It's spring time- yay! Did you know many of the beautiful flowers popping up all over the place are edible? Yes you can EAT them. They make a salad into a work of art. Just looking at it has healing energy. Eat beauty and become beautiful. Here is a tiny little video to jump start your inspiration.

I did lots of interviews while in Canada, but the best one is always the Hugh Reilly show. I love this guy. This is a GREAT
interview about the Prosperity Secret. The books sold out the first day at the Expo. The word is out- this is dramatically changing people's lives.
Watch this interview!

It's SPRING time. Time to SPRING forward into your new life. Can you feel it? There is new life everywhere. The birds, bees and flowers have no clue what an "economy" is and they don't care. They are busy soaking in the warm loving sunlight and feeling frisky. They don't remember yesterday or last year and as far as they're concerned, tomorrow is TODAY, right now. Let's learn from them. I did. It was spring time when I went into the desert and changed my life. It was spring time when I learned the Prosperity Secret. It was spring time where I learned there was nothing, NOTHING stopping me from living my dreams and carrying out my purpose. The only thing in my way was perceptions, and those can be changed in a microsecond.

I have some empowering news for you. The world isn't going down the toilet. It was headed that way, but guess what- things are changing! People are generally selfish and lazy to the last second, and then when disaster strikes, they band together and create an unstoppable force that can solve any problem. When individuals really get together with a purpose, the resulting creative power is world-changing. Just like ants that rebuild a destroyed nest, we as a species are doing the same. What most people don't realize, this is part of nature's amazing design. Our world started crumbling. It had to, because the old system had run it's course. As seasons go, it was fall. Things fell. Things looked bleak, cold and gray. In nature, the old things decay so they can be recycled into new life. Guess what's happening now?

Look around the world- we are chipping away like termites at the old dead system, the dysfunctional relationships, the overpriced homes, the jobs we didn't like... and just like ants, we are rebuilding a new world. One with new freedom where we can finally do what we are here to do. Nobody telling us what to do but our heart. We are not individuals anymore, but a community. Each of us is a vital piece of the puzzle.

Suppose for one second that maybe the whole chemtrail thing is a joke and you are going to survive! (I saw those same airplane trails in the sky in the sixties- and I'm still alive fifty years later :-) You see it doesn't matter. What matters is how alive are you RIGHT NOW. Forget conspiracy theories. Car accidents happen every day. It doesn't matter if a life ends tomorrow or 100 years from now,
how are you living? Don't waste one more moment on worry when you could be out there making love and soaking in the new possibilities of springtime in the new world. This is your chance to live my friends. Make the most of it. Stop dwelling on the "what if" negative stuff, and start getting excited about the "what if" positive creative life-changing things that could happen. This is what's changing the world.


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