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Get your mercury out !!!
Why bleeding gums are Serious

Most people don't consider their teeth as a priority until they have a problem, and then realize they are in big trouble. This is more than just losing teeth.

It could cost you your life.

The two biggest problems are mercury fillings and mouth bacteria parasites that can cause heart attacks.

Go to a holistic dentist like in this video



Silver fillings (called Amalgum) are made with mercury, one of the most poisonous substances on Earth. It's so toxic that you don't even have to touch it- just breathe in it's vapors to become poisoned. EACH BITE YOU TAKE releases a puff of mercury vapor. Here is a sobering scientific video showing how much mercury vapor is coming off your teeth right now as you sit there reading this. Chewing releases even more and heated food and drink makes it 1000 times worse. (another reason to eat raw food!) Mercury is directly associated with almost every health condition known, including heart attacks, birth defects, mental problems, depression, Alzheimers, Parkinsons, chronic fatigue, headaches, MS, epilepsy, arthritis, immune system breakdown, lupus, dementia, even suicidal tendencies. Mercury destroys DNA, meaning cells can't reporoduce anymore. Luckily you can do something about it. Go to a holistic dentist like this guy in my video and have your mercury fillings replaced with safer white fillings. During this removal process, you should be doing a full body cleanse also because some mercury will be released into your body. My charconite formula helps absorb and chelate toxins, the liver formula helps clean the liver and the colon formula helps get rid of it. Foods that help chelate heavy metals out of your body are CILANTRO, APPLE PECTIN, SEAWEED and green juices. There is more information in my Teeth-Mouth ebook available here.

The primary cause of bleeding gums is mouth bacteria and parasites, and no, brushing will not get rid of them. Food gets caught between your gums and teeth which feed the pathogens. The average mouth can have up to one thousand different organisms breeding in there! Parasites are a serious health issue. When gums start to bleed, these organisms get into the blood stream and end up in your heart, possibly leading to heart attack. Most people don't make the connection between poor dental care and heart attacks. This is fueled by eating sugar, bread, anything made with flour or wheat, cooked foods, and basically the whole modern diet. There are herbal remedies that help like Olive leaf extract, or even more powerful- my Parasite-Free formula. Use a water-pic several times a day with half water, half hydrogen peroxide to wash out the gumline and between teeth. Read my Teeth-Mouth Ebook for more info on what herbs you can take and things to do. Watch the above video for an introiduction

This is a real eye-opener for many. You have 32 teeth and 32 vertebrae. This is not a coincidence. They are connected! The nerve from each tooth runs down your spine to it's corresponding vertebrae, and then out to it's corresponding body part or organ. These nerves communicate and share electrical life force. This is more profound than you realize. Teeth do not just go bad from sugar. If you're killing your liver with alcohol for example, the tooth attached to the liver starts to die also. That's why the tooth right next to it is unaffected, because it's attached to a different body part. Likewise, if you eat badly, a rotting tooth will affect the corresponding body part. It gets even more profound because it's also not just physical, it's also emotional. If you are in a bad relationship and cry a lot for example, this weakens your kidneys which in turn weaken the tooth attached to the kidneys and since that tooth is weaker, it can't fight the decay anymore. Anger hurts the liver which in turn hurts the associated teeth. People who hang on too tight and have trouble letting go usually have colon bowel issues and also the associated teeth have problems. These nerves also attach to different parts of the face, so you can tell what issues a person has simply by looking at their face. This is why I wrote the book "Heal Your Face". Those of you who haven't read it, should. It is a fascinating study of how everything is connected- and when you heal your overall life- your organs, teeth and face all start healing. Yes those lines on your face can actually start to go away! The Chinese have known this for thousands of years. If you want a glimpse into real health, you should definitely read this book. It was wonderful seeing a tooth-organ connectuion chart in the holistic dentists office. The one in my book is a little more up-to date.


Download help for your condition

I spent years putting this information together. No matter what health condition you have, I probably wrote an ebook on it. Each book describes the condition, the symptoms, what causes it, and most importantly what to do about it to clear it up. These ebooks get right to the point- no fluff. They are like cheat sheets- they list what herbs to take, what things to do and even where to get the things you need. This is a lifetime of research, all totalling over 3000 pages of information. You can buy each book singly (all under $10) at, or buy the whole bunch as a lifetime reference set here.Any time you have a health problem, just go to

watch the video


New Inspirational Book

In the next newsletter, you'll be able to buy my latest book "Dreamchaser"- the strue tory of how a lonely sick little boy that was beat up at school grew up to make his own 2 million dollar worldwide motion picture and showed people how to heal themselves of anything. Yes this is my story and it's all true. Let it be an inspiration for your own life. Anything is possible. Anything. A step by step inspirational story, full of color photos and drawings, this book takes your through the entire process of how I managed what many people said was impossible. The release of this book happens to coincide with the remastered HD re-release of my movie and it will be available in many languages, like Spanish, Polish, etc. Stay tuned for truly magical experience!


Great Interview

Dan McDonald interviewed me at the Raw Living Expo a few days ago. Some say it's one of my best interviews ever.

