling so miserable that I had to do an enema. I am not exagerating, in a matter of minutes my headache reduced 75% and I flushed my sinuses with warm salt water (neti pot) and everything was back to normal. So I can relate to that very much. I got you book and I think it's one of the most powerful out there. It did change my life.
All the best,

Sorin, Tokyo

I saw you at the Health Show in Toronto, bought 2 of your books, read them, changed my way of eating.  I sleep  and feel better, do not have panic attacks like I use to.   Look at my face to see changes, my hair has changed for the better.  Every morning I crave for rosemary, oregano, plantain, clover.   Have been drying berry leaves for tea, and for the winter.   Love the tea.   Also purchased your free food DVD.  Am learning some of the precious food that God gave us.
Gwen Kolle
r, Canada

I started reading your "Prosperity Secret" and "Heal Yourself" books, and thought they were so good that I ordered additional copies to give away. Thanks brother, stay well,
Tom P

Thank you Markus,This worked! My kids n I have made this a part of our homeschooling program.I have been for the last month juicing n smoothies to rid my body of fungus, and years of eating meat. Before I recieved this info I went for my sacred walk and asked god to send me a master teacher to help me move to the next level! You are that for me I will keep you posted n my healing as well as our family dynamics change with our new found way of living.My children are so excited to change and see the value of this my daughter who is ten wants to YouTube this and teach kids. God is so good at guiding us!When you are ready. Peacenjoy

Hey Markus, not sure if you remember me but I remember you- you were a great artist and you threw a fireball through the house that Joel Andrews lived in one night when we were playing quarters- it was so funny."

Tonia Maynell

(me)- Hi Tonya, haha yeah I remember those crazy college years and dipping tennis balls in lighter fluid and throwing them- wow they had a ten foot fiery comet tail. That was a small house so I could easily throw it in one window and out the other side. And I didn't even do drugs. I also remember shooting rockets over the Seven-Eleven and building a parabolic microphone that could hear whispers from 500 feet away. My motto has always been "why be normal"

(me)- Thanks Peter, and I admire you my friend. I can't wait to read your new book



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