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Wooooowwwww what a thrill to hold this in my hands! After 3 years of working on this, I have created a book unlike anything else out there. Unbelievable. I just sat there for two days leafing through this thing in utter amazement at what information passed through me. I worked really hard to cram as much stuff possible (it weighs 2lbs!) into as small a space as I could, which I got down to 480 pages and compact enough (8.5 x 5.5 inches) to take outside. Over one thousand plants covered, with 2,500 beautiful colorful iimages, plus what health conditions each one has been historically used for.There is a massive cross-refence section on any health condition you could imagine and what plants are used for those. Read the beginning of the book because it explains plant basics, how to prepare etc. There is a 20 page image chart of toxic plants and a long list of edible flowers. It's not just about wild plants- also your house plants, landscaping bushes and trees in your yard. It's so full of interesting facts, you will sit there like I did for days mesmerized by it.

Enjoy the VIDEO !


- what common weed makes a great shampoo and soap?
-what common weeds make great coffee substitutes?
-what plants are great sweeteners (other than stevia)
-what plants don't burn and help protect your home?
-what plants help you get over smoking and drinking?
- what plants can you make candles with?

Enjoy the VIDEO !

This was designed as a physical paper book you can hold in your hands and take outside with you - no batteries needed! This will never run out of power. If you drop it, it will still work. The only software needed to run it is your brain haha. If society collapses and the power cuts out, you are now ok :-) This is the manual they should have given you as a child. Every person in every home all over the world should have one of these. I am not kidding. I created this for ME just as much as for you.

If you still want the e-book version, it's available- but be warned- this sucker is HUGE. 480 pages of pictures- the smallest I could make the file was 70 MB. Do NOT try to download this to your cell phone- use a real computer and give it time to download. Do not try to read it right off the server- actually download the file to your computer and SAVE it.

Yes it's now also included in the
Platinum set, starting today- both as paperback and ebook. You can have this gem in your hands 12-12-12! This is truly a work of passion and love.

"Markus, this is great! I am the founder of the Midwest Wild Edibles And Foragers Society, so this is perfect. We're a large and growing group of smarty pants plant people and some feral foragers (i.e. a bunch of good folk). I wound up on a couple of PBS shows, helped revamp the Midwest Wild Harvest Festival, and continue to run about giving wild food talks. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to help hype your book up for you. Your work and research is an inspiration to all of us Earth Stewards in the Society, especially me, as I've been a "fan" for quite a while, and I continue to recommend you to people I run across in my own work. Thank you and be well!Cheers!"
Andy Benson
Midwest Foragers


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