See the video


Instructions for a new life is the best book ever. I wish I could buy a copy for everyone.
Kenya Whitworth

Well, Markus you did it again! 
This book is fantastic (
Instructions for a New Life) and filled with golden life lessons and knowledge. If you are ready to learn some big life changing tools for positive change. I highly recommend this book to everyone who wants to refresh and start a new life filled with abundance, passion, purpose and magic. This is a must read book! BTW, this book goes great with The Prosperity Secret book." 
Jesse Bogdanovich 

Greetings Markus my friend!I bought your book online and think its the greatest book ever written.Seven days ago I started your vegetable juice fast with some granny smith apples along with taking your Parasite Free.
Thank You For Saving My Life. Markus Go Bless You!
Robert Dorna

(enema video) omgoodness this video was amazing. and i actually feel like 100% amazing thank you
Juliana Lachance

Hi Markus I read hundreds books from different areas in the world about health and beauty issues but i have to say that your books heal yourself and heal your face are the best .Also prosperity secret. I feel your spirit, your heart , your passion in it and feel that your words gives a power to change , its the best motivate kick i have ever have...I am third week on raw and clean all areas in my life
Ivonne Chameleon

(re: Ozone machine video)
Hey Markus, great videos. I started watching them yesterday and have to say great job. Lots of people give Ozone a bad rap. I clean A/C air ducts for a living and when a customer has a mold issue in their home I always recommend for them to get an ozone generator and run it when they aren't home to kill the airborne spores. They look at me crazy until I explain the science behind it and how it's basically like replicating a lightning storm in their home to clean the air. Anyway I started watching your videos as a week before xmas I ate some chicken and instantly felt discomfort in my lower abdomen. I got freaked out thinking I have cancer or crohn's disease or whatever. So being scared but not trusting western medicine I do my own research.I started eating right and lots of probiotics and already I'm feeling better. Next step, ozone. Keep up the great videos !!  
Zombie Life

Just finished reading
the Prosperity Secret for the third time. I AM A BIG FAN OF YOUR TEACHINGS!
Scot Campbell

I got your
Free-Liver formula.
Lol i spent around 10-15 mins sipping that bitter water, but it WORKED magically ( day 1!!! ) :))) I feel lighter and look BETTER, had three bowel movements in a day which is totally not usual for me. I also found myself letting go of many stuff and limited beliefs that weighting me down.. body and emotions are a reflection of each other hmmm (a new realization ;)) Awesome! !!!!!!!!!I LOVE your stuff .. all your stufff <3 <3

Markus... you are the best really.... after seeing 6 hours videos of Free Living 101.. was really a big help... please keep going... a waiting your new lease :)
Omar Albada

Read your book (
Instructions for a New Life) recently, and gave up on my expectations, disappointments and longing to find him..and then poof my guy just showed up out of nowhere! My attitude and vibration was keeping him away. It's a very easy, comfortable, giving and sexy relationship. Thank you, Markus!!! :) He is exactly how I imagined him to be. He couldn't be more perfect. It's magic!!!

"I love the
WorldWide Edible Plant Guide book! Markus, thank you for putting this wonderful information together! If you want to know how to eat for less or maybe even for free, while knowing what wild plants are edible, and which are poisons. This book is for you. It's pack with 484 pages of beautiful photos and loads of valuable information. The detailed descriptions will help you easily identify wile edibles in your local surroundings, and so you can break free of total dependance from your local supermarkets and other food suppliers. I have loved eating wild foods and weeds from a young age and now love then even more. I highly recommend this book so you can find what fruits, berries and wild plants you can eat. Not only saving you money, but saving your health. Take back your health and connection with nature! This book is the best edible plant book I have seen.
Jesse Bogdanovich

Instructions for a New Life) Buch die mein leben total verandert hat..(The book that changed my whole life) Thank you Markus for all what you do,i love you!
Viktoria Makogon

Wonderful summary. Very deep. Definitelly buy this book (Instructions for a New Life) if you are not living a spiritual lifestyle yet, what covers this all. This information is available for every, you have to feel it rather to simply know it. I feel so wonderful hearing this because Markus is making the same changes as I do and did. It's like "yeah, yeah I have been there I know exactly what you say.." type of joy. Again, wonderful.
David Widmann

I am trying to go mostly raw and vegan now from a horrible, horrible diet. I was the fast food queen, in and out of drive throughs. I had gained so much weight from stress and bad eating over 80 pounds. I met Markus at the raw food Expo February 1st, 2014. He was very nice and friendly. enjoyed his talk and I believe he is really trying to help people everywhere become raw foodists.The weight is starting to come off, and I started with one meal at a time. Breakfast was the first and the easiest. Made some kind of fruit smoothie or green smoothie. Started cutting down on the meat and adding more vegetables and salads with my meals. Then started having a handful of nuts every day and yogurt for snacks. little by little, I've lost 30 pounds over the last a little over two and a half months. I also thank Dan the man. He has helped me on my journey, and he is really the one who started me even thinking about eating raw foods.
Darlene De

I would love to order the  
GREENS & PROTEIN SET,   but i am allergic to spirulina and its in bot.
(my response)
There isn't that much spirulina in there. I don't think you would be affected. P lants are synergistic- they do not act the same when mixed with other plants, the chemistry becomes something different. In other words- taking something by itself would be different than mixed with other things

Markus i  have been taking the powders and you were right , i have been taking it few days now :) and no reaction ! YAY THANK YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU  FOR EVERYTHNG !!!!!!!
ots of    LOVE AND LIGHT 
Sandra Kosanin

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